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I am so beyond excited to share some sneak peeks of the design of our new home we are building! We are working with Becki Owens for the second time and I am so excited with how the final designs turned out. I also just feel incredibly spoiled and grateful to even be building a home. This has always been a dream of mine and I am thrilled to have a home our kids can make memories and grow up in. I’m super excited to share the process with you all.

Once we got to Arizona we were searching for an architect and found Sean from Pinnacle Conceptions and he is really really really talented and I am so happy we found him. He thought of every last detail when it came to the floor plan, height of stairs, door ways, functionality, evvvverything. If you are in Arizona and need an architect I would recommend him a million times over!!!Follow him on insta because he will posting sneak peeks of our house too 🙂 Here are the sneak peeks:

1. Home Office & Study

I picture this as a place we will work from and have kids study
or do homework in. David REEEEALLLLLY wants a pinball
machine in the study so I have a feeling that room is going
to turn into the man cave of sorts ha!

2. Laundry & Mud Room

I am incredibly excited about both of these!!! Chauncey even has a little area to get hosed off so he can run around in mud and go crazyyy. Also super excited to actually have a laundry room because in the 5 years we have been married we have never had a separate room for laundry! They are always in a kitchen or something so I am going to feel MAJOR spoiled having such a big laundry room. I also love the blue color Becki picked for the laundry room and the scalloped tile for the floor!

3. Powder Room

I told Becki I want lots of wallpaper, so I really love
this powder bath she designed!

4. Master Bathroom

Ah I cannot even tell you how excited we are for our bathroom. Or should I say, how excited I am! I think David is more excited about other rooms ha ha. But I know a lot of you are probably curious about the pink tub because so many people are like “huh, a pink tub..” when I show them ha but I love the pink tub! I also lovvve the tiles for the shower that Becki selected, it is going to look really really beautiful.

I just have to say a little blurb about Becki because this is our second time working with her (she designed our NYC apartment which you can see here) and I just love that she is such a good person and so chill and so easy to work with. She is also absolutely stunning and has the cutest family!

5. My Closet

I really don’t even know what to say other than I am so excited and I am pretty sure I don’t have enough shoes to fill those shelves lol. We actually took some shelves out because as I was trying to be more minimal I was like wait… being minimal and having enough shelving for like.. 200 pairs of shoes doesn’t work haha. I am honestly just excited to line up all my work out shoes on them because I currently have an obsession with cute athletic shoes!

6. Kids Playroom

Posssssibly the room I am most excited for but I think I say that about every room. I just am so excited to see the kids playing in here and to invite lots of little friends over for playdates and to have an amazing space for them! And again – I love the wallpaper Becki chose!!!!!

7. Boys Bathroom

This will be the boy’s bathroom (assuming we have another boy one day!) Becki and I were wondering if it was masculine enough – thoughts? I don’t know how much teenage boys care about that stuff. Any moms of teens care to weigh in on this?! *update!! I asked our architect and there WILL be a shower and curtain as well with the tub! But I have loved all of your suggestions and maybe we will not do clawfoot and do more practical tub/shower combo! I just really need tubs until the kids are older! Thanks for all the input!

8. Guest Bathroom

Guest bathroom .. a GUEST bathroom! A bathroom just for guests? You mean I am not going to have to scramble and move the potty training seat off the toilet when a guest asks to use the bathroom?! Ha ha.

Okay that is all for the sneak peeks!!!! I can’t wait to share more though as we begin to build! The plans were just approved by the city and we plan to start in the next couple weeks! I will be doing lots of insta stories about the progress so stay tuned for sure!!


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  1. It’s hard to read the highlighted pink words in your posts. Just thought you should know. Thank you for looking into that cuz it really is hard to read. Oh…yes… beautiful home!! Absolutely wonderful!! 👍

  2. AHHHHH so beautiful seriously!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share more house tour videos on your Instagram stories. I absolutely LOVE them<3

  3. Your home is a showstopper. You, your hubby, your children, soon to be three , are going to thoroughly enjoy all the breathtaking rooms
    In your new home. Becki helped you create the home of your dreams. I also love the terra-cotta colors in a home, my fav too. . Your daughters wall color….I can’t stop looking at, your beautiful sofas, vanity chair color, accessory colors, pink tub, put your feet up and enjoy that tub! hurray for that ! Enjoy! The playroom is a ten. So much fun to be had there. The children’s bedroom is perfect. I love your windows. The kitchen is lovely, light and bright, adore the brick backsplash, homey. The countertops are stunning. Your choice of flooring is perfection. It’s all a 10!
    I wish you and your family years of cozy, fun memories in your new home. Enjoy! God bless your family❤️

  4. AMAZINGGGG… i totally love everything especially the kids room… if i was invited to a house with that incredible room i would totally become a kid again just to play there!

