We are home from our honeymoon!!!!!
I keep saying that if I was any happier I would burst. Literally, no more happy can fit inside.
Here are some pictures of the first part of our honeymoon…
I normally don’t wear bikinis, but I figured I could make an exception for my honeymoon 😉
Especially since Swim Spot sent me the CUTEST bikini as a gift for my honeymoon… I absolutely loved it. I had been looking for some basic black swim suits so this was perfect.
(the swim suit top: here, bottoms: here)
Oh and David’s cute seersucker suit can be found: here
I was going back and forth whether or not to get my lashes done for my honeymoon.. I have long lashes but they are blonde and without mascara they are hardly visible.. I could have dyed them but didn’t want to worry about make up at all. When Amy and Alyssa told me they wanted to do my lashes for me to tell you all about I was so excited. They did amazing and I lovvvved them. Getting them was the best decision ever. I loved not having to put an ounce of make up on and I have gotten so many complements on them.
to reach Amy or Alyssa to have them do yours, email: amyjanethomas24@gmail.com
driving our first rental car!
David surprised me with these John Lennon sunglasses (sold out similar here and here) that I had been wanting before our cruise!
my swim suit top & bottom: Swim Spot (sold out similar here and here)
 David’s swim shorts: ASOS (sold out similar here and here)

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  1. Question for you! What kind of camera did you use for your honeymoon photos?

  2. Amber, you look stunning!

    you’re such an inspiration to me, you’re life is exactly where I want to be in the future one day!! YOU GIVE ME SO MUCH HOPE!! <3

    1. Same names!!! 🙂 and aw thank you so much that made my day! You will meet an amazing guy one day – just don’t settle for anyone who doesn’t treat you like a total princess! xx love ya!

  3. Your abs are INSANE! What do you eat to get them like that?!

  4. Just stumbled across your blog and it’s my new favorite thing! Where oh where did you get your amazing black hat?! I love that the brim isn’t too wide so you can dress it more casual! Have a great day!

  5. You don’t normally wear bikinis?!? God, if I had a body like yours, I’d go to work in a bikini!! But seriously, you look amazing. Congrats!!!