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SKIRT: Carven / TOP: Nordstrom / FLATS: Tabitha Simmons / SUNGLASSES: Urban Outfitters (only $20!) / BAG: Chloé via Fashionphile

These pics were taken on a random warm day this month! We got a couple extra days of summer in October. This set of extensions I cut to my natural length so I am just wearing them for thickness – when my hair is thick I realize how long its gotten! And speaking of extensions.. WOW wow wow!!!! I can’t say thank you enough for all of your orders on day one of pre order!!!! It was such a crazy week leading up to it – lots of behind the scenes stuff going on to make sure everything was just how I wanted it to be. Yesterday morning I was handling the kiddos while David was getting last minute things set and when he made the site live I just burst into tears! I was NOT expecting to get emotional at all, let alone that emotional about the whole thing! But then the orders started rolling in and I really couldn’t stop crying happy tears!! It was so great, thank you so much to every one of you who placed an order and anyone who came to even visit the site! I appreciate your support more than you know, it means SOOO so so so so much!!! And thank you for being patient while we work out any bugs with the site!! Just THANK YOU. We are sold out of a few colors and the others are getting close to selling out!

I also wanted to give an update on life in general. A while ago I was snapchatting while at the doctors office (kind of regretting this now ha!) but I went in to have a lump looked at, and only snapchatted there because I was 100% certain they were going to say, oh its nothing, don’t worry about it! But they referred me to a different doctor who then did some tests that same day and said because of how big it is and because the breast tissue in the lump is so hard they have to remove it and further test it. I wouldn’t have said anything because I would never want to cause a scare until I had 100% results which I thought I was going to have that day. In hindsight I should have waited! BUT since we are here, I wanted to give an update! I get it taken out this Thursday. I am feeling really good that it is still nothing to be concerned about but it will feel good to have answers regardless! I would be lying if I said it didn’t have me thinking about life a little differently. (I realize this is kind of dramatic — like I said I don’t think this lump is anything to worry about — but I do have late night thoughts just because I am an overthinker like what if it had been type of thing) anyways so it had me thinking like what would I look at my life and think, I want to change this about it. And even if it is nothing, why don’t I just change those things anyways?

So I have been thinking about lots of different things I want to do differently and things I want to change or make better about myself. There are lots of things that I thought about and some things that are instant changes I can make and some that are slower. I will share them as I go along because I always love thinking of new ways to improve and thought it would be fun to share some and hear feedback or tips on things you guys do that help, etc! Kinda like challenges as cheesy as that sounds. Anyone who wants to join in with me, great! What should I call this series and is this something you would even want to have be a part of the blog?! I thought it would be kinda fun 🙂

Anywho, thanks again for all of your support with the extension line, the blog, and just comments or emails or even just popping by to read. I love the positive vibe you all send out and it always makes my days feel happier.

Photos by Tessa Barton

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  1. Btw, I hope everything is okay with your health! I’m sorry I sound so selfish about asking about the hair extensions, and just finished reading this after I posted? wasn’t intentional, I promise!!! I love you and your family! You guys are amazing! I will keep you in my prayers!!! Always wishing you and your family nothing but the BEST???????

  2. When will you have hair extensions available again??? ???? they sold out before I could even look! I think I need peanut butter and jealous…

  3. Sending lots of love and prayers your way! I had a similar situation happen to me a few years ago and the waiting was the hardest part! Praying for your swift recovery and healthy news!! (Mine was a fibroadenoma and completely benign!) xoxo!

  4. I’ve said it one million times but i’ll say it one million times more, OBSESSED WITH YOUR HAIR LIKE THIS. Especially with those glasses, they add so much style and just go with the hair so perfectly! Also, your freaking shoes are to die for.

  5. Sending prayers that your procedure and tests come back negative. I think having a series on self improvement would be so great to see on our blog, I think it’s so important to just be the best person you can be. Congrats on your extensions, I need to find an excuse to order them!

  6. Good morning Amber, I’m sending positive messages for you and your family today.

  7. Lots of love and prayers to you and your family regarding the whole check up process/surgery. God knows what He is doing.
    You are one amazing mama from all these blog posts, and an even more sweeter wife! You can tell by the way David talks and looks at you in your awesome Youtube videos. That’s a special love and sometimes a rare love! You’ve got the whole package of the things that matter most! 🙂 Thank you for being such an encouragement, a light, and just cheery! There are days (I’m sure I’m not the only one) where your blog posts can cheer up any gray day. Let me tell you, keep doing what you’re doing! You’re wonderful as always, and if you ever do a meet up in NYC before you leave to your new home, I sure hope I will be able to make it !! I live in Ithaca, NY !!

