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Being 39 weeks pregnant and having not been feeling too good, I asked Olivia to model one of my FAVORITE beauty DIY’s !! This is a recipe on how to make your own homemade biore strips that you can use just on your nose, like you would a Biore strip, or you can do it to your whole face which is what I like to do and is what I had Olivia do in the photos! (And yes it is sickening how amazing her skin is without any make up!!) But this little concoction will leave your skin as smooth as ever and you’ll feel amazing.

So here is the recipe and directions…

1. Mix 1 TBSP Knox Unflavored Gelatin (make sure you get unflavored!!) with 1 1/2 – 2 TBSP of milk (totally preference! I have done both and prefer to do 1 1/2 Tbsp.) in a small plastic cup or something you can throw away after because it will harden and make it difficult for cleaning.

2. Microwave concoction for 10-15 seconds and apply to face immediately (it hardens quick!)

*I mix and apply mine with these little wooden ice cream spoons from Amazon which are perfect for application 🙂 and if you don’t have a microwave or something you can always heat up the milk in a pot beforehand and then add it to the gelatin.

3. Wait til the mixture on your face has dried completely and then peel off!

*Word to the wise – if you have peach fuzz it may pull on it! And hurt haha. So avoid those areas like around your ear and hair line and what not if you don’t want to experience that.

And that is it! Just two ingredients and your face will feel like a million bucks after no joke! It seriously makes it feel so smooth and flawless and your make up will go on like a DREAM the next day! Hope you guys all like it!! xoxo

*** UPDATE ***

If the gelatin is a little too harsh on your skin, or you’re looking for a vegan recipe, try substituting the Gelatin with Agar Agar or honey and then follow the same steps;)

Here is one more all natural black head removal tip…

1. Cut a lemon in half and apply honey (and a bit of sugar, although its not pictured) to the lemon half.

2. Rub on problem areas, for me that is my nose and in between my eyebrows and a few on my chin. This exfoliates and removes a lot of them.

3. Then for my stubborn ones, I grab my handy dandy, oh so flattering, magnifying mirror and my blackhead extractor and go to town!

*I would recommend DEFINITELY using a blackhead extractor because it is more sanitary and won’t get bacteria into those open pores! I use this one but there is also this one as well! And for a lot of you lemon, honey, and sugar might just be enough but for me I always have those stubborn ones that need to be extracted with an extractor!

Or if you are not into the homemade stuff then I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mario Badescu Silver Powder…. I have beyond amazing results with this stuff. I got it as a free sample with a purchase one day at Nordstrom and I have used the sample for probably 6 months already haha aka it lasts forever and its only $12! I use it differently than the directions, I believe the directions say to use a cotton ball but I get a Q-Tip wet and then dip it in the powder.. it will immediately create a paste around the Q-Tip and then I apply it to my problem areas. Let it dry and remove with a warm wash cloth. I love to do it before I have a big event or going somewhere and want my skin to look really smooth because it literally makes my skin so smooth and diminishes my pores. So I definitely recommend trying that out!

Here are some other blackhead removal products… Leave any you guys love in the comments below 🙂

Photography by Amanda from Jessica Janae Photography

PS I originally got the idea from this blog, here!BFB

Photos from Homemade Biore Strips


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  1. It worked really good! I didn’t care about the smell. You could barely notice it. Instead of a tablespoon size I used a teaspoon size for both ingredients and it was just right!

  2. Just tried this for the first time and my skin feels great! I used 2% and microwaved for 13 seconds. I also put the mix in a plastic container that previously held an essential oil bath salt mix, so that’s all I could smell. It did as well as the Biore strips do for me, so it didn’t get too many blackheads but did get some fine hairs and nasty residue. Do be advised that this is uncomfortable to pull off (but not unreasonably so!) and therefore you should avoid application to highly sensitive areas like the upper lip and anywhere around the eyes/brows. I rinsed my face with warm water after and applied face cream and my skin is ridiculously soft and smooth. I won’t be buying any Biore strips again! Thanks for the post!

  3. That
    Thank you for the Boire recipe. about a dollar to make! I can’t wait to try it.

  4. Didn’t work at all. The “mask” was soupy and didn’t thicken enough to even apply

  5. WARNING!! If you use skim milk it STINKS!!! It works wonders though! I don’t know if it smells with any other kind of milk. Either way, thanks!! 🙂

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  7. Eu adorei a ideia, sou do Brasil e acompanho seu Blog. Amo suas dicas.