  5. We LOVE your plans and can’t wait to see more!!! We just did a full renovation of our place & it is so awesome to be in the new space. Please post tons of pics! The more the merrier!
    Best, N+K adoseofblog.com

  6. Looks like it’ll be a beautiful home. I love a claw foot tub (and wish I currently had one)! Thanks for sharing and can’t wait to see more!

  7. This is so gorgeous – can’t wait to see more sneak peeks!! I loooooove the play room and the adorable built in bunks .. I’m sure they will love it!

  8. Thanks for sharing Amber! What a gorgeous home it will be!!!! 🙂

  9. Oh my goodness, I am so excited for this beautiful home to be complete and to see you all in it! It’s absolutely stunning. Props to the architect and the decorator!!

  10. How exciting to see each room! I am an architect and so found this post so fascinating. Glad to hear you found a great architect and interior designer to work with. It’s always nice when you can have a creative relationship while building a home =o)


  11. I’ve been dying to this post!!! have been wondering about your place!

  12. Omg amazing! I absolutely love your style! Regarding the boys bathroom, have you considered using slate for tiling? It would eliminate the need to put in wallpaper to make the room pop. Slate looks awesome in bathrooms by adding character while still keeping the design feeling crisp and classic, plus it would add a more masculine feel to the room and be significantly easier to keep clean!

  13. What a DREAM home!! I would agree that keeping the boys bathroom as simple as possible is a good idea. The less nooks the better because, believe you me, boys are just plain dirty sometimes 😉 also, I like the neutral tones because I like to be able to see when something is dirty so I can clean it. I cannot wait to see how beautifully this all comes together, and a PINK tub?? YES PLEASE 🙂

  14. Everything looks so beautiful! I would like that kids playroom for my master!

  15. Oh my gosh, the pink tub is amazing! I love your style and I’m so excited for your family! 💜

  16. Absolutely loveeee all the designs! My twin brother could care less about the colour scheme of his bathroom however, teenage boys and white do not mix! Especially when they play sports! Trust me, you don’t want white when they begin shaving! It drives my mom crazy! Potentially you could incorporate more grey instead? Also, as others have said, a shower is so much easier especially because once they got older they start using showers at the gym, or in the locker room, or after gym in high school so, it just becomes a way of life 🙂 Looks like a beautiful house Amber! I cannot wait to watch your creativity shine through when you begin decorating!

  17. I love it all! Could you give some advice one day on how to design each room. We are going to build soon and I just can’t wven wrap my head around what I want in each room and the size of rooms. Would love any advice! Thank you!

  18. I sat here just going “woah” at everything but in good way! The plans look incredible ahh! So excited to see this all happen! The kids room is by far my fave so far. SUCH a cool idea with those stairs and little beds 😍😍 love it xx

  19. I think boys’ bathroom should be the easiest to clean and something that has less little nooks and crannies that could potentially take a long time to clean lol

    I love the pink tub. So unique!

  20. I think that they boys bathroom could use darker colors. Also my son hasn’t took a bath since he was 6, so I’m not sure how he would feel about taking a bath in a claw foot bathtub at 15 but a momma can dream

  21. Your home will be lovely! It is hard to picture your cute little guy as a teenage but after 2 daughters, I had 5 sons. Here are two tips….One of the best decisions for a home remodel was adding a urinal to the boys’ bathroom. Later when a fire destroyed our home, we rebuilt on the same property. When I asked my boys about features they would like to see in the new home, they requested a urinal again. Definitely not a glamorous fixture, but probably the most used. Also, with sports and a pool, our sons showered frequently. I tired of towels on the floor so had five bright red bath towels embroidered with each boy’s name in white. No question who failed to hang up their towel. I’m all for helping mom stay pleasant 🙂

  22. Love it! A agree with the boys bathroom.. would definitely suggest a standup shower instead of a tub. Also, my brother tends to like the black cabinets and grey floors in his current bathroom. We also have a really cool stone countertop around his sink! (Maybe even do a different texture sink? I’ve seen ones that are similar to cement that would look more masculine.) definitely bring in more “cold colors” like blues! I love home design!