    Sincerely with hugs and hot coco/coffee gift cards! (<== because who doesn't like hot coco/coffee gift cards or hugs?!)

  8. Praying that everything goes well and you’re healthy!! I would love being a part of your challenges!! Thank you for being such an amazing, strong, positive female role model. We need more women like you in the world!!

  9. First off congratulations on the success of your extension line! Your business could not be more perfect for you and your lifestyle!!!

    Second, kudos to you for being so open and rash during a scary time in your life. It can not and is not easy to accept either way but how lucky we are to see someone like you stay so positive!!!

    Looking forward to seeing your success and family grow for years and years to come!!

    Petite Blonde Blogger

  10. I am keeping you in my prayers and I know you will be perfectly well! I love your creative spirit and sense of adventure! Know that you inspire many and your artistic nature is appreciated!

  11. I’m so excited for the extensions! Congrats! Also, thanks for sharing your story, I will be praying for you and your family and that all goes well with the results. Way to take something scary and turn it into something positive.

  12. beautiful outfit and your style is very inspiring!! hope all is okay and that you are healthy!

  13. Amber,

    You deserve all of the success! I’m happy to follow along with you, and so appreciate how candid you are about life. I’m sure you give a lot of readers courage and inspiration to be better, do better, be healthier etc. I can’t imagine what it must be like to have so many people watching you, but I’m sure for the most part people support and adore you and your family as I do!

    I wish you all the best with your procedure tomorrow. It’s so normal to be nervous and to start you thinking about those what ifs. If nothing else, maybe this little hiccup is a way to remind you, and thus you’re readers, that it’s never too late to reevaluate what is important in life…that makes a not so fun scenario turn into a great realization that will make life even better.

    Wishing you and yours all the very best, and a speedy recovery!

    Xo, Jill

  14. Amber, good for you choosing have a good perspective and take opportunity evaluate what is really important. I have four beautiful kiddos under 5, and my three year old was just diagnosed with cancer. It is amazing how in an instant, everything falls away except for what really matters. Her name is Rosie. <3 we are living an absolute nightmare, but like you, are trying to be aware of the good things and have been amazed at how God is carrying us through it, even when feels like we can't take another step. Praying you get good results, and again, thank for using your platform to spread some good . <3 Angie

  15. Amber,

    I love this idea – those are my favorite kinds of posts – maybe a series called “Self Inquiry” or “Baby Steps” or “From the Heart.” Thank you for sharing! Sending you and your fam lots of love and good vibes and praying you heal quickly.

    Fiona @ //

  16. Love the pictures!
    I’m so happy to read that some colors are sold out, I’ve definitely been checking them out ?

  17. Hi Amber!! I loved the post and glad to hear you are getting that pesky lump taken care of. I wish you a fast recovery!

    Also, I am probably the 100th person to ask this question to you in the last 24 hours 🙂 but the Sweet Cola extensions are sold out… When will they become available again so I can purchase them? Thank you so much!

    I loved meeting you at The Soda Shop in Gilbert in June too! 🙂

    Thanks Amber!

    Gillian A.

  18. Amber, how beautifully said! I absolutely agree with you and would love to be a part of this on the blog. I’m always looking for ways to improve because if we don’t improve, we’re not growing. I am keeping you in my prayers and really want to order the hair extensions but have no idea what color to get! xoxo

  19. Amber! Good luck today at the doctors, I am so happy for all of your success I love the new hair line! I can’t wait to see how barefootblondehair grows! I hope in the future you will consider having your own product line. Wishing you success.

    PS. Congrats on another 100k followers on insta, 1.3million!!!

  20. Huge congrats and Bare Foot Blonde Hair launch. You deserve all the success. Also keeping you in my prayers. Stay positive and the best thing is this kind of event puts everything back into perspective … for the best!

    Bisous from Montréal darling!

  21. Hope you get a good report from the test! And I don’t think that’s dramatic or cheesy at all..definitely something I’m excited to read about! I love the challenge idea!

  22. Thanks you so much for sharing. I can honestly say that your blog has been such an inspiration—from tiny, insignificant things like trying out a new lip color to bigger things, like enjoying more family time. Good good luck, lady! I’ll be thinking about you tomorrow!

  23. Congratulations on the extensions line!! Working so hard for two years for something to come to fruition and i would most likely cry too? But i love that series idea!! I think everyone has moments in their life like you have just had and it’s nice to take a step back from it all and reflect on what is important to you. So yes, i’m all for it! Loved the pics, love the hair, love the blog, and thanks for making your readers days feel happier too!:)

  24. I’m in for the challenges! Praying for good results on Thursday!

    On a side note, I splurged and ordered extensions! CANNOT WAIT!

