Homemade Cucumber Sugar Scrub Over the past couple years I have talked about how much I LOVE and live by scrubbing my face with sugar before I put my make up on. It has kind of went from using sugar just over a wetted down face, to sugar mixed with oil, and now I religiously do this cucumber sugar scrub! It is a mild scrub that has mint, cucumber, oil, and sugar!

THE BENEFITS: the cucumber helps to soothe your skin and reduce any redness you may have. The mint helps wake me up in the mornings before I get ready and it also helps to brighten your skin! The sugar obviously will be the exfoliant and get rid of any dead skin leaving a clean and smooth surface and the oil will help to hydrate and make it nice and soft! Scroll down to see the recipe 🙂

Homemade cucumber sugar scrub - brightens your skin and makes it nice and smooth before you apply make up! Homemade cucumber sugar scrub - brightens your skin and makes it nice and smooth before you apply make up!THE RECIPE:

1/2 cucumber

3-4 cups sugar (this depends how much an exfoliant you want, if you need a really good and intense exfoliant, use more, but don’t use an intense exfoliant everyday as it will do more damage than good! and if your cucumber is bigger than normal you may need to use more – you want it very mild if you will be using it every day though)

1/2 tbsp. olive oil

1 small handful of chopped up mint leaves


1. Puree the cucumber until it is a liquid.

2. Add the sugar, (more or less than directed depending on how you like it) oil, and mint leaves

*If the sugar is dissolving, add more

3. Stir together and put in a jar or container

*keep refrigerated to keep it nice and fresh. Also the cold wakes me up in the mornings and brightens my face a little which I love 🙂

Hope you enjoy!! xx

Photos by Jessica Janae Photography

Photos from Cucumber Sugar Scrub

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  1. hello, i liked your diy home made scrub but i have one question, i live in India and want to know once i make this scrub for how long does it lasts, what is the shelf life of the scrub and if i send it to a friend by courier what is the time duration that the scrub will remain fresh and good to use. please reply

  2. This looks awesome! Can’t wait to try…just wondering do you use raw sugar or refined?

  3. This scrub sounds amazing! But i wanna know how long am I gonna put it on face. I’m going to try it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hey first thanks for recipe 🙂 how will I apply this scrub ? will ı apply wait and wash ? And how often sould ı apply?

    Thanks xox

  5. Wow!! I love this!! I’ve tried it this morning and my skin is looking brighter than before. 😀

  6. I love your blog and congrats on your sweet little angel. He is so beautiful! I have been looking for a great scrub and must have missed this post back in January. What type of sugar do you use? Regular refined?


  7. I have a quick question..did you include the cucumber skin or peel it??

  8. Can you make this is a big batch so that you can use it for several days in a row? how long will it keep before it goes bad?

  9. Thank you for the scrub! Also wanted to know what lip colour you are wearing in these pictures? So pretty!

  10. I am fairly new to bfb, but I am loving you! I made and used this scrub this morning and my skin feels great today. I am sure you have created an addict. I love being able to look at your outfits, buy, and wear. Thank you!

  11. I made this scrub the day you posted it as I am huge on exfoliation before makeup so I can get a smooth application and avoid the dreaded Cake Face lol. I use to do thenaby oil and sugar and loved it too! I just wanted to say I LOVE this scrub! A little goes a long way and I love the freshness in the am and my skin is so smooth afterwards. Thank you so much for posting this. You always have THE best tips!

  12. Ok so weird…would you use this to exfoliant the rest of your body? To help with preventing pregnancy stretch marks on chest, hips, and belly??? Or is that just weird?

  13. Love this idea and will start trying it today! Also–LOVE your darker blonde hair color–it is so beautiful. Keep up the great work on your blog–it is great 🙂

  14. Is the oil safe on acne prone skin? I want to try but I’m always hesitant …

  15. brown sugar + milk has been my go-to exfoliant for years, but i never thought to try cucumber or mint infused into a scrub. this is s a great idea and it sounds so refreshing!


  16. I love when you do these posts, Amber! I’ve been scrubbing my face with sugar ever since you first posted it and I SWEAR by it! I mix in a few drops of tea tree oil, and it is so refreshing! I still don’t have flawless skin, but it definitely has made my pores look smaller and my skin look more glow-y. And you’re right, foundation looks a million times better after a sugar scrub!


    1. Oh yay I am glad you like it! And tea tree oil is such a good idea I will have to add that to mine sometime!! 🙂

  17. Amber this sounds amazing! Your skin is always glowing. Can’t wait to try! Love home recipes for skincare! Take a look at the bathtub bakery on on etsy!


    1. Aw thanks girl! Glad you love home recipes like I do and ahh I just checked them out, cutest etsy shop!! I will have to get some things!

  18. Hey girl!!! Such a great idea!!! Do you have a clarisonic? Would u do this in place of clarisonic for that day? Oh and I tried your braid yesterday!!!! Not as perfect as yours but I got tons of compliments!!!!


    1. I do have a clarisonic although I have kind of stopped using it in the last six months or so, I guess I just prefer a scrub more! But yes I would definitely pick one or the other as both would be too much exfoliation for one day! And yay glad you tried it, I am sure it was amazing!! xx

    1. Yeah I do mine once a day with the 3 cups of sugar! I kind of eyeball it each time I make this because sometimes the cucumber is bigger and makes more juice or is smaller and makes less, so I just do enough to where it is a very mild scrub! It is not good for your skin to do anything more every day! A more sugary scrub would be used maybe 3 days a week or less! xx

  19. this is such a great idea – i am always looking for new sorts of organic cleaners and things for the skin! will def. be trying this one. i am just wondering – how long does the mask keep when refrigerated? a week?

    rae at love from berlin

    1. Thanks girl! Glad you love organic cleansers like I do 🙂 and it lasts me over 4 weeks usually.. and by then I am usually to the bottom of my little jar and pull the next one out of the freezer and let it thaw! Maybe the cucumber is bad but to me it still feels and smells fresh so who knows! xx

    1. Yeah definitely try it! It is super cheap to make, most of the ingredients we all have at our homes most of the time anyways so if you don’t like it, it is not much of a loss! 🙂 but I am sure you will like it, its my favvvorite!

  20. The photos are just adorable!
    I froze mashed cucumber with a little water this summer. Used it to wake up my skin in the morning before washing. I love this idea even more though!

    1. Thanks girl!! And yeah cucumber feels so good on your skin in the morning huh?! love it 🙂

    1. Ah you did?! Tag me in a pic if you post one on IG or Twitter or something 🙂 I bet it looked amazing!

  21. Wow! This should be good, I’ve been searching for a recipe! Thanks for sharing, I’ll give it a try❤️ You’re the best 🙂

    1. I am sure you could although I haven’t ever tried coconut oil! I use coconut oil on its own all the time so I imagine it would be amazing mixed in a scrub! I just wonder since it does harden, how it would do in the fridge? Let me know if you try it out! xx

      1. I just tried this today, substituting Coconut Oil! It’s PERFECTION! Since CO has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties it just add even more benefits to such a great idea! Thanks for the inspiration! I love it!

        1. Oh yay I am glad to hear the coconut oil works! Does it harden when it is in the fridge or does it stay blended with the other ingredients? Thanks for sharing!! xx

  22. How long does it last with the fresh cucumber? Last time I made one with fresh produce it went rancid quick!

    1. I’ve had mine in the fridge for just over four weeks now and it’s just getting to the bottom! It doesn’t smell or feel bad or spoiled to me! I use small jars and this recipe is enough to fill both, I usually freeze the other one til I am ready to use it then let it thaw! Xx