How to Find Your Mom Village


“Encouragement from moms for moms is like the air we breathe: We need it, It fills us up, it allows us to do what we do everyday.”

 “It takes a village to raise a child!” This phrase is as old as time and at one point or another we have all heard it. To me, a village is being surrounded by family/friends that are there through thick and thin. So if you think about it, you’ve most likely been surrounded by a village at least once.

When I moved to America from Sweden, as you can image that was one of the hardest and most terrifying things ever. I didn’t know a single soul. At 19 years old, I had to step out of my comfort zone BIG time and speak a language I hardly even spoke. My BYU family became my village. They helped me in ways I didn’t know was possible. Then I got married, and we had Noah a year later. I was so lucky to be surrounded by family and friends so I hardly felt alone. I had my friends but I quickly realized that I also needed mom friends.

Fatima Dedrickson in the mountains.

Noah needed kids to play with, I needed to have adult conversations besides my husband. As a first time mom, I had no idea what I was doing so what better way to learn, than from moms. To feel like you weren’t the only one that had a fussy kid, or that wasn’t getting enough sleep at night. What better person to ask about breastfeeding than a fellow mom. Now that I have three, it has become even MORE important to me to have mom friends.

When we moved to Arizona, we moved to an area with people who had lived there for years. I assumed most of these moms had their own “village”, and some did but a majority did not. Here is the thing, we often assume that we know what other people have/need. We psych ourselves out before we even know, thus, we miss out on major opportunities.

Momming is hard, whether you’re a new mom or have 5 kids, it is still hard. Do not be afraid to reach out, step out of your comfort zone and do not assume you know other people’s stories. Finding a mom village does not have to be difficult, I think we are the ones that make it hard. We live in a digital word where we can connect with other moms through FB groups, Instagram but also neighborhood groups. These places help us connect with people we probably never would’ve met. I am a living example of that, a lot of my close friends that I’ve met since we moved started online. And I am still alive ha ha.

The next time you see another mom with the baby item you’re thinking about buying, or their child who looks to be the same age as your little one, go over and say hi, because I am sure that they are hoping that they have the courage to do the same…

We are all in this together. <3

Article and images by Fatima Dedrickson. You can view more content by Fatima on her blog and on her Instagram here

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