  25. Amber,

    Congratulations on launching your lovely extension line. They look beautiful . (As do you, always ! ) Also love the packaging box , so pretty. Sending love and light and the very best wishes that your test results show that you are perfectly healthy. You beauty and positivity are inspirations to many women , and I will be looking forward to your series on positive changes, and also to hearing of your healthy test results.

    Xo Ellen

  26. I absolutely love reading your blogs and snapchat! My husband is always like “is that the girl you’re obsessed with?” Haha I have to explain to him that you and your family are adorable and since you have 2 under 2, it’s relatable to us! I just had my daughter a month ago 🙂 so I enjoy seeing how your littles are growing up together! Anyways, Im crossing my fingers in hopes to get your extensions soon! Wishing you all the best on Thursday xo

  27. You are such an inspiration to many women. You work so so hard for yourself, your children and your husband. I love reading your blog and you inspire me so much. Glad that you have a good news, and you are getting it sorted. I wish you all the best ?

  28. Best wishes and prayers for your on Thursday. As you said it, it will end up being nothing. And of course big congrats to you and David on the launch of the website. The extensions look amazing, and I am a little conflict on which one to choose! hehe
    Love your outfit and how cute you too look. And so intrigue about your challenges idea. I think it can be something good for you and the readers. Definitely give it a try.
    Love and prayers!
    Carolina MJ |

  29. These pictures are so fun – I’m loving that denim shirt! I love the idea of sharing some personal challenges on your blog, so that others can join in. Best of luck on Thursday. xoxo

  30. Hey Amber,
    Thank you very much for sharing your heart with us. I’ll say a prayer for your procedure on Thursday. I give you a lot of credit for being so positive about it.

    I am really excited about your hair extensions because you have gorgeous hair and naturally I would love to have hair similar to it! I’m bummed because the color that matches mine is sold out on your site. Will you be getting more in before the holidays (hello, Christmas ?)? If so, when do you anticipate them returning? Thank you for your time.

    I’ve been following your blog now for about a year and it has quickly become my favorite. I enjoy watching the joy that you exude being a mother and wife. I am pregnant with my first child and so looking forward to being a mother. Your blog inspires me to embrace the little things in life and cherish the moments while the kiddos are young. Thank you for your inspiration and being a role model.


  31. I love the idea of a challenge! I’m currently doing a happiness challenge on my blog called Happy Over Crappy!
    It would be awesome to see what another blogger’s challenge might be! Can’t wait to see!

    Mhairi xx

  32. First off… CONGRATULATIONS on launching your site!! So exciting!!! Sending prayers your way and lots of love for Thursday. You are so inspiring to me! I think sharing the things you want to do differently on your blog would be a great addition to the blog!! It’s so nice to read that other people have things that they want to chamge/do differently in there life. I have been feeling the same way lately, and just trying to take time to do something about the things that I want to work on I’m my life. It’s definitely not an easy task. I think challenging ourselves is always good! One of the things I think that has helped me is positive self task, and self encouragment!! Anyway I think you are awesome:). I look forward to reading every new blog post!

  33. Awww! Prayers for the results of the test and your peace of mind! God is good and his plan is always greater and more amazing than we can ever imagine!

    But, Oh my goodness! Challenges sound so cool! I’m super excited about the idea, and I would DEFINITELY love it if they were a part of the blog! Count me in☺️

  34. So proud of you sis!! I had no doubt you’d kill it with your new extensions. And praying for good news on Thursday for you ???

  35. Hey Amber!

    You will be in my thoughts and prayers. What I love about you is how optimistic of a person you seem to be. No matter how hard life seems to get or what curve balls are thrown at you, you always seem to be a ray of light. I think reading about the changes you make would be a great new addition to your blog. It would help encourage people to make changes to their own lives as well.

    I think a good name for it would be: “Amber’s Embers”

    I think the definition of an ember fits you;
    a small piece of burning or glowing coal or wood in a dying fire.

    I think making changes in your life for the better, help prove you are like those embers, they keep on glowing and never give up/out.

    When many people have had a bad day and read your blog, you become their ember.

