Getting tacos in San Diego for our 1 year anniverary! (of dating that is)
 smoochin on the beach at sunset
pin curls! (you curl the hair with any size curling iron, a 1.5 was used here and instead of letting the curl drop, leave it curled up and pin it, and let it cool/set!)
What the pin curls look like after
My new favorite lipstick! Mac’s ‘Cut a Caper’
 What ‘Cut a Caper’ looks like on! It is my new go to.
 My new dino sweater found: here that I literally cannot take off. I bought an XL so it would be big and snuggly.
($1,700 from Tiffany’s or $1,375 from Fashionphile.. just sayin)
Pic from a walk Lauren and I went on… it looked like we were walking through a fairy land.
 I LOVE MY NEW MANICURE! Cutest color right?!?! It looks cute with any color clothing I wear! The bad part is I do not know what the color is called.. I got it done at a salon and it is made by OPI but when I looked at the bottom the sticker was missing! I have looked on OPI website and cannot find it anywhere! Devastating.
 Snugglin with a LV blanket
 Our first flight together!!!! Finally we were going together instead of him dropping me off (while I bawl my eyes out because I hate leaving him!!)


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  1. Just wanted to comment and say how much I love your blog. I use your braids daily! Makes getting ready for work so much easier. By the way, you have such a beautiful family!
    You should blog about how you and your husband met! I would love to hear it. I’m a sucker for love stories.
    Keep it up!(:

  2. Heyy
    I really love love your blog. I found your blog through interest.
    Is there any way I can get your updates on my email. I still havnt got the hang of the whole blog thingo, so i am not sure.

    THanks !!


    1. Hey girl! Thanks! I am working to get a subscription system going and when it is finished I will let you know for sure!! 🙂

  3. You look like a mixture of Emily Maynard (she is seriously like my favorite) and Marissa Miller in these pictures. Sheesh girl. Just as pretty inside too =)


  4. Amber, you should do a blog post about what things you don’t like about yourself. It would just be interesting to see! We all know people have things they wish they could change. The reason I suggest this is when I look at your pictures, I seriously just can’t find ANYTHING wrong with you! You are so perfect. I just think “she is SO lucky to be that beautiful!” Is there anything you would change about yourself? If so, you should share!

  5. The OPI color is “Go On Green”!! It doesn’t look the same on the website but if you look under the “Brights” collection, it’s there.