  8. Hey Amber! Thank you so much for your blog on this. I just tried it, and my face is SO soft! I made mine a tad too thick but boy did it get everything off my face. Before I did the mask, I was unhappy with how bumpy and yucky my face was feeling, but now I don’t want to stop touching it! I know I should and am but its so soft I can’t get over it. It definitely ripped at the peach fuzz but that’s ok because I wanted some of it gone anyway haha. Thanks so much again!

  9. I didn’t try it, because i hate using face masks. One thing that works even though it is hurts a little bit is… An S.O.S scrub pad. Get that wet and scrub away at your trouble areas. When finished.Wash off with hot water and then apply Germ-x

  10. I have tried the gelatin/milk thing and it smelled like puke and was wayyyyy too gummy. I had applied it mostly to my nose and cheeks with layer on top of layer thinking that would be better. Maybe that is why it was so gummy. It had no purpose. Had thought to try again by “painting” it onto strip of gauze placed over my nose and just deal with the awful smell.

  11. DO NOT USE THIS IF YOU ARE USING A VITAMIN A or RETINOL CREAM!! I’m using triluma and I tried this without stopping triluma for a few days and it ripped my face apart! However, I tried it again after getting off of triluma for four days and it worked great. It smells horrible so maybe adding a lavender oil drop might help ☺️ Thank you!

  12. This was awful. I have tried this “mask” twice now, and have been extremely disappointed. The first time, it hurt like hell (I was literally close to tears), and after I went through all of that pain, I didn’t see any result. The second time, it wouldn’t even peel off, and still saw no results.

  13. I saw this and thought it was going to be perfect. However, the smell was awful. You have to put it on your face so there is no way to not smell it. It hurt my face so bad during and after. It has been two days and my face is still dry and scaly from this treatment, before it was smooth and soft. I’d think super long before trying this. I found this website where doctors tell you if a Pinterest idea is a good idea or not, and it was really helpful, it said honey is suppose to be in here too. (That being said, I’m not saying it works and you should try it, because I have no idea how it will work)

    1. Thanks for the feedback Sadie!! I have heard mixed reviews about this. It worked well for me and a lot of people on here, but I also understand it depends on your skin type.

  14. Doing it now, at 17 weeks pregnant it’s already doing wonders (: I’m also super sniffly so I’m happy to know to can’t smell what ever it is everyone’s talking about.

  15. Yes, the scent is pretty bad, but the results are great!! My skin looks and feels AMAZING!!

  16. Awesome information! I have very dry skin, that is sensitive. I also need moisturizer day and night, so I believe this is the ticket . Thanks!

  17. Umm this ripped off the top like 3 layers of my skin. It hurt so bad. I had to wash it off. Good idea but i think Im going to try with less gelatin next time. That was like an at home chemical peel. Ouch!

  18. My husband and I have done this twice. It doesn’t smell great but isn’t all that bad. We need to go thicker next time because it’s a little hard to get off otherwise. Our face is so soft and smooth! We are definitely going to keep doing it. Thanks for posting!

  19. Would this work with just plain old Vaseline and milk?? I would love to try it out but don’t have the gelatin aha???? Thanks so much

    1. I am not sure!! I would say you could try it but I don’t know how it would turn out haha!

  20. I have yet to see the final results of this mask, but I’m not sure I would be willing to do it again even if I peeled it off and I looked like Beyoncé. The smell is so incredibly bad. It smells like a dead raccoon or like a dog who has bathed in his own urine. Do not use if you have a sensitive gag reflex.

  21. Wonderful idea. Try using some cinnamon for the smell. Have goat milk ready, if the mask burns your skin put on some of this milk. My husband’s Dermatologist told him to use it after a treatment of micro-somehing.

    1. Thanks so much!! Glad you liked it 🙂 And that’s a great idea! Thanks for sharing!!

  22. Looooved it! This will definitely be included in my weekly regime, thanks for sharing!!

  23. I just tried it and it did wonders to my skin! Thank you so much!! <3 It feels so smooth and looks better.

  24. I used unsweetened vanilla coconut milk! Smelled heavenly! Sitting with my teenage son doing this…. Hope it works.

      1. Well, it worked somewhat. His pores are very large and his blackheads are very stubborn. I think we will make it thicker and leave it on longer, next time. I am not giving up….

