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ROSIE’S SWADDLE: Lou Lou and Company (their knit swaddles and everything else in the shop is just as good as everyone talks them up to be! I am OBSESSED!) // ROSIE’S CARSEAT: Maxi Cosi (cutest carseat I have ever seen or owned!)

These are some of my favorite photos and favorite moments from the hospital! Can you die at her thick brown hair?! We were so surprised by it! I actually had hair just like hers when I was born and my mom said shortly after it all fell out and grew in blonde. Her hair is already starting to fall out and it is so sad seeing it get thinner and thinner but I am excited she (maybe) will have blonde hair and we can be little twinners. Every mom secretly wants to be twins with her daughter right?

The hospital time with a new baby is my favorite 24 hours EVER. I still can remember every detail about Atticus’ hospital experience and all the feelings of holding him the first time, getting to do skin on skin, and cuddles with him and David.. it literally gives me butterflies thinking about it. This time was just as good and I am really glad we have these photos to remember it all. Its pure bliss!!!

In New York you dont automatically get your own room to recover in.. you have to share the room. You can be put on a list and pay (a lot) to go to a private room but there are only so many available when you deliver. The advice I kept getting from friends when we moved here was to absolutely get a private room. We asked to be put on the list and didnt get one until the next day but boy was it worth every penny. The hospital experience is too special to have to share it with some stranger’s phone conversations, noises, smells, and visitors. I love peace and quiet when I am snuggling my newborn the first time and I loved every second of cuddles with this cute girl!!! She is such a snuggle bug and she was so content the whole hospital stay. I also didn’t mind watching her snuggle her dad 🙂 With both babies it was sooo hard for me to sleep after so I went over 36 hours without sleep – and would only sleep here and there after.

The morning we took these my mom brought Atticus over to the hospital in the morning and Atticus was totally cheesing it up for us all! He would hug Rosie and then look up at us with a huge grin and loved all the attention 🙂 I was so glad that Stephanie came and captured all his cheese on camera and I can look at these forever. After we took these photos we filled out her papers and headed home. When we walked out of the hospital with her it was the most gorgeous day – raining and we walked out of the hospital to a view of Central Park and amazing fall leaves.

Thanks Stephanie Sunderland for taking these photos! XO


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    1. Thank you!! But I unfortunately don’t remember the shop name 🙁

  1. For godssake how can you look so beautiful after giving birth?:O What a beautiful little girl, congratulations!

  2. I love Rosie’s little knit hat with the ears. Can I ask where it’s from?

  3. Amber Rosie is adorable and you fam is goals???????? congrats on a beautiful baby girl❤️❤️

  4. Congrats to you and your beautiful family, hope the girls are both happy and healthy, and that you are managing to get some sleep 🙂 looking forward to some adorable baby clothes and mom-daughter photos 🙂 xxx

  5. These pictures are so precious, your family is so beautiful! plus, who looks that stunning after giving birth….? You go girl, I love looking at your blog!

  6. Amber! Your photos are amazing and lil Rosie looks so sweet! May i know what effect you use for your photos? Thanks Amber! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Jessica!! And a photographer took these for us 🙂 But we usually use a program called Lightroom to edit our pictures!! xo

      1. Thank you so much for the reply! 🙂 And congratulations on the most beautiful family <3

  7. Amber I cannot handle these photos!!! You have the most beautiful family in the world, and congratulations on a healthy little Rosie girl! Atticus looks like the best big brother ever ever. And how do you look that stunning after giving birth?!!?! Like really girl. You’re incredible.



    1. Oh my goodness you are so sweet!! Thank you so much!! Your words mean the world to me!! And oh stop! You are too nice 🙂 Love ya!! And Happy Holidays!! xo

  8. Such sweetness! Beautiful photos of amazing family moments 🙂 Everyone looks so cute and happy! 🙂
    And by the way…I love your nails 🙂 What nailpolish is that? Or at least which one from drugstore do you think would be similar to this one? We don’t really have the opportunity to get the best ones here….
    Thank you and I wish you all the most wonderful Christmas! 🙂

  9. Stephanie did a great job at capturing these beautiful memories.

    Seeing Atticus’ face was exactly how I had imagined it. And it’s funny you mentioned the story about how Rosie got her hair, because I was wondering how she ended up with such dark hair when everyone else has very light hair. Amazing how it works, isn’t it?

