Barefoot Blonde Amber wearing Bernardo ParkaBarefoot Blonde Amber and Atticus with Charlie Brown wearing Bernardo ParkaBarefoot Blonde Amber and Atticus with Charlie BrownBarefoot Blonde Macy'sBarefoot Blonde at Holiday Window DisplaysBarefoot Blonde Amber wearing Bernardo ParkaBarefoot Blonde Atticus with Santa ClauseBarefoot Blonde Atticus with Gingerbread MenBarefoot Blonde Amber wearing Bernardo ParkaBarefoot Blonde Amber wearing Bernardo ParkaBarefoot Blonde Amber wearing Bernardo Parka0R2A1772Barefoot Blonde Amber wearing Bernardo Parka0R2A1939Barefoot Blonde Atticus and SantaBarefoot Blonde Amber wearing Bernardo ParkaBarefoot Blonde Atticus at Holiday Store FrontsBarefoot Blonde Amber wearing Bernardo ParkaBarefoot Blonde Amber wearing Bernardo ParkaBarefoot Blonde Amber wearing Bernardo ParkaBarefoot Blonde Amber wearing Bernardo ParkaBarefoot Blonde Amber wearing Bernardo ParkaBarefoot Blonde Atticus with Santa Clause

PARKA: Bernardo // TOP: Marissa Webb // JEANS: 7 for all Mankind // BOOTS: Stuart Weitzman // SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker // Atticus –  BOOTS: Hunter

The other day we bundled up and headed out to see all of the holiday store fronts!! We started with Macy’s which was such a hit with Atticus. They have a Charlie Brown theme this year and he was in heaven gasping and pointing in excitement at each window display. We definitely will be taking him back to that one because he loved it so much! We walked to all the major department stores in the city and then hit up The Plaza for Atticus to see Santa.. Hellllo no line and the nicest Santa ever?!?! Sign me up. But don’t sign Atticus up because he did NOT like Santa!!!!! AT ALL! He is always really friendly with everyone so I thought for sure he would love him but nope just hysterical cries ha! What is it about Santa – kids either love or hate him.

All last week I had been wearing my B​ernardo parka ​to go out which you have probably seen a lot on my Twitter pics I’ve posted recently! It’s so warm so I don’t need to layer anything underneath. I also think a big faux fur hood is a MUST in the city because the tight streets become total wind tunnels with the tall buildings and the fur blocks it all out.

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  1. Great memories! We took our own lil Rosie to see Santa and she had a very similar experience. But she’s always been a bit leary of strangers Lol!

    1. I have to agree!! It is so magical!! Can’t wait for the big day! Merry early Christmas to you!!! xo

  2. What a magnificent post. So much Christmas inspiration! I am willing to jump out of my bed and visit all the major stores in my city, too bad I am leaving for my hometown tomorrow, 🙁

  3. LOL @ Atticus and how much he hates Santa. I love how that Santa just keeps smiling for the pictures though. These are great haha

    1. Hahah so funny!! He was not liking it one bit 😉 The Santa was so sweet though!! Thanks for the comment! xo

  4. I have so much joy reading your blog. Having a 9 mnth baby girl, looking at your sweet New barn, makes me wanna jump og the preggo road again!!
    But, I have to allow mye self to say: here inn norway we have trist New born info about using a stroller.. The blancket (That are verry comon to have over the stroller inn other countryes.. Are not so good. No New air i comming in, and the air inside oss really not good. In not saying this to frighten you.. But they are better of. I know That they sleep faster in a darker light, But they Can fall asleep everywere 🙂
    Have a Nice Day 🙂

    1. Aww thank you so much Kamilla!! That means the world to me 🙂 And oh really? darn!! Glad they sleep well though!! xoxo

    1. Oh you are too sweet!! Thank you so much Tara!! We love the adventure 🙂 I would love to live in California one day too! xo

  5. WOW! That looks amazing, I wish we had something like that in Toronto! So pretty!
    I especially love the Santa pictures, Atticus is adorable! Those pictures should definitely be sent to Ellen, I’m sure she’d love those haha! And I absolutely adore your boots, so beautiful! I love the fact that they are flat as well, I’m sure they are comfortable! 🙂

    – Cassandra

    1. Thanks so much!! It was so fun 🙂 I love how festive NYC is! Thanks so much for reading gorgeous!! xo

  6. I love Christmas time in NYC. Almost everyone has a smile on their faces and everything is so beautifully decorated. Hopefully one day Atticus will love Santa. You look lovely as always Amber.

