Almost every day as David and I go outside I tell him, “this is the coldest I have ever been” and he always makes fun of me and says I am crying wolf but this time it was actually true. We went ice fishing with some friends of ours and my dad at Schofield Reservoir … I didn’t catch any fish but I did watch people catch fish while freezing my buns off … but it was still really fun since I have always wanted to do it and my husband loves fishing so its fun to watch him do it 🙂
Here are a few of our pictures and a video from our ice fishing trip!

Photos from Ice Fishing Video


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  1. Wow Amber this is so cool – we never get snow like this in Ireland!

  2. This looks like so much fun, but it also looks freezing cold. This is becoming one of my favorite new blogs.

  3. Cute. This reminds me of growing up in Wisconsin, where you always see people ice fishing on the lakes. I now live in Phoenix so…we don’t see that too much here 😀