    This is gorgeous. Can’t wait to see more already.

    1. I agree! She is an amazing photographer! And isn’t it crazy how much her and Atticus look alike?! I love it 🙂 Thanks for the comment!! xo

  10. I can’t believe it! You guys look soo happy…and when i saw the first pictures with the whole family and read the whole story, i began to cry!! I don’t know why, but it seems like i know you Amber for ages. I mean i was so nervos at every important moment of your life (and happy at the same time)! I can’t believe what I’m saying, but well you are an example for me and for many others..I really love you and your family! And Rosie is so sweet and Atticus as well! A big hus! xoxo Flavia

    1. Wow thank you so much!! That means so much to me! Thanks for the sweet words 🙂 I loved reading them!! xo

  11. This is adorable. Super precious. And that swaddle and baby hat are amazing!!

  12. I wish I had pictures like this from my maternity stay. So precious … and it is so special to see a big brother being affectionate with his tiny little sister. What a beautiful family you have ! I think Rosie will have blond hair, they often change color when little ! And she totally is your twin 🙂 she has your cute nose ! Both gorgeous girls !

    1. The pictures are so special to me, I am glad I have them for sure. Thanks so much for the kind words!! I loved reading them 🙂 Especially hearing that Rosie is my twin! Love that compliment! xo

  13. My hair did the same thing when I was born- started out dark brown, fell out and grew in bright blonde! Rosie is just the most beautiful baby ever and I can’t wait for all the pictures of the adventures y’all have in the future!! (especially when baby Rosie gets her first passport stamp!!!!!!!!)
    XO to you and yours & Merry Christmas

    1. Mine did too!! I had dark hair as a baby so I am curious to see what will happen to Rosie’s hair 🙂 And thank you so much!! That is so nice of you!! Stay tuned for a lot of adventures!! Merry Christmas to you! xoxo

  14. ahh rosie is just so perfect!!! there were some rumors going around when you had delivered that it was a different name but nope rosie belle couldn’t be more perfect <3

    1. You are too kind!! Thank you Sara!! And how funny! Not sure how that got started 😉 Rosie was a perfect fit!

  15. These pictures are so beautiful! What a beautiful memory to hold on to forever! <3

  16. I also had brown hair when I was born and then my hair went platinum blonde till I was like 10! Maybe it’s just a blonde thing 🙂 Such precious photos!

    1. Aww thank you!! And really?! I am curious if it will stay brown or go blonde 🙂 Either way I will love it!!

  17. What a truly perfect family!!!!! You are amazing Amber!!!! I love the photos that you capture and what a treasure they are!!!! Beautiful family!!! ❤️❤️U!!!!

  18. I am SO glad little Rosie is safe and sound. It’s funny because I feel like I told more than one person that Rosie was born and they were like “Who?” So of course I had to show them a million pictures of you and your family. I cannot wait to see what you guys do as a family and how those kiddies grow up together. It really is perfect. You will always be like a role model to me! xx

    1. Thank you so much Carlie!! We are obsessed with her to say the least 😉 And aww you’re so cute!! That makes me happy! Thanks for the love!!! xo

  19. Robe details??? Your little family is so cute!! Can’t wait for our first to arrive any day now!

  20. Beautiful!! Where did you get your little gown? Was it easy to nurse in? We are having baby number two and want something simple and dainty like that!

    1. Thank you!! And it is a hospital gown from Etsy!! And yes! It buttons down in the front which I loved. And congrats on baby number two!! xo

  21. She is such a dream come true! I can’t believe how cute she is! But I must say the picture I like the most is the one David looking at her! You can tell he is absolutely in love with her ????.
    So much love in you family ????