    (I hope that makes sense. I’m not good with words and in no way close to being a writer)

  36. I discovered a lump while breastfeeding and thought oh whatever it’s just something associated with milk production. My 6 month old all of a sudden wasnt interested in BF so I stopped. Then a couple months went by and the lump never went away, in fact you could see it through tight shirts. I went to my ob, he referred me to a specialist, the specialist did a mammogram, then followed up it up with an ultra sound. It was a benign tumor aka a fibroadenoma. Which fibroadenomas a really common. Did you get an ultrasound too? Anyway, hang in there I know how you feel when you say your pretty sure it’s nothing but then THERE’S that chance it’s something! You’re so fun to follow and I’ll be thinking/praying for a positive outcome. xoxo

  37. Thank you for opening up, Amber. You’re in my thoughts as this day approaches. I hope it’s nothing! Sometimes these things come about and are completely benign. Breathe easy in the mean time.


  38. First, loving this outfit and these photos! That skirt and your hair! And second, I would love to see a blog series about that! I’m trying to improve myself and be more intentional with life and The day to day happenings so it would be great to follow along. Keeping you and your sweet family in my thoughts!

  39. Congrats Amber! So happy you have turned a passion into a reality. I love following your hair tips. They have always been so helpful for someone who always used to wear extensions due to thin hair. Also, I love your idea of sharing small changes you challenge yourself to make. Mine lately has been patience and self love. I work in a very high paced environment and sometimes you just need to remind yourself to breath and take a moment for yourself. <3 PS loved Atticus and Rosie's Halloween outfits. Too cute

  40. I have been praying for you since seeing your snap! I didn’t want to comment though knowing your going through this privately too. Sorry you feel stuck with announcing everything publically, but honestly I’m grateful! I think you could be of encouragement to SO many women that it’s important to get things checked out early and often. If there ever is a risk of cancer it’s best to catch it early. My mother in law has breast cancer now to the point that it’s incurable because they found it too late. This really changes the way you live and although it’s bad to live life paranoid and on edge, it’s good to challenge yourself and make changes so you live each day on this earth to your enjoyment and to the fullest. I’d love a series of changes your making and challenges to live by. Love getting to know you and your family in this way and I look forward to each post. Much love, Bekah

  41. I love you and your family! Also, I can’t wait to place an order for the hair extensions. I think I am right between Sweet Cola and Blackberry but I am planning on ordering sweet cola when it comes back in stock. Congrats you should be so proud of yourself!! Sending positive thoughts your way.

  42. I absolutely love that! I also think it’s a wonderful way to inspire others 🙂 reading your blog always makes me happy!
    I will definitely be praying for you, but I know everything is just fine. You are dealing with everything so gracefully, and that shows what a strong cookie you are!
    Lots and lots of love!

  43. Will be thinking of you this week!
    As far as thinking about life and making changes, have you read The Happiness Project? That book seriously helped me change my mindset to enjoy life so much more!

  44. I love following you, seeing you grow and embark on new adventures, both personally and professionally! Keep it moving, girl! We all feel so inspired by you and your beautiful family!

    xoxo from Napa Valley!


  45. Thank you for being vulnerable and showing you are a human being like us all – sometimes when we look at pictures (and yours are always perfect btw) we forget there’s a real person in it.
    I will be praying for you and your family – your attitude alone it’s half way there! Your family is adorable and your kids OMG – we will soon be 4 too and I can’t wait to “copy” your pictures. Much success to you ? Xox

  46. I absolutely love these pictures! Especially the one where you’re squeezing David’s cheeks since I do the same with my boyfriend! Lol! And yes those snapchats scared me but don’t worry, everything will be ok! I think it’s great that you’ve decided to challenge yourself. I always like to start my week with listing out what I would like to get done! It can be anything from finishing a blogpost or getting groceries. When you move on from the technical stuff, set personal goals! Make a little list and every week try something new! Examples are things like: learn how to cook a meal you’ve never tried before, have an Amber day or anything along those lines! I will definitely be joining you on this journey!

    Xoxo, Isa

  47. I’m loving the hair extensions line! Congrats! Hoping you will have my hair color coming out soon. It’s strawberry blonde.

  48. Girl, that pink nail polish is so pretty! It really pops in your pictures. Now, you are due for a huge congratulations on the success of your business so far! The extensions look awesome. Can’t wait to get my hands on them. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you go to the doctor this week to get the lump removed. XOXO

  49. Sending hugs and prayers for you appointment this week! Positive thoughts! I have had a cancer scare myself and completely understand the late night thoughts. I love the series idea!! I have been doing some self discovery the last couple of months and think this would be awesome! xoxox

  50. I love you and your blog, I have been reading forever and your such an inspiration! I am so super exited that you came out with extensions!! I wanted to order the sandy blonde but they sold out before I could get a chance! So ill definitely be getting some next round! I am so happy for you and your success, and I’m sending love to you and your family I know a lump can be scary but everyones prayers are with you! xoxo

  51. You guys are just the cutest! I can’t wait until you restock the extensions – My color was sold out by the time I heard back from my hairdresser.

