I have said before to email me with any requests you guys have for posts and one I get all the time is for me to show you how I put my extensions in..
I was so hesitant to do it.. I am not sure why, but I finally did it.
I first show how I do it with my now longer hair and then I show how I clipped them in with my shorter hair before it grew out!
A few things about the tutorial and some FAQ about extensions:
1.) How I curled my hair in the tutorial: I curled my hair the exact same way I did in my Basic Wave Tutorial and I always curl my hair with my extensions already in. (extensions generally blend better with your hair curled!)
2.) My lipstick in the tutorial: I am wearing Barry M Lipstick in ‘Baby Pink’, found: here
3.) Why I do 2 strips for the bottom layer: I always do two strips of extensions on the first layer of hair because one strip is not thick enough for a bottom layer of hair and to me it looks unblended with just one.
4. What kind of extensions I use: I usually always buy my extensions from Sally’s, I have since my junior year in High School.. I get the 18 inch, Euronext brand, in ‘Blonde Frost’ for the color. But recently I was gifted a set of extensions for my wedding from Extend Your Beauty and those last a bit longer than the Euronext so I may switch over! Sally’s is just convenient because its right down the street! I would recommend either.
5.) How I care for my extensions: I will do a whole post on extension care soon but I will give the short version. I sleep with my extensions in.. I actually leave them clipped in until I wash my hair again. But I never sleep with my hair just down, the extensions get ratty and it ruins them quicker, you want to braid your hair each night so it doesn’t get knotted. Brush them softly always, with a soft brush. I wash mine with Cinderella Hair Extensions Shampoo and Conditioner.. Sometimes if you buy your extensions from Sally’s they will give it to your for free if that is the current special, the last couple times I have been I have gotten it for free with my purchase. If not, you can purchase it from Sally’s or on Amazon: here. I wash my extensions in the sink (might freak your significant other out but whatever), not when they are in my hair in the shower. And NEVER use product with ALCOHOL as an ingredient on your extensions, it will dry them out and ruin them 10 times faster! Use serums that contain NO alcohol!

And for those with natural long, thick locks… you are too dang lucky. Sigh.


Photos from How to Put in Clip-in Extensions Tutorial


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  1. Hey Amber,

    Sally’s very recently stopped all production of the 18″ Euronext in ‘Blonde Frost’ and now only have them in the 14″. What do you recommend as an alternative for the 18″?

  2. What color extend your beauty? And what length? I can’t decide which to buy! My hair is very similar to yours and that’s why I watched your video… I think my low lights are just more neutral/lightbrown. My hair dresser said the blonde frost had too much auburn in them 🙁 could really use your help! They’re for my wedding.. Thx

  3. Hey Amber,
    Love the idea of extensions, even though my hair is pretty thick and wavy, It badly needs a trim and I don’t want to lose any length. I’m searching online and seeing two types of extensions – human and synthetic (or human-like) hair. Which do you use/ prefer?


    1. Definitely get human!! If you get synthetic it will melt when you go to curl/straighten them! 🙂

  4. Hi Amber

    This was so useful, thank you so much! I have always shyed away from using extensions but this looks really easy. Can’t wait to get experimenting.

    Love your blog so much!


  5. What color extend your beauty? And did you find them smoother? Have you tried or heard of bellami? I can’t decide which to buy!

  6. I have been experimenting for years with hair extensions, I have recently been taping them in but I find that my hair is becoming thinner. My clip ins always would fall down my hair throughout the day. Any tips on how to keep the clip ins tight?

    1. The only thing I would suggest is to get extensions with better clips! Some of the clip ins have horrible clips that do not stay in and its so frustrating. If you tease your hair and then clip it overtop the teased area it will damage your hair greatly so don’t do that, just get new extensions with better clips! xx

  7. Hey! I was wondering if, when you buy your extensions, do you get straight or wave? I see where they offer both. I would assume straight since I see some posts where you have straight, but thought I would ask! THanks!!

  8. Hi Amber,

    Love your instagram, blog and tutorials 🙂 you are so beautiful! I also have blonde medium length hair, not-so-thick, and wear extensions often for fullness. Would love if you could post a tutorial sometime on putting your extensions in a pony tail… I am struggling with it! And I’m also wondering if you ever wear your extensions in the pool/ocean, and if so… Do you find it ruins them?! Thanks 🙂

    1. Thank you so much!! And I keep meaning to do a post on that so I will make a video tutorial of that soon, probably in the next couple weeks!

  9. Hi Amber! I’m like you, blonde long hair…thats not so thick. I have the same extensions as you and was wondering how you put them in to make a thicker ponytail?? I tried putting them in normally and then just pulling my hair up in a ponytail but that was an EPIC fail. Have any secrets you can share? And also, how did you do that crazy multiple fishtail low bun thats on your instagram?!

    1. Okay totally a good question! I do wear them for pony tails and it is hard to explain how but I will try! So for high ponies I part my hair going back of the ear to back of the ear up over my head and then clip 2 or 3 rows of extensions right on top of each other and then just do the pony!! Hope that made sense!! xx

    1. You’re gonna hate me but I don’t remember that brand! I must have gotten them done at the salon for that because I dont think that is one of mine, I am so sorry!

  10. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I have had extensions for about a year and have never worn them because I couldn’t blend them well enough! You are awesome!! Thank you so much for this info!!!

  11. Question – can you wear your hair up with the way you put in your extensions in the video or do you have to position them differently?

  12. Thank you so much! Oh my gosh… my hair totally has that chunk that sticks out and now I can braid it and my extensions will look gorgeous! Thank you!!! You solved my problem! I’m getting married in 3 and a half months and I want my hair to look like yours! I’m going to put my extensions in and curl them like you do on your basic curl tutorial! Yay!

  13. So glad you posted this…I have extensions but they are the tube kind that you can’t remove without tools…been getting really sick of them lately and want to take them out but I can’t lose my hair! I was always sort of skeptical of clip-ins but yours look beautiful and now that I know how to do it, I’m convinced to make the switch! Thanks so much! 🙂

  14. I have seriously loved you and your blog forever! I too wear clip ins and I now just call it my wig, my nieces and nephews freak out the most!

    I love your reaction to girls with bad extensions… oh dangit! ha ha you’re hilarious!

  15. Lynette- haha my husband is the same way!! haha he just stares as I pull hair out from my head.. but he is getting more used to it! Glad I am not the only one!

  16. Thanks for the video!

    Where did you get the tshirt you’re wearing in the video? I think it’s adorable!

  17. “might freak your significant other out but whatever”

    SO FUNNY, because I wear clip-in extensions, too, and it freaks out my husband (who I just married 5 months ago). Extensions in general freaks him out. He stares like a deer in headlights if I ever take them out around him. And a few times, he’s come out of our bathroom with a piece of them clipped onto his head. He thinks he’s hilarious. 😉

    Thanks for the video though!

  18. Dana! I actually just posted a little thing on extension care on this post so take a look at that and see if it helps! Have a good day cute girl!

  19. Can you do a post on extension care? how to wash them for example? I am new to the extension world, and want to try them out, but I dont know the first thing about caring for them? Please help. Thanks Amber I love your blog!!!