  23. Love the design! I can’t wait to see the other rooms! As a mother of three teen boys (and three teen girls) I would make it an easy cleanup area with a built-in shower. I can’t tell you the last time my boys (or my girls) took a bath.

  24. Omgosh!! I’ve been patiently waiting for this post. I saw a blueprint of the exterior a bit ago (probably on your insta story) and I immediately knew I was going to be obsessed with the interior. I love the herringbone tile in the guest bathroom as well as the large shower with the gold accents! Super jealous of your soon to be closet. Girl you will most definitely find shoes to fill that space haha. Love love the powder room as well. The floral wallpaper is such a nice touch!! I can’t wait to see the master bedroom and kitchen. The kitchen is my favorite part of a house! Good look getting started! Looks amazing so far 🙂

  25. Hey there! Love your layout!! For the boys bathroom I wouldn’t put the tub, I’d make it a standup shower/bath! Maybe for ro tho!!?

  26. Such s fun time and everything looks great! Blink and I’m sure you boy (s) will be tall and there will be many visitors. My suggestion is a shower and nix the cute tub. Boys want a shower and I reccoment towel hooks not bars. Boys can hook a towel but folding is questionable.😜 My teen boys have an all white bathroom with Greyson flooring. My teen boys have no complaints !

  27. These pics are all so lovely!! The only thing I would really change is the boys bathroom. I have three teenage/college age brothers and believe me- they need a shower. You and David are both tall, so I’m sure Atticus (and any other sons you may have someday) will be too! They may not always fit comfortably in a tub. And with daily sports practices and other activities, older boys/teenagers really need to be able to jump into a quick shower. Bath tubs are great for relaxing in, but not always a viable part of a teenager’s morning/evening routine. So I suggest keeping the tub but adding a shower in there too or just skipping the tub all together!

  28. I love the tiles! We are so so close to starting our home build but man the years of red tape we’ve faced along the way! Good luck with your project! I see patone colours and tiles in my sleep these days I imagine every room in vivid detail! We’ve a 2 year old and another baby on the way my hubby doesn’t get my obsession with finally have a real bath again 😍

  29. Amber dying over here! It looks sooo beautiful! The guest bath is seriously perfect. Can’t wait to see the finished result!

  30. Simply beautiful! Excited for your new journey and can’t wsit for your family to be able to call this your home!

  31. I love all of the designs 😍 but I would have to agree with some of the other comments that the boys bathroom could use a shower! My kids have a habit of using the master bathroom shower because their bathroom only has a tub. From experience, a shower is much more functional, and almost essential as the kids get older! Congrats on this exciting journey- Gilbert is such an awesome place to live! I look forward to more updates!!

  32. Love it all except for the boys bathroom. They will outgrow that tub by the age of seven. A nice shower is all that boys really need.

  33. Love the designs! I’m so excited for you guys to really see your hopes and dreams for a family home coming together! Can’t wait to see the progress along the way! (:

  34. The bright white feel of the whole house and harbor pink tub are to die for. Absolutely gorgeous and I’m seriously jealous. Can’t want to see this progress.

    Bianca from beecreate.co.uk

  35. I loooooove the designs!!! So so pretty and my experience with teenage boys is that they do not care what their room or bathroom looks like as long as they have a place to sleep and shower! 🤣🤣

  36. This is so exciting Amber! So happy for you and your family to have a space that represents your style and your life style. I imagine so many sweet memories will be made between these four walls! Becki’s work has been major inspiration for our design firm and I so look forward to seeing the finished product!

    Casey Sanford

  37. I love it! All of it! But, as a mom with a teenage boy that is over six feet (like I’m sure yours will be someday 🙀) and involved in so many sports, I suggest a full stand up shower in the boy bathroom. Honestly my son hasn’t taken a bath since he was 7. Maybe little kids can bathe in a different tub and just make a giant shower with tons of storage spots in it for all their showering needs in the boys bath. Good luck! Jealous!

  38. I agree, boys’ bath needs to be more masculine. Keep the updates coming. Home design is my favorite.

  39. Hi! I can’t say too much much about what a teenage boy would actually want, but based on my guy friends I wouldn’t do a clawfoot tub- I think that’d be better for the girls (: also I feel like it is too white for boys, I would add some darker colors?? but boys are really simple and most of them think that hanging up one poster is decorating so I wouldn’t worry too much! AND I LOVE THAT PINK TUB!! that’s now on my list of things I need in a future home, like who knew

  40. Hey Amber! What type of tile are you using on your master bathroom floor? I love it! If you could provide the source (or at least the type of stone it is) that would be amazing! I’m doing my bathroom and have been looking for something pretty but subtle like that. Thanks!