    Anywho, I will keep you in my prayers in the coming weeks with your doctors appointments. And I am all for doing this challenge with you! Kind of like seizing the opportunity to choose gratitude everyday!


  52. So scary to think about Amber! Wishing you the best for outcomes

  53. I think that is so awesome that you’re using a trial as an opportunity to reflect on your life and that you have the desire to improve. Good for you.


    ps what is your diet right now? And your workout schedule?

  54. Amber,
    “Following” a blogger long-term with great interest is not something I would have foreseen for myself, just as you unlikely foresaw so many people following your blog when you first started out. Your transparency and authenticity is what keeps me returning to your blog for the last three years. The way you write in a tone that seems like you’re talking to a friend, sending gifts to complimentary commenters, sharing your beauty regimens, glimpses into your spaces (love the apartment reveal!), small, seemingly mundane “mommy” moments on snap chat, and now sharing this medical situation with us… these reasons and many more are what set you apart from other bloggers. Nowadays we hear about how social media is causing people (particularly teenagers and young adults) to become depressed because we compare the reality of our lives with the ideal moments in others that they selectively curate and share online. As a high school art teacher, I can most definitely see that being an outcome of our social-media driven age. I think your humility, your transparency, and your lack of “showiness” really negates that whole idea. I don’t feel the need to compare your awesome successes with mine and feel bad about myself or compare myself to the “ideal,” I am genuinely happy for you and inspired by you and it’s because of how you blog so graciously. You convey the message of relishing the small adventures, cherishing family, and the idea that beauty is for everyone. Thank you! On a side note, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed David’s photography videos. I studied art in undergrad and grad school and still struggle with photography. I was gifted a rebel t3i and I will definitely use his tips! Thanks! To both of you, thanks for being that lunch break escape, a moment to “zone out” at the end of a long day, and for being a source of inspiration. Your blog and social media accounts are uplifting and positive. Thanks for sharing your journey! I hope to get some extensions for Christmas : ) Congratulations!

  55. So fun! I would love to see something between Sweet Cola and Blackberry, because I think that’s where I am at 😉 Yay for selling out a bunch of the colors how cool! Sending you lots of prayers and good wishes for the lump!

  56. So happy for you and the success of your extension line! Im sure you put a lot of work into it!! They are beautiful!! I know you are just taking off but would love to see some extensions with red in them in the future!!! Good LucK! Also good luck and thinking of you this week as you undergo ur procedure and testing!!

  57. I have never commented but just have to this time because I always see influencers like you apologizing for sharing personal tidbits of your life and have to tell you, don’t apologize for sharing real things! it’s refreshing to know that you are human just like the rest of us. I think people want to hear and see more of it because it’s relatable. I’m glad you’re okay and thanks for sharing another side to your life! XO

  58. I love that you have your own extension line! I am looking forward to new colours being added. I have darker blonde hair naturally has a lot of red in it. I hope you will add some more blondes to your range, for us girls that are in between brown and blonde! GOOD LUCK

  59. I have followed your blog and your hair tuitorials very closely for about 6 years! You’re amazing! Seriously so gorgeous. Will you be adding a blonde ombré to your extension set? Something with light brown/dark blonde roots to an ice blonde tip?

  60. I love this idea. I think it will inspire others to look at themselves, and also think of what they would like to make better in their lives.

  61. I really love this idea that you have looked at your life differently and may want to change some things! I would love to know what you’re thinking of changing. If it is mentality, or physical things, I’m all ears and hope you benefit from them as much as I will learning about what they are and maybe taking it in to account in my own life! Thank you for the tweet back yesterday as well, it was so cute to get a tweet and know what extension would work best for me! My sister and I are huge fans and we kind of look up to you!

  62. I absolutely love your extensions! I wish I could buy some but I need to wait till my hair is more of a normal color ?? but when it is I am for sure going to purchase them! I hope they can be shipped to Cape Town, South Africa. I have been following your blog and insta and twitter for about 2 years now and I really look forward to new blog and insta posts. Best wishes for the rest of the year and good luck on Thursday! Xx

    Love Caitlin,

  63. I think it would be so heartwarming and inspirational to include your deeper thoughts on here. you could call it “matters of the heart” I absolutely love the joy and creativity that your blog brings and to go even deeper could really move mountains. With all the craziness, comparisons, and jealousy that social media can bring, it would be really refreshing and liberating to experience more vulnerability on your blog. It adds a deeper sense of community through all of our screens, reminding each other that life can be hard, painful, beautiful, confusing, joyful, sad, just all the emotions! much love and blessings, Jolie Bauer

  64. Awwww Amber this made me so happy and your extension line looks amazing! You are an incredible person and you have such creative ideas and are adorable and positive in general! I hope Thursday goes well and I love you!! Xx

  65. So excited to try the extensions! When will you be getting more inventory on the ones already sold out? Also, I also had a very similar scare a month ago. I found myself lying in bed at night thinking the same things…its a mom thing ha ha!
    Sending love and prayers.

