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The podcast for this month is my other favorite (next to Super Soul) which is How I Built This! I have listened to every single episode and have loved every single one .. of course some more than others but have taken something away from each one. The podcast is hosted by Guy Raz and I think he does a really good job with the interviews and getting them to share their story but also share helpful tips or parts of the story that could benefit other people. He has episodes with a bunch of different companies like Starbucks, Kate Spade, Instagram, and a lot more. My dad started a business when him and my mom were first married and that is the business he still runs! I remember him telling us a lot about his business and how he started it and I remember hearing all of these business terms from a young age because of him. We would often go to work with him and he would let me blast Spice Girls in the car and always took us to Dunkin Donuts on the way 🙂 I think my dad is the reason why my siblings and I all have an entrepreneurial spirit and why I love hearing stories of how other people started their businesses!

February Podcast & Book Club

My favorite episodes have been Patagonia, Spanx, and Five Guys!! Those three are my top that I LOVVVED! Sarah Blakely who started Spanx is just so rad and I love her story. Patagonia I have already talked about on here but I just love how he runs his business and for me since we are still a new company and can really shape how we want our company to feel – I loved reading more about how they do it over there. And Five Guys is just so cool you guys have to listen to it! I love that he started it later in life after having several failed businesses and that he had his kids so involved. You’ll have to just listen to the whole thing 🙂

Okay so if you have listened I wanna hear your favorite episodes – who has been your fav or who did you think was boring?! And if you haven’t then you should go listen 😉



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  1. I’m super late to this discussion, but wanted to say that I first started to listen to How I Built This from your recommendation a few months back. I found the Patagonia episode so fascinating and also thought that the Rent the Runway and Kendra Scott episodes were great. I’m going to have to listen to the Spanx and 5 Guys episodes now.

  2. I’m always looking for inspiring podcasts – they truly are motivating! This reminds me of one of my current favorites – GLOSSY. It explores how technology is transforming the fashion industry and features interviews from amazing designers and fashion industry CEOs. Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll be sure to check it out! 💗

    xx Tammy

  3. I’ve only listened to two of these podcasts thus far but I really enjoyed them both and walked away learning a bunch of things. The first one I listened to was the Buzzfeed one. I just enjoyed listening to Jonah Peretti talk about his business because you can truly feel the passion he has for his company which is super inspiring. It’s a pretty rad story of how they came to be where they are too. The second one I listened to was the Kate Spade one and OMG did that move me. Firstly hearing how supportive her husband was and still is of her is just so amazing and inspires me to be a more supportive partner to my soulmate. I also enjoyed listening to the raw and realness of their struggle to get the company to where it is today because it made me realize that everything worth while experiences those difficult times and the reward you receive at the end of it all is 100% undoubtably worth it. It’s truly inspiring and super motivating. Thanks for the recommendations Amber – I can’t wait to listen to more and to see which other podcasts you have up your sleeves for us this year. xxx

  4. Stupid question but how do I listen to these podcasts? I’m supsr interested!

    1. You need an app! I use the “podcast app” but you can also listen on like audible or any podcast app. And then just search for the different shows! A lot of the apps let you download them and then you cn listen to them later off WiFi 🤗 happy listening!!

  5. I LOVE How I Built this. Weirdly, I actually really enjoyed the guy who made Chucky Cheese and the Atari. I don’t even use either product, but found how he looked at his business models really interesting, especially why he shifted from making games to making acardes and why he left each business. Like you, I liked the SPANX one, and any of the other female interviewees they have

  6. This is my all time fave podcast! And the Patagonia one is my most fave too! I just love and aspire to be like Yvon Chouinard, he’s super cool and adventurous. Loved Spanx and Kate Spade too.. and Aden and Anais, and Crate and Barrell— because they really didn’t know anything about business starting out, and was really inspiring to hear how they got through some tough times/big mistakes.
    Love this podcast!

  7. I’m obsessed with podcasts and how I built this is a favorite for sure!! I love love the ones you mentioned!! Also Burton snowbirds! What a big teddy bear! I was so inspired by Kendra Scott! Strapping a baby to her go pound the streets of Austin to sell jewelry! Being a serial entrepreneur myself, these stories are so inspiring! My husband and I are currently started Colorado High Vodka. Lots of challenges!
    Great post Amber!
    xx Tammy

  8. Hey Amber 🙂

    I have loved listening to these podcasts…now I just want to listen to them all! It’s so inspiring hearing how everyone started their businesses and even through some failures they’ve gotten through it and have these amazing companies to show for it. I really enjoyed listening to Whitney Wolfe from Bumble, hearing about what she went through and how she knew she would make a change for the better. I liked her quote ‘You can’t kill ambition, you can kill confidence but you can’t kill drive’. And also Gary from Clif Bar when he said ‘The power of business is bigger than the power of money’ after he was about to sell his company but couldn’t go through with it. I also love how the podcasts aren’t so serious and everyone is just so humble with their success.
    Now I’m going to keep listening to the Five Guys one (have been making my parents also listen to them) and also get onto reading Present over Perfect 🙂 x