  41. The boy’s bathroom doesn’t scream boy to me. I would do either just a shower or a shower/tub combo but definitely not just a bathtub. You should bring in some grays or blues to make it a little more masculine.

  42. I love everything except the boys bathroom! Definitely would add more blue or green. I would also consider a shower tub/combo teenage boys don’t want a claw foot tub bath…

  43. I absolutely love every single rendering and would not change a thing. I am thrilled for your children about their room/playroom. The design with the stairs and four beds is brilliant! I am so happy for you. Also, may I just mention you really have an excellent taste for such a young professional. Keeping my fingers crossed for speediness of this whole process. XOXO

  44. looks amazing! love love love the playroom.. we just finished building a very modern home and it was so much fun, but man oh man am I happy that it’s done and to be living in the house!

  45. Love it so beautiful and fresh! I agree with other commentators on changing the boys bath to a shower as well as if the tiles are encaustic cement tiles they are beautiful but so difficult, water stains them if you don’t wipe it up, they crack extremely easily and need to be sealed periodically. I have some in my bathroom and although I was obsessed with the pattern I wouldn’t do it again, also they make porcelain options that look similar now so that’s a win! Thanks for sharing and can’t wait to see it all turn out!

  46. These are SO FUN! I can’t wait to see them all come together. My favorite so far is the playroom and the master bath… and the laundry room is SO great too. That pink tub though!

  47. This is SO exciting! Everything looks beautiful and very much YOU guys! I have to agree with other’s on the boy’s bathroom and doing just a shower. Everyone is different – all I see my son using the tub for is a hideout wall for shooting nerf guns or something.😂 The design itself is very well done though!!

  48. I love Becki!!! She is the sweetest 😍 all of this is sooo beautiful but yeah I would probably only opt to have a shower for the boys…I have four boys and around 6 yrs old they start wanting showers more and the bonus is that they are easier to clean.
    Amazing colors though and love the texture of the tiles!!!

  49. I am absolutely obsessed w every room/space I’ve seen so far! I definitely feel like the boys bathroom is perfectly fine. The majority of teenage boys I’ve met do not really care so much about aesthetic…just want a place to shower pretty much. If anything just add some more masculine decor in the form of soap dispensers, rugs, toothbrush holders, shower curtain, etc. So excited to see the finished house!!!

  50. Omg love all of these!!!! Would love to see a floor plan for layout inspiration of my own. Love the textures and variances of tiles and wall paper and incredible light fixtures and details. Obsessed!!!

  51. I love all of the designs but I think for the boys bathroom you might want to incorporate a shower that also has a tub because as they get older i don’t think a teenage boy is going to want to take a bath but much love for all the designs omg!!!!

  52. Those tubs you have in your master bath and boys bathroom are beautiful but not practical and very uncomfortable (to frequent bath takers). We always put those tubs in the guest bath for looks! Boys want to shower!

  53. So beautiful! I love Becki too! But totally agree – boys do NOT want a tub (I have a brother and four nephews!) – switch up the color palette and include a blue, navy, gray, or neutral tone. Less white, less gold for them. Maybe even a dark floor for them to mix it up if you’re insistent on keeping white. Overall, that bathroom doesn’t speak boy/teenage boy if that’s the goal! Going to be such a beautiful home.

  54. Ugh each room is better than the next, the wallpaper, pops of soft pinks, and that killer playroom are such perfection!! Thanks for sharing I can’t wait to see more!

  55. Love the beautiful design. For the boys bathroom I think a shower would be a big must not sure if it’s there, but especially for 4+ they’ll have to take showers everyday because boys are so muddy. Definitely loving the cement tiles for the floor but could go for more grey tones. It’s masculine and neutral also. Best of luck darling ♥️

  56. I would definitely change the boys bath to a shower. Most boys, especially as they get older, prefer to shower!

  57. OMG Amber, this is beautiful! and so you, I can totally see your aesthetic in it! I’m assuming you played a really big role in the design? The kids room is so fun too
    I’d love to have a house built someday but would be too indecisive lol


  58. Boys bathroom is way too girly! A teenage boy doesn’t want to take a bath! It’d be cool to have a nice shower w a seat so one day he can use it as a steam room or something!

