I hope everyone had the best Christmas!!!
I think this was my best Christmas yet 🙂 we went and saw Les Mis and it was absolutely amazing. If you haven’t already seen it, make sure you go see it!
I have more honeymoon pictures for you.. these are from our second day in the Bahamas. My swimsuit in these pictures was given to me by In Style Swimwear and I still cant get over amazing it is. You can find it: here
Oh and please look at how cute David’s ombre suit is.. AND its on sale. (found: here)


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  1. i feel so silly- i just realized you posted the link! thanks for responding love! and i will def try the cg pencil!

  2. Amber I LOVE your bikini! Where is it from?! Also, random question but I noticed your eyebrows always look PERFECT even when youre out swimming! 🙂 I saw in another post you use covergirl eyebrow pencil- do you still use it and what color? Thanks lovey- and I look forward to your blog daily! 🙂

    1. Thanks girl!! My bikini is from Swimspot.com ! And my eyebrows- I don’t fill them in when swimming so in these I actually don’t have anything on but yes I do use covergirl pencil usually and its so cheap too i love it!

  3. I love the little red cover up! Is it just a square and you tied the corners together? I’m going to Hawaii next month, so it’d be helpful info! 🙂

  4. Lovely pics! You guys are the cutest couple! I’m from Finland, although now living in San Diego. Let me know when you’re doing your trip to Finland, and I’ll give you the best tips 😉

  5. Stunning pics…
    You’ve chosen two of my home countries, Finland and South Africa, amazingly different but both great!

  6. South Africa is my home country and stunning! Make sure its on top of your list! If you want any SA info, just let me know! 🙂 Stunning pics. Looks like it was a great honeymoon!

  7. you are a perfect non-hippie hippie! look up bocas del toro, panama. it has the prefect vibe and i liked it better than costa rica. best wishes for many, many happy days together!

  8. Beautiful photos. You guys are so cute. Love the swimsuit too! Good luck with the travel goals! Those are some of the top places I’d like to visit as well!

  9. We do that too! So much fun, and its the only time you’re young and without other responsibilities. We’ve been married 5 years and gone on 7 big trips and it is the best. I hope you get to go some awesome places!

  10. That’s a great idea! My husband and I are the same way, we don’t get each other gifts throughout the year and we just do one big vacation every year. We’ve been married for 4 years and we’ve seen some incredible places together! There’s nothing like time before starting a family. =)
    Beautiful pics!