In Love With Hawaii & 12 Things

Today was Rosie’s birthday and it was the best ever!!!! I wrote her a very long birthday letter for her to read one day. Seriously in love with her! Excited for the week to start – each week I get so excited because we keep saying it will probably be 5 weeks til we are in our new house so each week feels like we are that much closer. I wanted to share some more of our Hawaii pics and a random 12 things!

1. We were able to bring our cute umbrella with us because it fit perfect in David’s surfboard bag along with his surfboard. It saved the day so many times from wind, sun, and rain.

2. I saw on this Australian website these beautiful silk beach blankets but they were sooo expensive and they also didn’t ship to the US so I bought a silk flat sheet from Amazon instead and this is our new favorite “beach blanket”! Here is the one we got.

3. I have so many different sized swimsuits depending which phase of life I am in. I have some bikini tops that fit when I am not pregnant, then my pregnant tops, then my nursing tops – haha all different boob sizes. I was stoked to finally buy a Hunza G suit. I have wanted one for a while and figured this was a good time since their suits are one size fits all.. its a super stretchy material so I am hoping that I can wear this whether I am nursing or not pregnant or nursing etc.

What I wore : Swimsuit | Sunglasses |Swimsuit Cover-up (Similar here & here)

Amber Fillerup Clark walking on the beach in Hawaii in a green hunza g bandeau bikini.
Amber Fillerup Clark on the beach with Rosie under and umbrella in Hawaii in a green hunza g bandeau bikini and chloe sunglasses.

4. We met up with our friends Ryder and Brianne and it was so fun to see the kiddos together! Also fun because she is just about 5 or so weeks behind me in pregnancy 🙂

5. I am not kidding I got the pumpkin haupia pie from Ted’s Bakery about 5 times while we were there and was devastated the last day when we went to get it and it was all sold out! We are going to try to make one at home so if anyone has any good recipes let me know.

6. I have been shopping around for a pretty linen robe. I love my Barefoot Dreams robe that I have had for a few years now but sometimes it gets soo hot. My other lightweight robes are printed and I really want a clean and simple lightweight one. I actually found this one on h&m that comes in pretty colors but saw that someone said it was itchy. So mostly looking on Etsy now! I will let ya know what I end up getting.. I am probably putting too much thought into this robe haha.

Amber Fillerup Clark smiling on the beach in Hawaii in a green hunza g bandeau bikini, hat and chloe sunglasses.

7. Remember how I was looking for pretty flatware?! I really wanted a wooden look but all of them were either too dark of wood or like, crazzzy expensive (like these that are beautiful but would love to find cheaper). Anyways we ended up finding these that I LOVE and are less than half the price + I got them with a 20% code yay. I got them in the color honey!

8. Have you guys listened to the podcast Dirty John yet?! It is kind of murder mystery vibes and they are coming out with a show based off the podcast!

9. The thing we are trying to figure out right now with the house is window treatments!!! You know that scene in The Holiday where she is in Cameron Diaz’s bed and she pushes the button that closes the black out shades? Ever since I saw that I was like… wow I need that one day. I want those so bad!

Amber Fillerup Clark smiling on the beach in Hawaii with Rosie in a green hunza g bandeau bikini and chloe sunglasses.
Rosie asleep on the beach in Hawaii.
Amber Fillerup Clark doing Rosies hair in Hawaii in a green hunza g bandeau bikini, blue swimsuit cover-up and chloe sunglasses.
Amber Fillerup Clark in Hawaii under an umbrella with Rosie, wearing a green hunza g bandeau bikini and chloe sunglasses.

10. Do you guys like gift guides for the holidays? If so what kind do you guys like? I started working on some but if you guys want anything specific let me know! 🙂

11. Guys I need to do a whole post on STROLLERS. I can’t even tell you how much anxiety strollers give me. K not really but they do bug me quite a bit. There is always one that is better for a certain stage of kids – one that is better for traveling – one that is good for bigger kids – etc etc so I feel like we have nailed down what stroller we love for our current stage (this one with the ride board – seriously obsessed!) but now that we are gonna have a baby again + two kids I feel like we need a new stroller again somehow. I am thinking we might go back to the Bugaboo Donkey.. we originally got rid of ours because it didn’t fit in the elevator of our apartment complex in NYC and it was such a pain but I have regretted getting rid of it since. I think it is the best double stroller quality wise. Anyways I will let you know what we decide on but we will def keep this as our travel stroller.

12. Black Friday is coming at the perfect time because we have quite a bit of last minute orders we need to make for the house and can’t wait to score them on sale. Things like TV’s, a big mirror for our main living room, new pots and pans, etc etc! What sales are you most excited for?

Amber Fillerup Clark in Hawaii under an umbrella with Rosie and Atticus, wearing a green hunza g bandeau bikini and chloe sunglasses.
Atticus smiling with a straw hat on the beach in Hawaii.
Amber Fillerup Clark in Hawaii under an umbrella with Rosie, wearing a green hunza g bandeau bikini and chloe sunglasses.
Atticus, Rosie and a friend on the beach in Hawaii,
Amber with Atticus, Rosie and friends on the beach in Hawaii.

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  1. Love you guys so much! It was seriously the BEST day (minus the car troubles haha) getting to soak up some sun & fun with you! Miss you lots, but I’m coming to visit & hop in that pool once the new babies arrive. Xoxo

  2. Hi amber!!

    Is there a reason why you can’t link to the cover up you’re wearing?? It’s beautiful!! Would love to know the brand when you get a chance 🙂

  3. Would love a gift guide for cheaper items because I’m on a budget this year! Like maybe a $25 and under guide or something! ❤️❤️

  4. Hey Amber! My husband actually works at a place that does those interior blinds and shading systems. They travel all over for their clients. We have them in our house and they truly are game changing. Just a remote button and your room is black! Check them out!

  5. Are you going to look for any strollers that can accomodate all three kids at once?


  6. I have a plain and simple robe that is so so soft and I love so much from Target!!! It’s their Gilligan & O’Malley brand and it’s so soft and cozy but not hot at all!

  7. Gift guides are so helpful! I’d love to see one, especially for men with a range of prices (budget-luxury).
    Also LOVE the way you used that sheet on the beach I’m going to have to do the same!

  8. Yay thank you for sharing the gorgeous suit! Just ordered mine..40% off + free shipping? SCORE! Even though I’m 7 weeks postpartum and NOT ready to be in a suit yet 😉 , I’m looking forward to wearing this in the spring for some upcoming vacays. Xo

  9. Love this post! I totally can relate on the stroller front. My fav is the Uppababy vista but then I’m always seeing other ones that I want to try too lol. Quick question about the booster seat you have for Atticus, which one do you have an do you like it? I’m currently on the hunt for one for my son. Thanks!