  59. So gorgeous. I do think the boys bathroom should be more masculine. And to me the claw foot tub, which is gorgeous, looks more feminine. Looks like everything will be amazing!!

  60. You could add a touch of navy to the boy bathroom for a touch of classic masculinity and to disguise messiness!!! Just don’t do a dark sink – toothpaste stains LIKE CRAZY

  61. This looks so stunning and it is so exciting that you are going to be able to create the home of your dreams! I love the kids playroom and all of the little areas within it, they are going to have so much fun. Can’t wait to see it all come true!

    Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo

  62. I really like the pink bath. It’s not like the entire room is pink, so I like that accent, and oh my goodness the mirror!!! 😍
    For the boy’s bathroom I think you should replace that amazing tub (sadly) with a stand-up shower. My 8 year old was SO excited when he was 5/6 and could take a shower like a “big boy”. He still likes baths occassionally, but mostly it’s a shower. If he wants a bath I’m sure he can always use yours…. Is there going to be a girl’s bathroom?

  63. Most beautiful house ever and I can’t wait to follow the development and the end result <3

  64. Unbelievably beautiful!!!! Just stunning!!!!! I am in school to become an interior designer and this is exactly my taste!!!!

  65. Oh Amber….I am so excited for you! Everything looks amazing. Thanks for sharing

  66. Love all the blush tones and pops of color throughout the house! I would agree and say that the boys bathroom might need to have some darker shades (more black, gray and/or navy) and replace the (super cute) bathtub with a shower. They might feel a bit silly taking a bath when they are getting older.

  67. The designs are amazing! I think the boys bathroom is perfect apart from the tiles on the floor, I would make it more plain and just add bold features like; lighting, little accessories on the window ledge/sink bench or something

  68. Okay I can see why you are so excited for every room because each and every one is INCREDIBLE!!! So many unique details built in and the designs by Becki are gorgeous. I love how the all white makes it feel so bright and open, but all the details keep it from feeling sterile (sometimes that happens with #allthewhite haha). It looks like such a warm and inviting space, which I am sure is exactly what you were going for!

    xo Mary-Katherine

  69. Love it all!! But I do think you should change the boys bathroom floor. I don’t think the boys will think much of it when they are older lol but the floor tile isn’t something any of my boys would like if I were to specifically ask for their opinion.

  70. I love Becki! I follow her on Insta. I love the renderings she provided you. I wonder how she does that (meaning which program)!?!? So pretty and perfect for you.

  71. All so gorgeous! I will say, I have 3 boys, and they all prefer to shower. As beautiful as that tub is, a standing shower is much more practice for boys!

  72. I think you should incorporate darker colors into the boys’ bathroom and maybe some more metals. Or a navy vanity with darker wood and brass accents. I would also do a more architectural or industrial mirror.

  73. Oh My Gosh…your house plans are beautiful…you will love having a house to raise your family…Looking forward to watching your progress….

  74. Love but agree for long term the boys bathroom needs a shower. As they get older they will not want to use a tub ( junior high age and above). Maybe the boys bathroom could be in gray so just a little more masculine

  75. Love all of this! It’s going to be gorgeous! I was curious what program she uses for her renderings??

      1. Was just wondering the same thing ♥️♥️ I want that program 🙌🏻

  76. I definitely think the boy bathroom should be a little more masculine. I officially have 2 teenagers now & they do care! And I agree about the shower 100%!! Your home looks beautiful! Very exciting!!

  77. Everything looks amazing! I always love Becky’s designs! Congrats on finalizing the plans
    xo, Rowan | rowanmorrissy.com

  78. I love all of it! My favorite has to be the stairs to the bunk beds for the kids (assuming I saw that correctly in the phot??) that is AH-Mazing! I would have died for that room as a kid! So excited for you guys to have your dream home.

  79. Beautiful!! I’m in love with the lights in your closet!! Souch a pretty and sophisticated touch.

  80. I can’t tell you how excited I am to see this all come together! Your home is going to be absolutely gorgeous and I may or may not have to steal some of your design ideas. Xoxo-JS

  81. I would do a black hexagon tile in the boys bathroom. Also, a shower seems like a MUCH better idea if you’re thinking long term. Love the sneak peeks

    1. I love the colors and simple and clean ideas you have here ! Thanks for the sneak peak, amber ! I agree with em, I think the boys bathroom would be more functional with a shower where they can quickly hose off !

      1. Agree with the shower! You’ll be able to bathe a baby in a tub elsewhere in the house, but showers will be better for boys in the long run.