  25. Odd question, but what is Olivia’s last name or Instagram name? We look almost exactly alike! ????

  26. I saw this idea & thought wow this would be a great idea, well not so much..it literally burned/took the skin off my face. Like a BAD sunburn.

    1. Oh no!! I am so sorry to hear that! I think it might be too much for those with sensitive skin.. I know it worked great for a lot of people that tried it!

  27. I did this the other day, and it took out about 1/2 of my blackheads. Make sure to put it on really thick so it will come off in one piece, and tear it off like a bandaid. Hurts a little, but totally worth it! Also, I substituted water for milk, and it worked just as well, and didn’t smell 🙂

  28. This is my first diy remedies I’ve ever done so I decided to work on my skin and try to remove blackheads and maybe get softer skin . Well I’m slowly pulling it off and it hurts like heck lol . Kind of looks like a bad sunburn . I’m not really seeing any progress with the black heads and it’s leaving red spots but my skin feels great .

  29. This is definitely a read the comments first beauty treatment! OK I just washed my face after doing this, my skin feels very clean and my pores and black heads look so much nicer. BUT don’t apply this to your entire face! I did including my eyebrows lol and ouch. I have peach fuzz on my uper lip, well did, it’s gone now lol. On the plus side it’s like a bonus wax for your entire face. I used Knox unflavored and it didn’t smell like anything so I think the people saying otherwise used the wrong brand maybe? I would do this again for sure but I have learned what to do and what not too the painful way! Hope this helps other hairy people lol

  30. I used it and I recommend applying it in thick layers and avoiding the upper lip area 🙂

  31. I made this with the milk included, gave me a terrible chemical-like burn. My whole face was red for 2 days and did not all peel off, I had scrub off some under hot hot water. I guess maybe sensitive skin folks be careful? 🙁

  32. Nice! Great idea, worked really well, nothing but good compliments, except for the smell, which thter is no way to change. 5/5 stars! ☆☆☆☆☆!

  33. Nice! Great idea, worked really well, nothing but good compliments, except for the smell, which thter is no way to change. 5 stars! ☆☆☆☆☆!

  34. So glad I ran across this! I used the Knox as directed. It didn’t have any smell at all. But just to be sure I added a teaspoon of cinnamon to the mixture. BEST MASK EVER! My face is like butter lol.

  35. I wonder how many people have stopped eating Jello after realizing what gelatin really is?!! This is a great cost effective beauty remedy.

  36. Ihave black pores on my face.my colour is dark black so please suggest for me

  37. To people complaining about the smell: use agar-agar powder instead of the gelatin. Find it at your local Asian food stores or some natural food stores. It’s made from algae and is also a vegan sub for gelatin. To me it doesn’t smell like anything and it’s a lot nicer to my hypoallergenic skin.

  38. I just tried this, and it’s the best homemade remedy I’ve ever tried. I didn’t think it smelt that bad, a little bit like a dog hahaha, but REALLY worth going through it. It didn’t hurt that much to peel off, I think getting them squeezed out by a beauty therapist is more painful. Seeing the blackheads being peeled off was such a good reward. My skin feels really smooth and amazing, much better than a facial. Thank you so much for sharing

  39. I just came across your website from Pinterest. Looking forward to trying this biore strip face mask out.


  41. To everyone complaining about the smell – gelatin is made from hydrolyzed animal collagen. You are putting skin, bones, connective tissue, etc. from horses or pigs or cattle on your face. That’s why it smells so bad. You can’t smell it in flavored jello because it’s overwhelmed by the flavorings and fragrance. You’re welcome.

  42. I made the mixture! But…… I could not handle the smell!!! It smelled like dog pee! I did not do the mask

  43. I was really excited to try this. Peeling of the mask hurt so much, I ended up just scrubbing it off with water. It left my face red and irritated. Also, my blackheads are still there and only my forehead is a a a little softer. Very disappointed with this diy:(

  44. boy oh boy! I wish you mentioned how you smell like a farm whilst it’s setting on your face! Note to self to add tea tree drops to it. ????

  45. I’m sitting here waiting for mine to dry, reading the comments: terrified! How can there be so many people saying they will never try it again, yet others saying they will use it everyday? Oh golly, I hope I’m with the later.