  66. Congrats on the extensions, I was on the site yesterday the colours are gorgeous! Love the new idea for the blog series! Good luck at the doctor xxxxx

  67. Yes! I love the idea of sharing a personal improvement series on the blog. I’m a new momma and have been thinking of ways I can be better because I want to be the best version of myself for my husband and son!

  68. I ordered your extensions in Brown Sugar and I’m SO excited! All the colors look so beautiful online. I’ve been following you for years and it’s so empowering to women everywhere to watch you accomplish such a huge endeavor. Best wishes, always! xoxo

  69. Congrats on the success of the extensions! Praying for you and the medical stuff! Thinking of life through a different lens after a medical scare is normal and a refreshing way to see just how precious life is! I have been following your blog and Instagram for years now and it truly is always a bright part of my day! I have probably told every person I know about your blog/ internet presense and they always start following! Best wishes and prayers xoxo

  70. Congratulations, Amber! Your extension line is gorgeous – just like you! Your idea for a challenges series is brilliant. It’s definitely something a lot of us think about and maybe even are already doing – I would love to see updates! Good luck on Thursday, love!! xx

  71. I TOTALLY get what you mean about the lump thing. Although different, my 2 year old had a medical emergency recently, she is fine but it just has me thinking about life. You never know how it’s going to go. Anyway, love the new idea!!

    – Erin (No Bohns About It)

  72. I like the idea of a new series for your blog! I think it would be a lot of fun! I’m sure the lump is nothing but sending you thoughts and prayers anyways!

  73. Love this post Amber! I look forward to your new series, you inspire me! Makes me think of a favorite saying I heard:
    “20 years ago was the best time to plant a tree. The second best time is now” -Chinese proverb
    I love you ❤️

  74. I look so up to you as a young woman (18). Your values for family, health, happiness, and obviously life have really made me think about what I want in life and how I can get it. A great name for your journey would be BraveBlonde, you’re awesome and really thats it, your blog shows you’re not perfect like some bloggers try so hard to be, and thats what I love about you and your family. Best wishes! – Leslie (PS: your extensions have made it on my christmas list, I hope BareFood Blonde doesn’t sell out by then!!!)

  75. Amber! Im obsessed with your new extensions! Will you be coming out with reds soon? Im a natural red (auburn, strawberry blonde) head and its so hard to match extensions to it! Im also based out of Utah at the moment, so if you needed a red head model I could totally be your girl! Im also a new lifestyle blogger and am totally inspired by you! xo ( (instagram: cieraleavitt)

  76. So much love, prayers, and support to you!! Being a mom and a business owner is not easy and I know you inspire others (myself included) to keep working and keep improving and keep attempting to get the most out of life.

    Much love!!

  77. Congrats on the launch of your site! You are such an inspiration of going after your dreams!!! Thank you for sharing your story about your lump, I think it helps to increase awareness of listening to your body and take precautions, so good move ! I’m so happy to hear the good news and glad you’re feeling better. Obsessed with the idea of the new series! Keep it up, Amber!! You’re killing it, girl!
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

  78. Hi Amber!
    This is my first post to your site even though I’ve been reading every day for quite some time now. I see that you always have cute nails and even more so as of late. I’m really loving the negative space nail trend right now. I thought it would be fun for you to do a blog post about nails:)
    Congrats on your hair extension line too!

  79. Yay Amber! Congrats on your new extension line. I struggled ordering extensions from other companies because reviews were so mixed and than I ditched the idea of clip in extensions and looked more into taped extensions and then talked myself out of those as well. Once i saw you posted about your new line I got soo so excited and decided barefootblonde extensions were the way to go!!! I will be placing my order soon and I cant wait!! I’ve followed you for quite a while and I have to say your blog is the only blog i consistently come back to every week. I love and appreciate your content as a married woman with one boy and girl myself. My life revolves around my little family and I can see that yours does as well 🙂 Recently i went back to look at your older content and I have to say you have come so far and I admire your hard work you’ve put into this blog it inspires me to work towards my goals and make them achievements. Prayers and positive vibes from Houston <3

