a delightful lunch with Zeus
my afternoon date
I was sneaking pictures of my boyfriend as he was making us dinner one night 🙂
at Cubby’s in Provo
Starbucks vanilla bean fraps 🙂 mmmm.
when its raining and you dont have an umbrella…. you make one
the most beautiful bag ever from fashionphile.com
Alyssa and I
Starbuck’s cake pops rock my world. So maybe I have been spending time at Starbucks… (free wifi)
Me and Mads!! So happy she is nice enough to let me stay with her while I am in town!!!
bubble blowing contest with my sista
I win 🙂
The anatomy of beard shaving
More stealth pictures of David. Can ya blame me?
He can’t seem to make up his mind…


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  1. The puppy is so cute! And these cakes in your last pic seem amazing!

      1. Amber you are so sweet to take the time to reply to all your comments – I really don’t expect it – just want to encourage you with your lovely blog! Thank you though for taking the time out of your busy day!

  2. You look like a Super Model! You need to model! Love your blog, found you on Pinterist.’

  3. Your blog is beyond amazing! I absolutely fell in love. Not to mention the fact that you are beautiful and in excellent shape! Do you think you could do a health/fitness post soon? 🙂