    1. Thank you so much love!! You are so sweet 🙂 And I love that picture too!! Thanks again!! xoxo

    1. Thank you Kate!! I am so glad everything went so good 🙂 And yay! I am glad you like the pictures! xo

  22. I’m so obsessed with your family! I know I say it all the time, but seriously, you guys are just so perfect. Rosie is so beautiful! I love to see how Atticus interacts with her. These pictures make me really happy 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Veronica!! You are so sweet! And I agree, I will treasure these for many years!! love them 🙂

  23. Perfect moments. I can feel the love from here! Congratulations again, on the beautiful healthy addition to that gorgeous family of yours! xoxo

  24. She is soooo sweet!!! Her name is adorable and totally fits her!! Good job!!????????????

  25. These pictures are SO precious and such treasures! I loved the time in the hospital with my daughter, and I am so excited to experience it again now that I’m pregnant with baby #2!

    Simply Rachel Nicole

    1. Thank you Rachel!! I love them so much 🙂 And congrats to you!! So happy for you!! xo

  26. Such beautiful photos, Amber! Your photographer did a lovely job capturing these special moments 🙂 Rosie is an absolute doll! The newborn phase is the BEST! Extra snuggles all day long!! XO

    1. I agree!! She did a wonderful job 🙂 And aww thank you!! She loves to snuggle! xo

  27. Ohmygoodness Amber – Rosie looks just like you!!!! She is so precious and Atticus cheesing in all of them is the cutest!!! So happy for you! <3 xoxo

  28. Hi Amber,

    Atticus looks like the best big brother ever. 🙂 I wanted to share with you..My husband and I ended up welcoming our daughter on the same day..the 18th! We named her Marlee and she is the most precious, loved baby in the world! She was due on Christmas day, but decided to come 5 weeks early. I love your blog, I have been following you for years! 🙂 Thanks for always being so sweet and sharing such awesome moments with us!! I hope you and your family have the best holiday!

    xo, Valerie

    1. Hi Valerie!! Thank you so much!! You are so sweet 🙂 He loves his sister! And oh my goodness no way?! How exciting!! And Marlee?! STOP! That is adorable!! I bet she is a cutie!!! So happy for your family. Thanks for following along and for the sweet comment!! It means so much to me!! Love ya!! Enjoy that new baby girl of yours!!! Merry Christmas!! xo

  29. These photos are perfect!! Where did you get your outfit that you are wearing in these photos?

  30. Please please share where your white robe is from? Not sure if you already posted the information somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it. SO pretty!

    1. It is a hospital gown off of Etsy!! I didn’t post the details so thanks for asking!! xoxo

  31. Oh these photos are just darling! I am so in love with your adorable family! A’s expressions are too sweet. Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!

  32. These pictures are unbelievable adorable! You have such a cute family!

    Xxx, Lena
    Instagram: ellecouture_lena

  33. Oh my goodness! These photos are just too sweet : ) Oh, and I love this line “The hospital experience is too special to have to share it with some stranger’s phone conversations, noises, smells, and visitors.” haha.

    Sooo thrilled for you and your family Amber : )



    1. Thank you so much!! And haha!! Glad you liked that 😉 Such a weird thing to share a room haha! Thanks again for reading!! xo

  34. She is absolutely adorable! I am so happy for you and your family. A is going to make an amazing big brother. I’m really looking forward to seeing you blog about the precious memories you make with your beautiful family 🙂

    1. Thank you Emily!! She is a sweetie!! We adore her 🙂 Thanks for following along! xo

  35. These photos are so gorgeous! I definitely want someone there to capture these precious moments whenever my husband and I have a baby! Rosie is also the cutest baby and I love how Atticus is already the best big brother. Congratulations on your adorable little family, Amber! Thanks so much for sharing all these wonderful moments and inspiring us! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Elise!! It was so nice having a photographer so I didn’t have to worry about David or someone in the family snapping them. It was perfect!! Thanks for the sweet words!! xo

  36. Amber she is so so perfect!! I love the pictures, and I am so glad you had a chance to have a private room! We’re so lucky here in Minneapolis that it’s not as full and everyone gets their own room – it makes the experience so much more special and private! I’m delivering in 3 weeks, I can’t wait to meet our new little one!!