  82. 😍😍😍 BEAUTIFUL!!! I am so jealous of the closet, mudroom, bathrooms…EVERY ROOM! I don’t have teen boys but as I was trying to imagine myself as one (😅) and I determined I have NO how much they care about bathroom stuff at all lol but I think it looks great!

  83. Wow! This is going to be so beautiful!! Great job designing this!! 😍😍😍

  84. Lovely! I will be using your home as inspiration haha. And I don’t have teen boys but I imagine a walk-in shower would be easier than a bath tub for them? No clue though haha

  85. Oh my gosh I am so excited for your new house!! I was drooling looking at these renderings haha. 😍 it’s gonna be gorgeous!!

  86. Omg I️ think this is the prettiest house I’ve ever seen!!! I️ wouldn’t change anything 😊 I️ guess one idea for the boys bathroom could be a black tub?!? It kind of goes with the colored tub theme and could make it more masculine but the white is beautiful too!!

  87. Love her Instagram and love your style for you home! I was wondering what kind of terra-cotta tile is she using for your fireplace. We want to have something like that in our home 🙂 thanks!

  88. I love interior design so much! This house is going to be beautiful! I’m excited to see the full thing! Me and my boyfriend always talk about what house we would want to build later in life! So much fun!
    XO, Lauren | http://www.eastcoasterstyle.com

  89. I love your house! Especially the master closet and master bathroom. I’ve always dreamed of having a huge closet because what we have now is not cutting it. If I could have the one Mr. Big designs for Carrie in Sex and the City I would be so happy!
    Also I adore the pink bathtub! I do believe I’m going to have to get one of my own one day.
    Thanks for sharing

  90. How exciting! I love the wallpaper for the powder room! And the boys bathroom looks masculine! You never know- you may have tons more girls! And you can always change it up or add little masculine ascents in the future.
    Courtney || https://courtneylivin.com

  91. OOOOOO my god.. THIS IS ALSO MY DREAM HOME! Can I just copy this when I build a home one day? 😉 I am an interior architect so I have many opinions about interior but this is ALL JUST PERFECT! I am so happy for you Amber, it really looks amazing 🙂 And I would do a dark bathroom for the boys! I’m such a white with a splash of pink and gold kinda girl (LIKE YOU) but would it not be awesome if you would totally step out of your comfort zone and create an awesome boyish but warm dark bathroom? All the way BLACK of Military green, that would be soo cool 🙂 x Richelle from pinkavocado.nl

  92. ohhhh my goodness this is absolutely stunning, thanks so much for sharing what you could!! and i love the clawfoot tubs, especially the pink – i feel like it is becoming more of a gender neutral color so it gives more of a tuscan vibe than it does a girly one! beautiful! and i am pretty sure i have also pinned that built in multiple bedding situation against the wall over a million times so i can’t wait to see your results (or what it is like in… ‘real life’)


  93. ohhhh my goodness this is absolutely stunning, thanks so much for sharing what you could!! and i love the clawfoot tubs, especially the pink – i feel like it is becoming more of a gender neutral color so it gives more of a tuscan vibe than it does a girly one! beautiful! and i am pretty sure i have also pinned that built in multiple bedding situation against the wall over a million times so i can’t wait to see your results (or what it is like in… ‘real life’)

  94. Amber!! Your future home looks incredible 😍 and I love Becki Owens so of course it’s going to be stunning!! We are on the home stretch of our own house build and it’s been quite an adventure! It’s so worth putting your heart and soul into every part of the build, especially since it’s a place your family will grow up in ☺️ Excited to follow along!


  95. Thank you!! We are currently in process with building a house in Boca Raton FL! We are almost done with the floor plans but not completely. Just 2 big questions! How many sf under air is the house and does your kitchen look into the family room or is it a little separated?

  96. Your home is going to be beautiful just like you and your cute little family!!! Can’t wait to see the progress. Just wondering I think you’ve mentioned before that your parents live in Mesa, that’s where I live. Is that where you’re going to be building your home?

    1. The entire home is a show stopper. Obviously has a feminine flare❤️ I love terra-cotta , peach, pink. Your daughters wall color is gorgeous, ugh. I can’t stop looking at it. Your sofa colors are stunning. The bright kitchen is to die for. Adore the brick backsplash . Hurray for going for the pink tub! Looks breathtaking . I’ve complemented Becki on assisting you create your dream home.
      Thank you for sharing it with us. You’ll be bringing your new baby home soon.❤️❤️❤️ God bless your family.