  46. How did u pull this off in big pieces. I tried it and it just flaked off, like dead skin from a sun burn, when I tried to peel it.

    1. You would need to put a thicker layer on. If it is too thin it will end up flaking off.

  47. If i have some peach fuzz on my cheek will it hurt if i pull of the mask.

  48. When I have done this in the past the mask really sticks to my face and causes a lot of pain when pulling it off. After heating the mixture up I add some vegetable glycerin or aloe vera (or both) and it helps it come off easier.

  49. Thnx for the tip….can wait to try it ,but I have a very sensitive skin and also dark tone will this work for me

  50. Does this take blackheads away to? I can’t stand having blackheads.

  51. I bet one could make some interesting Halloween zombie effects by leaving the mask on as a base for other makeup etc. A lot less harsh than spirit gum and appliances, and so forth.

  52. Loved it! But you missed a few disclaimers, such as this smells awful and it is super hot (at least mine was) after it comes out of the microwave… I had to wait about as long as I microwaved it before putting on my face.

  53. I tried this face mask this morning and it worked great! At one point I almost ripped out my eyebrow but I figured out you can use make up remover to get little bits out of your eyebrows or hairline if you don’t want to peel it off and risk tearing out your hair. Thanks for this DIY I’ll definitely use it again!

  54. what does it mean knox gelatin please what can i replase it for please i need a quick answer pleeeeeeeeeease
    if you can helpme with recepice for my dry face

    1. any brand of gelatin works, I used plain ole gelatin packets, store brand.

  55. Oh my gosh, I must be tired because I just did this and used water instead of milk!! Lol, but I think it still worked the same. The area under my chin is burning but the rest of my face is fine. I wouldn’t say it’s amazing or a brand new face but it does look better. I just hope I don’t wake up all irritated tomorrow morning!

  56. It doesn’t seem to be working for me.
    I’ve followed the instructions and it seemed to get rid of dead skin cells but none of the blackheads.
    Can you help me out?

  57. how often can I do this? Is this something I can do daily?

  58. i tried this and I could not even put it on my face! The smell was awful! Worse than puke! Kinda disappointed, but oh well.

  59. Omg! the smell is the worst thing in the world! but really could notice it pulling stuff out of my skin! thanks so much and love the cost friendly products!!

  60. It hurt so much taking it off! I had to apply water to get it off. My face turned all red when taking it off it was like a bandaid but worse ! Why?

  61. Just tried it and it worked great! You have to apply it a little thick but not too thick or else it will never dry. 🙂 Great substitute for pore strips, my skin does feel smoother now.

  62. Question.. if you don’t have milk but have heavy whip cream can u use that? If not can u use anything else them milk?

  63. To prep for this I always veg for a few minutes with a hot washcloth/towel to open up my pores and make this more effective. Never forget to follow this up with a good cleansing and rinse with COLD water to tighten your pores back up!!

  64. I’m sorry but this was a terrible experience. Once the mixture set, peeling it off was torture. Imagine peeling duct tape off every inch of your face. Now it’s red and irritated. Unless your skin is made out of leather, DO NOT USE THIS !

  65. This causes broken capillaries. I feel bad for everyone who read this post. I bet you suggest lemon juice and baking soda, too, huh? Unsafe blogger, unsafe practices.

  66. Hello, sorry to bother you but I was wondering what if you do not have uncented jello just the flavored ones? Is it safe to use?

  67. it smells so bad. Can’t you use water? Seriously smelled like dog vomit and I almost lost my cookies. On a side note it really does work and my problem nose area has been cured

  68. It definitely worked! But it kinda hurt. My best friend and I needed some wine to finish the job… but it worked! Thanks for the pin!

  69. Great DIY. I did use a regular cup and a regular spoon to apply and it was fine and washed out easy.

  70. If you have very stubborn black heads like I do I suggest putting a warm wet towel on the for 10 minutes before this.

  71. I am totally gonna try this! I have blackhead on my nose that bug me. I clean, clean, clean and they dont go away. I have been doing something a lil different lately that has helped but want to try this. Thanks.

  72. Just tried it, wow! What an ingenious idea that really does work. How do people come up with these things?!! Thanks for the tip.

  73. I found this on Pinterest and really want to try it. My main goal is remove blackheads on my nose. I’ve used Biore strips before, but don’t feel like that work very well. Hopefully this does. Thanks!