    1. I’m near Minneapolis, too! I couldn’t believe it when she said they have to share hospital rooms in NYC! Gosh we are lucky!

  37. Breathe taking pictures Amber! You and your family are very special and so warm. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures. Rosie is a beautiful baby girl ???? And Atticus is so cute and adorable ???? Seeing your family brings nothing but joy to me ????

    1. Thank you Ginny!! I adore them!! So many special moments captured 🙂 Thanks for the kind words!! xo

  38. These are the most precious, incredible, life changing moments and to have them caught on photos/ camera like this… It can’t compete with anything! The bestest memories ever!!!
    Blessings to you and your little family!

    1. Thank you so much!! They really are so special to me 🙂 Thanks for the sweet comment!! Happy holidays to you love!! xo

  39. A is so cooperative in photos! I love the expressions you capture from him! The way he looks at Rosie! The way you look at your children and your hubby! The way your hubby looks at everyone else lmao. On and on. Beautiful memories and family.

    1. He is a very busy kiddo but does pretty well for pictures luckily 🙂 Thanks for the sweet comment!! You are so sweet!!

  40. These are absolutely stunning! We are having our second in a few months (they will be about 17 months as well) and I have loved seeing how Atticus reacts to her. Such a sweet boy! I can’t wait to watch our little Phineas’ reaction to his baby brother or sister.

    1. Thank you Morgan!! And wow!! Congrats!! That is so exciting 🙂 Thanks again for the sweet words!! xo

  41. I LOVE these photos!!! You are such a beautiful family thanks for sharing such precious moments with us. I adore yourblog

  42. Gorgeous pictures and such a beautiful addition to the family! So happy for you!

  43. Awe! These pictures are so special! I just love everything about them. I personally love the one of Atticus peeking over the bed to see his little sister and the one with Rosie’s name tag. I showed everyone around me when you shared that one on Insta. It’s too cute. Ha! I thought it was interesting to learn that NYC places you in a room to share after delivery unless you request your own in advance (and pay more). I would have never imagined otherwise. That’s nuts! Or it is to this Oklahoma girl:)

    1. Thank you Erin!! That means so much to me 🙂 I will treasure them forever!! And aw I love that one too!! And it is CRAZY!! I had Atticus in Utah and I had a big room, so I had been spoiled and wanted a private room for sure 🙂 Thanks for the sweet comment!! xo

  44. Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment with us. She is growing already so much from these photos. Loved your family pictures, and you guys seem such a happy family. Congratulations to your family. I might copy your idea with the sticker and her name when my baby comes in 8 weeks if that’s ok with you??

    1. Thank you for reading it and for your sweet comment!! It means a lot to us!! Thanks again for the love!!! (And OF COURSE!!! Do it! And share a pic of your angel (when she comes) with mee!!! xoxo)

  45. Your family is just so gorgeous! Can A be any prouder, what a sweet moment!! My sweet lil girl was born with pitch black curly hair, by 6 months was practically bold and now just over a year old with longish wavy blonde hair!

    1. Thank you Erika!! He is such a sweet big brother 🙂 I love watching them!! And no way?! I can’t wait to see what her hair will look like!

  46. Amber, seeing these photos brings me so much joy. I am so happy for you and your beautiful family.
    You and David truly have the most beautiful babies ever! So much love to you all always xo

  47. First of all, congratulations on your ne baby girl!!! She’s adorable (can’t wait for mine!). And second of all, you look gorgeous, after the delivery and without sleep, really! Love the photos of your beautiful family! I wish you all the best :)))

    1. Thank you so much Ola!! She is so sweet, we adore her 🙂 And wow you are too nice!! Thanks for making my day! Love ya!! xo