  80. Sending you prayers! When I was 15, I had a lump in my breast (I am 23 now), after a mammogram and ultrasounds they still were not able to determine if it was cancer or now. The lump doubled in size within a month and rather then biopsy and do all that it was painful so I had it removed. It turned out to be cancer free and was just a fatty tissue lump, after this I made my mom get a mammogram after we learned so much, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, because they detected it early it was so treatable and she has been cancer free for 2 years now, I started dating my now husband when I was 16 so it was all fresh so I made his mom go get a mammogram, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she is still in her battle, but is going to be okay because of early detection. Early detection is everything, you are so many girls role model of all ages (including myself), and I am a firm believer everything happens for a reason, because this is so dear to my heart, I just encourage you to share your journey and encourage girls to get checked if they have a lump and get mammograms. Sorry for this long novel hahah I just wanted to share with you. Thanks for brightening my day everyday with your blog. xoxo

  81. Love this post sis!! Can’t wait to follow along & team up with you on some of the changes! You look pretty in that purple skirt!

  82. First of all, congratulations on the success and launch of the your line of extensions. I love the fullness they add to your hair! Also, I’m sending positive vibes your way and hope that everything will turn out just fine in regards to your health. I know how much anxiety you can experience just waiting for an answer and it’s so brave of you to share an update with everybody!


  83. Congrats on all your hard work with the new business endeavor!! I have loved watching you grow along the way, been following you for a number of years now. Hope all goes well on Thursday, sending lots of positive vibes your way 🙂


  84. I’m so glad your okay!! So Yes!!! I would love to read that on your blog.

  85. Absolutely! I love the challenge idea! Praying for your procedure to go flawlessly!

  86. Yes please do the challenges as a blog series, I would love that! It would create a community of encouragement where we can all band together to become better.

    And such a huge congratulations on the extension line. I know where I am going when I need a new pair 😉 I had no doubt you would create yet another successful business!

  87. Sending you positive vibes for your medical concerns! Congratulations on taking initiative to make positive changes in your life! (:

  88. So proud of you! I have been following you for years and if I comment, it’s on twitter. We are the same age and I have always been in awe of you and how you do IT ALL. Such an amazing mom, hardworking business woman/boss babe, sweet individual. You are true to yourself and your morals and ethics, honest to your readers, and so much fun! I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you!

  89. Wishing you all the best for your upcoming surgery. Love the idea of adding challenges/changes in our lives on the blog. I am definitely an anxious and over thinker type of person LOL and I think the series will be a great positive thing to add on your BLOG. I’m on board! LOL xoxox

  90. I have been thinking about you (in the lumpy way) a lot lately and glad you mentioned it. My hubs – who is now almost as much a reader and fan of your blog as I am! – are just praying for you and sending you love and such good wishes, always. Thank you for being so open and honest on your blog, it’s truly beautiful. Love your idea of a self-improvement series. I am all in and would appreciate some direction and ideas. I just need to mention how cute the kids Clinton/Trump costumes were on IG yesterday. You guys are all way too precious. Those shoes though…!!

  91. So excited for your new business venture! The website is absolutely beautiful and the product looks amazing! Hoping I’ll be able to pick-up some for myself in the near future. I actually teared up when I saw you crying on snapchat – but I told my husband I had something in my eye, cause he doesn’t get it. 🙂 I agree that answers (whether good or bad) are preferable to wondering/worrying/over-thinking. How does the saying go? God never gives us more than we can handle. I truly believe that is true. Good luck on Thursday – I’ll say a prayer and send some good mojo your way. Oh, and I love the idea of starting a blog series on small (and not-so-small) ways to improve upon and change – we’re all works in progress, afterall.

  92. Hello Amber, I never leave comments on blogs but I thought I may as well today. 🙂
    I know what you mean about wanting to change your life around after a scare. My mum recently had an accident and on my way to the hospital I (also an overthinker/worrier) vowed to pay more attention to the really important things in life like showing my loved ones how much I appreciate them more, but also little things like spending less time starting at the computer screen and taking time to be more creative. Luckily my mums accident turned out not too bad apart from a concussion and broken wrist. I’m eternally grateful for that. But I still want to change things and be a better person in my own eyes. You sharing your challenges would be so great and a huge motivation for me. It’s always easier and more fun to share life challenges!
    I’m so happy for you that you’re first pre-order went so well. You deserve it!
    I hope your operation and recovery go well!
    Love from Switzerland

  93. This is amazing Amber. I am so excited for you and the success of Barefoot Blonde Hair. I totally get having a dream and seeing it come to fruition is nothing short of amazing. Also, I am praying for you and this journey. Medical things can be so scary, but I really do think your positive attitude is exactly what you need to carry you and your sweet family through this!