  9. This is my all time FAVEEE podcast!! I was so obsessed with the Starbucks, Patagonia, Ben and Jerry’s, Spanx, and lonely planet. But wait honestly all of them!! Lol

    If I ever need a mood boost or so quick inspiration these podcasts are so great. I really love how every single podcast is centered around the idea of “luck” and how Guy asks all the peeps if they feel lucky. It’s my favorite question ever. I often ask myself this when I’m successful and it’s just so interesting to really think about all you put into something and how hard you truly worked but to also acknowledge that there is a piece of luck. I look at luck as God in my life and just the concept of fate or big magic 😉 but I also turn it around and ask myself if I feel just unlucky when something doesn’t go my way or if there were steps and choices I could have made or handled better to learn from my disappointments. It just puts a really positive aspect to some of the icky parts of life and makes them moments for growth instead of regret.

    I also really love how everyone is so laid back it seems and really highlights how none of these people were expected to reach such success. Chase your passions and dreams people!!

    Also Amber I’m dyinggggg to listen to yours, boss lady 🤗💗

  10. Hi book/podcast club! I am obsessed with How I Built This podcast! Amber you need to go on this podcast and share your blog and hair extension line because they are both so amazing and Guy asks the best questions! I listened to Teach For America: Wendy Kopp and Spanx: Sara Blakely! Honestly, I loved them both so far and will continue along with this podcast. I chose Teach For America because I was a Liberal Studies major and have wanted to be a teach since I was in 5th grade so it just popped out to me. While I was a student at a Cal State, I would always pick up flyers and information regarding Teach For America! I loved how Wendy was persistent and made it happen. The podcast about Spanx was soo soo good and Sara was so cute and funny. I really loved how each episode I listened to they created something out of thin air, made it happen and it seemed as though it was magic and meant for them. It was genius. I felt as though it really shows that YOU SHOULD ALWAYS BE YOUR CREATIVE SELF! I just felt really happy for both of these ladies, neither of them were out to get rich quick they simply had ideas 1. to help our education system and the youth of our nation and 2. to help women feel beautiful and it made me think of this saying I saw on pinterest “Life is a party Dress like it”. They really made a difference for the better and I just love that!

  11. Loved these 3 as well! I really loved the air bnb one and Zumba! I don’t even like Zumba , mostly because I’m terrible at it! but the story is incredible! I love hearing the positive encouraging parts as well as a few failures but they didn’t give up on what they believed in.

  12. I love that you’re doing these PODCAST discussions. I have recently started listening to podcasts this month. I wanted to use my time on media to learn more instead of just wasting time looking at dumb things and podcasts have been so fun! Thanks for recommending super soul conversations. I will be listening to How I built this next. And I’ve been loving your posts about present over perfect. That’s my new years resolution to SIMPLIFY. I feel like I have this new perspective on life and it’s amazing. I no longer let small things rob me of my happiness and life. It’s been a life changing way of thinking and living. I hope more people continue to move towards the simpler life. It’s just so much easier and well…happier!

    And P.S I am an ICU nurse and the other night someone was brading a coworkers hair and we all started talking about YOU and what a babe you are and how you are total mommy goals! If your ears were ringing a couple nights ago it was probably just a couple of ICU RNs at LLUMC girl fanning over you hehe!

    1. I love your comment! I agree with the using social media to learn and spread happiness and kindness and about simplifying and not sweating the small stuff!

  13. Hey Amber! I had just been so absorbed in Super Soul that it was definitely new for me to listen to this series. I had no idea where to start, so why not just start from the beginning. I listened to it this morning, and I have to tell you I was quite confused because of the topic that it was on. It was about a blogging site (I think haha) and how to make sufficient money doing something that is free to the user. Although I did not understand everything because I am not into that kind of business, I think it was cool to hear from others who have found success by taking matters into their own hands. I, too, want to own my own business one day, but I have more years of gaining experience ahead of me before I do so. I think it would be very fun to listen to other people I am more familiar with. I’m so glad you brought this to our attention, and I look forward to listening to more episodes. Thanks!

  14. I loved the Kate Spade one! My husband is building his clothing brand right now and really wants me involved and listening to this episode just got me soo pumped to work with my hubby. I told him all about it and we worked on some more design ideas last night. We also listened to the Chipotle one together and that one was good too!

  15. Yes, love “How I Built This” and the episodes you mentioned. The TOMS/Blake Mycoskie podcast was one of my faves.

    Interesting to hear about your dad starting his own business, and now here you are following in his footsteps. AWESOME!

  16. I love how I built this on NPR! It is truly inspirational 🙂 My favorite is Kendra Scott’s story.

  17. Kendra Scott has been my favorite one. She just had some kick butt quotes throughout hers!

  18. i loved burton snowboards, but patagonia and five guys were in my top 5! i will definitely have to go listen to spanx now!

  19. I just started listening to this podcast last week and I love it as well!! It’s so inspiring and authentic. Can’t wait until there is a Barefoot Blonde one some day.