    1. Me too!! It is so magical 🙂 And haha seriously! Maybe next year 😉 Thanks for the sweet comment!!

    1. Oh my goodness thank you!! You are the nicest!! I hope you had a blast in NYC!! Wish I could have ran into you too 🙂 Next time!! xo

    1. It was so funny/sad haha!! Santa was so nice about it 🙂 I am sure he is used to it!! Thanks for reading love!!

    1. You both would love it!! It is so dreamy 🙂 Definitely come someday!! Thanks for reading Annie!! xo

  7. So adorable! I am always so excited when I see you have a new blog post. I feel like every child has a crying santa picture like Atticus<3
    Miss Olivia Says

  8. I’m a little late with this but congratulations on your beautiful baby girl Rosie! So nice to see how adorable and sweet Atricus is with her. Many blessings and much health and happiness to you and your beautiful family Amber. 🙂

    1. Thank you Karen!! I appreciate that so much!! It is so fun seeing Rosie and Atticus together 🙂 xo

  9. This is adorable! My 20 month old son loves Charlie Brown and reacts the same way as Atticus! I was just wondering if you loved your Bugaboo Donkey? I have the Bee and it’s my favorite but we are expecting child number 2 in May and I am trying to figure out what stroller to get! I know the Donkey is great in the city but do you find it hard to maneuver inside stores and going through doors?? I love this stroller but living in Northern VA I’m just nervous it won’t do well in tight spaces! Love your blog and your kids are adorable!!

    1. Thank you so much Jordan!! And no way?! How cute!! And YES I love it!! A dream stroller in my opinion 😉 I think any double stroller is going to fill much larger navigating (than a single) but it hasn’t bothered me. So yeah maybe not in tight spaces?! I hope that helps!! Anyway, thanks again for the comment!! xoxo

  10. These are so precious. You continually inspire me! Actually, you inspired me to start me own blog. Thanks Amber! Enjoy this wonderful time of year!

    1. Thank you so much!! That means so much to me!! Congrats on starting a blog 🙂 Keep it up!! xo

  11. So funny! I love the pictures when kids are scared of santa, they turn out so hilarious! We’re bringing Josie on Thursday to meet him so we’ll see how it goes! My best friend lives in MYC and sent me pictures of the windows at Bergdorfs, they look amazing! I hope you had a chance to walk all the way down to see those too!


    1. Haha it really was!! Poor Santa just had to grin and bear it 😉 And how cute!! I hope she likes it more than Atticus haha! And oh yes!! Bergdorfs was gorgeous!! Thanks for the comment love!! xo

  12. Ahhhh, this looks like soo much fun! I love doing cute things like this for the holidays. Living in Pittsburgh, we have a bunch of stuff downtown just like this and it is the best. The photos of Atticus with Santa are priceless haha definitely gave me a laugh for today. Just want to let you know the Rosie is absolutely perfect. I’ve read your other blog posts and see pictures of her and she is so cute! Oh, and I just love her name.. it’s so precious! How did you decide come about choosing that as her name? Just curious! Have a great day xoxo

    1. It was an amazing day!! We all loved it 🙂 And oh I bet Pittsburgh is amazing!! I would love to visit sometime!! And aw thanks!! It was too funny not to laugh 😉 Good thing Santa is used to it haha! And no particular reason for choosing Rosie other than we loved the name 🙂 Thanks so much for the comment!! Happy holidays Bryanna!! xoxo

  13. Awwww…I think that’s the only picture I’ve ever seen of Atticus without a huge grin on his face! Too funny. Maybe next year?! 🙂 Hope you guys have a wonderful holiday with the new babe and new home!