    I’m all about making little daily improvements, so I’m up for whatever challenges you throw out there! It’s always easier to do things like that if you aren’t doing it alone.

    Nicole ||

  94. I happily congratulate you on your succes with the hair extensions! 🙂 And I also want to say that it is very nice of you, being so honest and sharing your health with us, it is important for everyone to pay attention to it and sometimes be reminded of that. Thank you. Oh, and I love the look in these pictures! So playful 🙂 Have a very nice day!

  95. Amber, really excited because of your launch and it’s great to see how much this project means to you guys! Really proud of you!
    And I’ll be thinking of you on thursday! Thank you very much for sharing this experience with us. I’m really looking forward to this new series ❤ xo

  96. I love the idea of incorporating self-improvement into the blog! I think it’s something everyone should strive for and would love to be reminded through your positive messages. I also wish you all the best on Thursday – I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about but sending good thoughts you’re way in either case!
    On another note – I jumped on the pre-sale of your extensions yesterday. I can’t wait to receive them in November! I have a black-tie gala around Thanksgiving and I’m pumped to be able to wear them to that. CONGRATS on such a successful start!!!! And on having the guts to after a new business venture. Get it girl!!
    xoxo, Johanna

  97. I’m so glad that your company is so near and dear to your heart – it’s so sweet! <3 I've been following along on twitter and you are so sweet to respond to all our comments <3 You are really inspirational to me.

    And GIRL!! About the lump… I had one removed when I was 18 and it was honestly the scariest thing because I discovered mine in October as well – breast cancer awareness month, really?!!? – but it was totally fine, just a fibrous and the recovery was pretty easy!! I'll be praying for you on Thursday. I know it was a super eye opening time in my life too, and I thought a lot about goals and just the person I was and who I wanted to be. I'm so glad to know you're alright, but also happy that you get to have this time to just reflect on life. It's amazing how things like this will slow you down and make you look at the big picture again, right? <3


  98. I have been wanting extensions for a while now but just haven’t done it. I visited your site yesterday just after noon but I have no idea about how many do you buy? What color am I? Can you maybe explain all that in a post or something! Cause I have long hair but it’s on the thin side! And I would love to fill it out a bit!! Thanks amber!! So happy for you and your success!

  99. I love the idea of that series! I have thoughts like that all the time and it’s so easy to talk about the changes you want to make but just as easy to make up excuses not to do them so I’m in to do it with you! Love following your blog <3
    xoxo, Christine

  100. Aw amber. I literally started crying reading about how you want to change things in your life. That is so sweet to know genuine people out there exist. I’m going through a terrible time in my life right now. I left my bf of 8 years and my gma passed away and I am a mother. Lol. So I got to thinking recently too that I wanted to hange my life after my recent events. It’s crazy how one day you wake up and look at everything so much differently. You are seriously a huge roll model for me and your post always make me so so happy. I’m so excited for you to start this series and to follow along. Can you post pics of people wearing your extensions that are not Caucasian? I just want to make sure they will work in my hair too! Thanks so much for everything amber.

  101. dear amber,

    although i follow you on almost every channel (blog, instagram, youtube…) i just read about your doctor’s news. i just wanted to wish you all the best for thursday – i am sure everything will be ok! you are great and i love your positive nature!!! i would love to read more about your “change series” and i think the idea is just great! <3 <3 <3

    lots of love and get well soon,

  102. maybe call it something like “amber 2.0” or “barefootblonde 2.0” like getting better????

  103. amber i absolutely love watching your little family grow and to see pics of you and david! you always make me feel super positive and i hope one day im a cute mom like you!!

  104. Amberr, why are you so cute and pretty?!?! I’m so jealous! ???

    1. And YES! I would love to do the challenge with you and make sure to blog about it!! Don’t have any idea what to call it though! ?<33

  105. I don’t think it’s dramatic to step back and look at ways to savour life more. It’s a great idea!

  106. First of all, I’m so glad to read that everything is fine with you and that you’ll get that lump taken care of this week. I’m also with you on having to take care/ look after ourselves more often and not always wait until something bad is happening to starting acting.
    You’re looking so cute and chic in this girly combo! I’m loving your sunnies and bag and you two are such a sweet couple.

  107. I hope everything turns out okay with your health! Like you said, it is probably nothing, but you still get to be anxious and overthink. Congrats on the extensions! I cannot wait until mine come! I LOVE the idea of the self improvement blog series. Sending love!!

  108. I hope everything turns out okay with your health! Like you said, it is probably nothing, but you still get to be anxious and overthink. Congrats on the extensions! I cannot wait until mine come! I LOVE the idea of the self improvement blog series. Sending love!!