  74. I liked this recipe but i had a little bit of a hard time removering it. any suggestions for next time?

  75. I used the exact recipe and was wondering if you are supposed to used the entire mixture. I threw half of it away. Also does the gelatin have a funny odor to it?

  76. I am trying this right now. It feels nasty and smells kind of gross but I’m hoping it works.

    1. I wouldn’t because it hardens will quick and might not work well if reheated. I’m not sure how many times you can reheat gelatin and have it harden again.

  77. This was so easy and super cheap! But. OH. MY. WORD!! You guys! The smell! Ill admit that my sense of smell is like that of a blood hound! But whooooooaaaa momma! POOP! It smelled like poop! Raw sewage. No lie! Other than that, I loved the end result. Even took off some of my mustache (lol)! Super soft skin. But will definitely try coconut milk next time.

    1. I thought the same thing, the odor is very bad. I laughed when I saw your comment because I always tell people I have the nose of a hound dog! lol

  78. I have been looking at the biore strips for a while now. I log love love their warming blackhead scrub but i just wanted something hopefully a quick fick to the blackheads on my nose, I will defiantly be trying this out and saving myself some money!! XX

    1. You can find it at most grocery stores by the baking supplies (flour, etc)

  79. Hi! I have tried this once before and it WASSSS FABULOUS! The only downside though was it smelled icky. Is there a way for it to not smell like bad decisions?

  80. The only tip i give is to add an essential oil. i personally don’t like the smell at all (resembles baby puke to me lol) other than that i love this mask!

  81. Do you know if it would be possible to replace milk with something else? (Milk breaks me out.)

  82. Thank you so much for this! It didn’t get rid of a lot of blackheads, but it got rid of some and left my skin very soft. Such a great DIY!

  83. What can u use instead of milk? I don’t have any and I don t drink it. Thx!

  84. Now,..I don’t know if this has been asked already but: could you add ingredients such as honey for clarity, orange juice for tonic or would that ruin the concoction?

  85. I tried this tonight and used regular whole milk. Heated it for 15 seconds in the microwave and then added the gelatin. Lathered it up really thick. It took a bit to dry–probably 20 minutes. It didn’t peel off all in one piece; the thicker layer came off altogether and the thin layers I had to get off with a wash cloth. It didn’t get rid of my blackheads but it made my skin very very soft. The smell wasn’t bad at all. It didn’t smell great but it wasn’t as strong as some of the others described. I would recommend this mask for someone looking to get baby soft skin.

  86. Pulling from the forehead down might help it not pull on you peach fuzz or at least not hurt as much since that’s the way those hairs grow.

  87. I too tried this and it started out all right, my mixture smelled horrible but dried nicely it peeled off in peices and hurt like hell, but i wax on occasion so it didn’t surprise me… what did surprise me is the horrible horrible hives like rash that i got all over the sides of my face that showed up about 3 days after i tried this 🙁

  88. Ack! No one mentioned the HORRIBLE smell! Or a caution that mixture is HOT when directly out of the microwave! Be careful!

    1. Oh! Read some more comments and there is one mentioning the smell (so bad!). May try next time with coconut milk, like some have suggested 🙂

  89. I tried this today and it works great! Can’t wait to do it again. Great tips, thanks!

  90. Just wanted to inform everyone that I did do this with Coconut milk, it works and smells like coconut cream

  91. This looks so simple and fun! Is it okay to use Almond Milk for the milk portion?

      1. Thank God! Because I used reg cow’s milk and GAG!! Smells straight up like poop! No joke. Port-a-pot on a hot summer day!

  92. I am actually trying it while I am typing this. I found this on Pinterest and I always have problems with having a lot of dead skin on my face even if I do not use foundation or concealer (and I might add – I don’t use them because I have problems with the dead skin). So when i found this tutorial I said to myself that if this works I am saved. What I can say right now is that it does have a bad odor. Maybe its just me, but the concoction smells really bad, once it started drying on my face, the odor went away. Its starting to feel cool on my face because of the gelatin drying but it kinda feels like the minty lip glosses out there (the ones supposedly making your lips bigger). … I took the mask off and My skin feels really soft. I like this mask!!! the mask peels easily off your face if you put it on thicker and not put it on really thin. I noticed that in some areas I put a thinner layer and it dried like a really thin crust on my face and it was harder to peel, but most of my face had the layer really thick, I pulled the mask right off. Awesome mask, will try it again!

