Christmas break is amazing. We had such a lazy day today.. we got out of bed around noon and stayed in our pjs til about 5:30 to go to dinner with the fam. Now I am back in my pjs watching a movie and writing this. To our defense, I had cramps most of the day so David was making me brownies and we were just laying and watching TV and making lists and goals most of the day. AND I started answering my lonnnng list of unread emails! I have read them all but have not responded to all YET.
In a few of the emails I read, girls asked me what I don’t like about myself… which is definitely an uncommon question. Even though I think sometimes we all wonder what each other’s imperfections are.. that is how girls are. We all just don’t ask, or tell. Well, unfortunately I am probably never going to list off things I don’t like about myself because I want to keep this blog positive… BUT I will tell you secrets along the way.. so guess what? I have stretch marks! And I have never had babies. That is not something I don’t like about myself, I have never minded them. But I guess its still a secret. I have them on my upper butt.. like on the sides.. they are always covered by swimsuits so no one reading this will ever see them but they are there! I got them from growing tall so quickly.. by the time I was in 7th grade I was already 5’8″.
Anyways, I am loving all of your emails!!!! LOVE.
Are you sick of my honeymoon pictures yet? Eeeek. I hope not!
I got this R2D2 swimsuit because my husband is a pretty big nerd 🙂 .. and he loves Star Wars (Remember THIS post when I made him these cookies, back when I called him “my friend” 🙂 ??) yeah, so I HAD to get this for our honeymoon!
(from Black Milk found: here)
two little monkeys jumpin on the bed


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  1. I LOOOOOOVEEEE this swim suit. I saw it before in the shop’s website, but it was sold out 🙁 I NEED it too, I am a total nerd myself and hopefully one day I will find a cute nerd who will marry me, too 😉

    Also I am sure I am not the only one who could never get enough of your honeymoon pics 🙂

    Warm greetings from Germany!

  2. Cute pics!! Love the swimsuit! As far as the people asking you what you don’t like about yourself, I know I made a suggestion once to do a post about that same thing! For me (and possibly for the ones who also ask) it’s totally about helping ME feel normal. I look at you and think “She is perfect, PERFECT!” But when you say you have stretch marks, I think “Wow, maybe I’M not so abnormal myself!” Does that make sense? I don’t know, for me it just helps me remember that not everyone is perfect even if you think they are! And that I truly am normal if I have stretch marks. Ya know? That’s just my thought! Love your blog!

  3. you’re freaking adorable! I love how in the picture of david you can see your shadow taking the picture and then vice versa in the picture of you. precious. xoxo

  4. R2d2 swimsuit? Oh my gosh, I think I fell in love with you. I, too, have stretch marks right on my butt. It’s because I lost so much weight when I got diagnosed with early stage cancer 4 years ago. I lost all my curves. And when I started to gain some of that weight back I noticed those darn marks!

  5. Adorable pictures and such a cute swimming suit! I was 6’0″ when I was in the 7th grade so I totally understand where your coming from with the stretch marks! Although you are cuter then heck so be proud of them haha. 🙂

  6. Terrific photos! As a side question, what camera are you using for your photos currently? (and how is it working out in a tropical location?) I’m looking at new SLRs due to my camera dying on me after I went on a cruise :/

  7. I have stretch marks and no babies too! My hip area and my knees of all places have them. I was 5’7″ in sixth grade, craziness! I love the honeymoon pics, you two are like the most attractive couple ever.