    1. Haha seriously!! Happiest kid ever! But not always 😉 Hopefully he will learn to love Santa ha! Thanks for the sweet comment! Happy holidays to you!! xo

  14. Hahahaha! I started laughing out loud at the picture of Atticus crying sitting on Santa’s lap! So funny and cute!

  15. I love your blog so much Amber!
    What lipstick are you wearing in this post? It’s so pretty!

  16. Omg!! I had the same situation with my 15th months old sun and Santa !! He did not seat on his Lab even for one. Second and we had to take a family photo with santa which wasnt a success either :)))

  17. Beautiful! Atticus looks so truly sweet, love seeing him peeking in the windows! What camera do you use? I’m just about to take a family photography course and am thinking of upgrading x

    1. Thanks so much Caroline!! It was such a fun day 🙂 And I use a canon 5d mark iii!! xo

  18. Amber, let me just say you look fantastic! How do you look like that with a newborn? I was such a mess the first few weeks. Atticus looks soo adorable! I bet is so much fun to go out with him!!!

    So, this is kind of like out of nowhere but, in Chile we are in spring (almost summer) and I was wondering if you had any fashion tips for this kind of weather. I’d be forever grateful. ????


    1. Thank you so much!! How sweet are you?! I am definitely still getting adjusted but things are so great I have nothing to complain about 😉 And of course!! I will link some of my favorite past spring posts! I hope they’re helpful!! xo
      (some of the links may be expired but hopefully it will give you a few ideas/inspiration)

    1. Haha I agree!! I can’t imagine him just sitting there and smiling haha 😉 So funny!!

  19. I had never thought of touring the storefronts as a fun activity for kids, but SILLY ME! Looks like Atticus was having an absolute ball – except with Santa. So funny how that happens, I was the exact same way as a little kid. What a fabulous winter activity in NYC. Thanks for sharing! xoxo

    1. It was so fun for Atticus!! I definitely recommend it 🙂 And me too! I think every kid needs a photo like this haha! So funny! Thanks for reading!! xo

  20. These pictures are so sweet. Amber, just wanted to say thank you for being the friendliest blogger out there 😉 I recently had a bad experience with another blogger who posted a giveaway and then never announced the winner and instead has ignored anyone who has tried to contact her about it. It’s really frustrating when these bloggers get so lost in their popularity they forget to care about their readers. So thank you for just always being so great. You are a gem!!

    1. Aww thank you Megan!! I am so glad you liked the post 🙂 And oh my goodness you are too nice!! Thank you so much for that. And how sad!! That’s not cool. I appreciate you taking the time to comment and make my day!! Love ya! xo

  21. Thanks for sharing the sites of NYC this time of year, so beautiful and festive! Aww poor Atticus with Santa, but it made me smile. Such a delightful family.

  22. Thanks for sharing your photos of your outings in NYC. It’s such a beautiful city and always seems even more fun and interesting through your pictures.

    1. Thanks so much Laura!! And I know huh?! I was not surprised when Atticus started crying 😉

  23. So cute! Poor Atticus!!
    You look so great for just having a baby, Amber!

    1. I know haha! He was not loving it 🙂 And aww thank you!! You made my night!! xo

  24. The windows are so freaking beautiful every year! Atticus cracks me up in all of your snaps and his excitement and what is it with kids loving or hating santa?!

