It feels so dang good to have this past week over with. David has been studying non stop for the LSAT and finally took it this weekend… I am glad he doesn’t have to be stressed about that anymore. I got him black ops 2 for a reward and told him we could play as long as he wanted.. which I knew would be a long time but I didn’t realize it would be like hours on hours on hours… upon hours. So I mostly pinned while he played black ops 🙂
Here are some iPhone pics from this last week or so
 fresh squeezed oj
 david’s band’s show
a gift for my man
 got a trial done for my bridal make up
these are some of the vases David painted ombre for our wedding!! he is so crafty
 numba one fan!
 I purchased our first stockings!!! I got them on black friday from anthro. You can buy them: here
 lunch on the go
flowers from my sweetie after I had a bad day 🙂
I have also been so excited about my honeymoon, I am already packing! I made a pinterest board just for inspiration for my honeymoon haha. It helps me pack if I am somewhat inspired before a vacation… so here are some of my favs
Have a good Monday!


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  1. I am still yet to buy my husband the new halo 4. I think I’ll do it after finals week so then he can play it all dayyy looonngg! 🙂