  93. Saw this on Pintrest and was really excited to try this mask. My excitement quickly faded as I began to peel off the mask. I don’t know what went wrong or if my skin is too young (age 18) or something but it HURT like CRAZY to pull off. I had so much pain that I got all hot and my eyes started tearing up. It was an absolutely terrible experience. Even though the mask was so strongly attached to my skin, it only got rid off a couple of blackheads on the end of my nose. I followed the instructions as directed but NEVER AGAIN will I do this mask.

  94. Hi! It sounds amazing this DIY but I have a doubt, what douse it mean “TBSP”???
    Thanks for the recipe ((;

  95. Did it! Love it. Do it.

    but one little tip….it dries hard and aint easy to get off. It was not without some pinchy ouch ouch moments. and not talkin hair removal either. Try to pull your skin or hold your face taught (just like for waxing) and move in little bursts. i’ll experiment with thinner formula or using less next time. could be a technique problem.

    still, worth it!

  96. Does it have to be Knox gelatin or can it be any unflavored gelatin?

  97. OMG!!!!! I just now did this and my face is sooooo soft. I was so excited that a) I actually had the ingredients in my kitchen and b) it was so simple, that I ran to my kitchento do this without first reading through the comments. A few seconds into it I started reading the comments, I started to panic. I had gotten a good amount onto my eyebrows, I have sensitive skin so the pain I thought I was about to endure had me panicked, and I hadn’t spread it evenly bc I was afraid of it hardening, that I spread it quickly.
    A few tips from my experience:
    It won’t harden THAT fast. Mix it a little and blow into it before applying to reduce the heat, mine was warm. Apply in sort of globs, not too thin and not too thick, this will help it come off in one piece. Avoid eyebrows and under eyes. Some hairs were pulled!! Dont be afraid once it dries, it’s kind of a scary feeling but it’s not so bad. I made faces to loosen it just a little bit in a small area so that i could grab and pull. I don’t know it that reduces effectiveness, but I wasn’t ready to pull my face of (as I read in a previous comment). The “pain” wasn’t horrid like I expected, it honestly didn’t hurt. I did pull it off as soon as it hardened though, I wouldn’t let it sit like that for too long. I did have a few remnants on the side of my face and under my chin, which I wiped off with a cloth and warm water. My face feels soft and so far so good; my nose and chin are the worst areas of my face and they look and feel clean!

  98. This is a real popular one but seriously, it hurt me like hell! No joke. Very discomforting. But no pain no gain I guess???

    1. hey,
      if you have tried biore extra strength strips; the pain is the same. Beauty hurts! Maybe on more sensitive areas use water to aid in removal. Also try 2 tbsp of milk instead of 1/2 to make it less strong

  99. I love this! I always try different DIY beauty tricks, just to see what works best for my skin (and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!). This one makes my skin feel soft and look lovely! Definitely keep in mind that it pulls on peach fuzz… I didn’t think about that the first time I tried it and contemplated just leaving the mixture on until it came off on its own because it hurt to pull on it haha.
    Highly recommend, even to those who aren’t big on DIY. 🙂

  100. I use Elmer’s glue. Works fantastic. I’m not sure how my version compares to yours. 🙂

    1. I assume that glue will be worse for your skin considering its strength and harshness. Good idea though! Maybe do a cleansing facial after?

  101. How often can I use this? Like once a week or once a month?
    I did try it and my skin feels amazing!!!

  102. can u please tell me something to use instead of gelatin

    1. Egg whites! Beat 1-2 egg whites, brush over nose, apply a section of toilet paper a crossed nose, then brush another on. Wait for it to dry, then slowly peel away. You can see the dirt and blackheads just like a strip

  103. She looks so happy…I did this last night and I’ve never felt so much pain in my entire life lol I usually have a high pain tolerance, but not on my face apparently…lol!

  104. I saw at petitielefant.com and have tried it a few times and love it! A tip is that if you get it on your hair/eyebrows, just wash it off with water! Also, avoid the under eye area since it’s super sensitive!