    Happy Tuesday //

    1. They really are a dream!! We loved it!! And aww thanks!! He was not excited to see Santa though hehe

    1. I agree!! Macy’s sure knows how to decorate!! We loved it 🙂 Thanks for reading Candace!!

    1. Haha no kidding!! I had no idea how he would react and it was pretty funny!! Thanks for the comment 🙂 xo

  25. So much fun to see the holidays through a little kid’s eyes. Everything is so magical to them! Hopefully next year Atticus will warm up to Santa 😉

    1. I agree!! I love their excitement 🙂 It is so sweet!! Happy holidays to you Ana!!

  26. I don’t know if you have time to read all the comments. Still I want to say that I really love your blog. Keep going with your work, I think is very good and inspiring. Oh… And the photos are beautiful! And, of course, I couldn’t finish the comment without saying that your family is the cutest!
    Wish you and your lovely family the very best of life!

    Kisses <3 (from Portugal) 🙂

    1. You are SO sweet!! Thank you so much Camille!! I am so happy you follow along 🙂 The love and support means the world to me!! Love ya!!

    1. Thank you love!! I am glad you like the look 🙂 And haha I know! He wasn’t enjoying it one bit! Maybe next year!

  27. I am truly impressed you were able to get such good shots of the holiday windows! I checked them out a couple days ago, and it was so hard to get a nice photo of them due to the amount of tourists- haha. Very impressive, as always 🙂

    1. Well thank you!! David is the master mind behind the camera most the time so I can’t take full credit 😉 Thanks for reading!!! xo

  28. I love this post so much!! NYC during Christmas seems like a dream so I love seeing your photos 🙂 I’m so happy Atticus loved seeing the displays even if he didn’t like Santa haha! I look forward to more of your Christmas posts!! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much!! I am happy you liked it and stay tuned for more!! Happy holidays to you! xo

    1. I think I was too!! I need to find a picture of it! Haha so funny! I am sure Santa is used to it 😉 I hope!! Thanks for reading Courtney!!

  29. Gosh You are perfect!!! You and your family are the sweetest things ever, I will always look forward to/ love your blogs!! Lots of love ????????

  30. Oh my gosh poor A!!! Maybe he doesn’t like feeling like he’s being judged, i.e. naughty or nice list. Haha when I was his age, I was TERRIFIED of Chuck E Cheese. There’s pictures of me hysterically crying at my birthday party from it.
    And p.s. is it totally lame that I haven’t seen any of the displays and live in NYC? Y’all are looking beautiful as usual! xoxo

    1. Hahah I know!!! So funny! And omg I remember Chuck E. Cheese too!! And not lame at all!! But they are amazing so if you are out and about go see them 😉 Happy holidays!! xo

  31. You guys are seriously the cutest. I brought my daughter to visit Santa last night (she is 3), and it didn’t go so well either. She was fine viewing him from afar and kept yelling “NO!” when Santa would try and reach out to her. hahaha. This will probably sound creepy, but I was in NYC on Sunday for a day trip with my friends, and I kept my eyes peeled most of the day just in case you were out and about somewhere. haha. Have a gorgeous day!


    1. Thank you so much!! You are so sweet!! And haha! No way?! I am glad Atticus wasn’t the only one 😉 And I just replied to your other comment so this is a repeat but I wish I saw you!!! Life has been so busy!! Next time! xo

    1. It is so magical!! We loved walking around 🙂 And haha I know huh?! So funny!!

  32. I just love you guys! I was in NYC for a day trip on Sunday…and I kept my eyes peeled in case you guys were out and about. haha. Prolly sounds creepy, not that I am typing it out. lol. The storefronts were AMAZING. I think Saks was my fave. 🙂 Have a gorgeous day Amber!


    1. Aww thank you Elise!! And how fun!! I hope you had a good time 🙂 Wish I could have met you!! Saks was gorgeous, I agree!! Thanks for reading beautiful!!

  33. omg i get such a kick out of babies crying in santa’s lap. that picture is priceless what a cutie

  34. Love the fact that you’re posting again, I missed your uploads so much!
    Btw it’s amazing how you can make an easy fishtail braid look so classy and sofisticated! Can’t wait for new hairstyle posts and tutorials 🙂
    Lots of love to you and your gorgeous family,
    Alice from Italy

    1. Thanks so much Alice!! It’s nice to be back 🙂 Thanks for the nice comment!! xoxo