At Home With Blue Apron

If you guys have been following for a while then you know that David is most definitely the chef in the family and is the one who cooks daily! It is funny because his dad loved to cook growing up, my dad loved to cook and did all the time, and now David and his brothers all love to cook. So definitely not the norm over here. (or maybe it is?! Does your husband cook too?!) We have been doing Blue Apron off and on for a few years now! (Does anyone remember our first post with them when I was pregnant with Atticus?) One of the reasons I love Blue Apron, is because it makes it easy for even me to cook. And that is saying a lot because I am not a good cook! The meals are always really yummy with all fresh ingredients and look so pretty too, which always makes me feel legit ha. All of the ingredients are pre measured so there is no waste, which is another big plus for us! We are definitely the type to let things go to waste which always makes me feel so guilty, so I really love Blue Apron for that reason.

Ready to try Blue Apron for yourself? The first 100 people will get $40 off their first two weeks of Blue Apron, you can click here to sign up.


Blue Apron

*Thanks to Blue Apron for sponsoring this post

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  1. This should be number one blue apron’s advertising. I clicked on your blog because of the look of desire is so strong on your face
    “But what does that have to do with grating the cheese!?!”
    Me: “Oh, Blue Apron!” Just wow awesome job you guys! Nailed it!👏😁💖💑

  2. My husband loves to cook too! I always say he’s head chef and I’m the sous chef 😂 he especially loves if he can have the kitchen all to himself!

  3. We love Blue apron! I love how I end up cooking things I would have never thought to cook before and while the kids are not always fans, it is still good for them to try new things.

  4. Um, these are the cutest pictures! You guys are adorable! Blue Apron sounds like a great way to have healthy food without the hassle of meal planning/grocery shopping for every single meal.

  5. My husband also does the cooking in our home! We also have been using Blue Apron (from your first post actually!) on & off for years- I love that we can skip weeks at a time and then get a week if the meals look yummy 🙂 I like the convenience & planning done for me

  6. This is just too cute! My husband is also the cook – I feel you 😉 Blue Apron seems like the perfect way to bond over food and get to spend time together too. I’ll need to check it out – now I’m so hungry LOL xx

  7. Aw you and David are so cute! I haven’t tried Blue Apron but I’ve tried other companies similar to it, but I will have to try this one! The food looks so delicious ! And yes, I remember your original post!!
    Courtney ||