  105. I love reading about HOMEMADE products. Im for sure going to try this. And I’m also going to put the recipe on one of my Cards and put it in my Avon Brochure, when I hand them out to clients and let them know where I got it. I love giving them little Health an Beauty suggestion.
    So Thank you!
    Avon Lady/ Cosmetolgist

  106. I love ready about HOMEMADE products. I for sure going to try this. And I’m also going to put the recipe on one of my Cards and put it in my Avon Brochure, when I hand them out to clients and let them know where I got it. I love giving them little Health an Beauty suggestion.
    So Thank you!
    Avon Lady/ Cosmetolgist

  107. Do you have a vegetarian friendly option instead of the gelatin? I love the idea!

    1. Agar is vegetarian gelatin. It’s made from seaweed. You can get it from health food stores.

  108. My skin feels amazing!!! Thank you so much for this wonderful diy!!!

  109. I tried this stuff and it did not work out at all. I made it and followed the rules exactly. It hardened and I was super excited about it, but it wouldn’t come off. It took me over 15 minutes to peel this off and my skin feels exactly the same. I am even still finding pieces of it here and there and I am very disappointed with this.

    1. I found it easier to pile on thick layers. Apply one layer then keep on layering it so it looks like a gel. If you make it thick enough it comes off very easily in one piece. It only breaks into pieces if you apply a very thin layer.

  110. Is it sopposed to smell like stinky cheese? I have it on right now and it seems to work. Thank you for posting this!

  111. 15 seconds in my microwave left this mixture VERY HOT!!! All the stress about it hardening super fast left me blowing on it once and then applying it to my face, ended up burning my cheek a little bit. Be careful, it hardens quickly, but not that fast! Other than that slight hiccup, I loved this DIY and it worked great!

  112. What about oily skin? Will this cause more oil? I desperately need SOMETHING for my face because it is loaded with acne scars and blackheads but I can’t find anything that works! I will try this one, fingers crossed! Thank you for sharing! And you are gorgeous! Love the baby bump photo 🙂

  113. I’ve tried this before and loved the results. But it was extremely hard to pull off and came off in tiny pieces..someplaces i couldn’t even get it off so i gave up and had to wash it off. In other places it actually pulled off a little of my top layer of skin.

    Do you know what would cause that to happen? maybe more milk would help or something. I just saw yours came off in one piece so and tips would be helpful!


    1. This same thing happened to me! It took me about 15-20 minutes to peel it off and I am still finding chunks on my skin. More info would be helpful!

    2. Did you use skim milk?? That happened to me the first few times I tried this. So I bought a mini bottle of 2% milk to see how that worked. It made ALL the difference!!! 🙂

    3. I believe thickness of application may be key here. When it’s thin in random various places, it will prevent full face peeling. I didn’t use a wooden spoon to apply. At first I tried a plastic butter knife but I couldn’t achieve a consistent thickness so I went straight to the fingers. Before it dries, any thin parts just add a bit more. Hope that helps

  114. Random question.. but can you use coconut or almond milk?
    & hope all is well with your pregnancy! best wishes! x

  115. This question is unrelated to this post which this is great post by the way, I’m going to try this on my face! 🙂 I was wondering, in your post, Life Lately via iPhone, there is a picture of you wearing sunglasses, it’s the Sunday Somewhere picture and you have on a purplish lipstick, which one is that?? I love it!!

  116. Shes a cutie!!! Im gonna have to try this recipe it looks awesome! Im sorry those last weeks are rough. Just take it easy. I went two weeks over w my first then ended up c- section. Youll have him in your arms soon enough. I pray everything goes good in your delivery! Good luck gorgeous. Hugs from mapleton. Not to far from you;)

    1. Aw thanks Michelle! Yeah the last weeks are pretty dang rough! Thanks for your sweet words, means so much!! xx

    1. Haha I wondered if some people would be confused!! But yes totally try it its honestly amazing!!

    1. Oh yeah definitely try it out then! I have been having skin issues too, especially with my stupid sun spots and I feel like this has helped! And ah yes please keep those fingers crossed haha 🙂

  117. Also, a quick note from experience, be careful not to get any of the mixture on your brows as I once had a dreadful accident when I accidentally got some on my right brow and lost a couple key hairs 🙁 other than that I love this DIY!!!

    1. Oh yikes.. Yours must have been really strong!! Mine tugs on peach fuzz but does pull any out! Good to know though, avoid the brows haha 🙂