15 Gift Ideas For Kids

It is officially December and that means it is time to start purchasing gifts. It can be difficult to find the perfect gift. So, I created this guide on my top 15 gifts for kids. These are some items that my kids already have and others that I plan on gifting them in the future. They are all so cute and fun, I hope you find something special on this list. What other gift guides should I make?


A Bendable Road

Way To Play

My kids lovvve building little cities and making roads for their cars to drive on! We have always used the wooden tracks but they have chipped and broken so much that I upgraded us to this road playset which I am soo excited about. It is bendable and lays completely flat so it can be used for all types of cars.

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The Cutest Felt Foods

Burnt Gingerbread

If your little one has a play kitchen or loves to have tea parties or just play with food, you will not find more adorable and well made felt food! Cathy lives in Australia and hand makes these pieces. I got the tea party set for Rosie for her birthday and we have already had countless tea parties with them! Last time I linked to her she sold out of her entire shop but she is restocking soon so keep checking back!

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Wooden Dolls

Sweet Elm

These are also made in Australia and I completely fell in love when I found them! Ours still haven’t come in the mail yet but I mean, how cute are they?! You can also select your family dynamic (two moms, two dads, etc) so it is customizable.

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Kid's Lamp

Little Lights

They just launched their US site! I know because I emailed them begging them to ship to US (they didn’t at the time) and told them I would obviously pay whatever the international shipping fee and they emailed me to let me know they were launching their US site soon! So as soon as they did I ordered one for Atticus’s room! Can’t wait to show you which one we got. 🙂

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Minikane Dolls

I lovvve these dolls! Aside from being so adorable and coming with the cutest little outfits, I love that they look realistic with little belly rolls and also come in different skin colors etc. My kids absolutely love these dolls and haven’t gone a day without playing with them since we got them.

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Wooden Doll House

Plan Toys

This is the doll house I got Rosie for Christmas! I got a lot of really cute decorations that I am going to dress the house up with.

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Play Kitchen

Milton and Goose

This is a splurge one for sure but I am just in lovvve with these kitchens! They also just released the fridge to go with it. I haven’t gotten one yet for the kids but after we get settled in the house this is the kitchen I would love to get for the kids. You can see the fridge here

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First Go! Scoot Bike


I randomly found these bikes on major sale about 5 months ago but we have been saving them for Christmas or a birthday. They are the cutest little bikes ever!

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Wooden Rainbow


I love Grimm’s wooden toys and got this rainbow for the kids. I love that you can be really creative with it and build so many things, make tunnels or bridges for your cars (another great reason to have the bendable roads).

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Wooden Tool Set

Moulin Roty

I love that this tool set looks realistic. When we got it for Atticus he called it his big boy tool set because it really does look real and you can actually use the tools (like the screwdriver can actually be used!) so it has been fun for him to graduate to these tools that he can really use.

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Mini Dolls

American Girl

I grew up playing with American Girl dolls so I have a soft spot for them! I never knew they had mini dolls until recently – they are smaller dolls that are perfect for doll house play since they are 8 inches!

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Olli Ella

Picnic Basket

Rosie lovvves having picnics right now so I got her this picnic basket for her birthday and she absolutely loves it! It is a good size where it can hold some play food and a small tea set. I also love all Olli Ella goodies.. So many cute things.

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Maileg Animals


Maileg has the sweetest little mice and other animals that are so precious and fun for kiddos. My sister got Rosie a little set of Maileg mice twins for her birthday and she absolutely loves them! They are a little more pricey but really quality pieces and type of pieces you want to collect more of and keep forever.

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Doll House Furniture


I have found almost all of Rosie’s dollhouse furniture on Etsy shops! People are so creative and make really unique pieces and I have been trying to make her dollhouse kinda similar to our home and how we are decorating. It is fun because on there you can really customize the doll house since there are sooo many styles and options.

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Lego Display Case

My kids are obsessed with legos but we seem to always be losing our lego mini figures so I wanted to get this for Atticus to have in his room so he can keep track of them all! I also think it would look so cute in a room while being super fun for them.

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  1. Hi- first of all- love the lists so far! Please make one for spouse gift ideas

  2. Great post.Will be trying a few of these out for sure.Would be interested in reading more about your posts. Thanks!

  3. We love Maileg! I feel like you should link their website not amazon’s. 🙂

  4. Hi Amber!!! Your list is beautiful – I love the plain classic toys for my daughter myself. We are in love with Maileg. We started last Christmas and I am buying a little animal here and there for special occasions.. She is 3 and I love seeing her hold the Micro-size ones in her tiny hands and pretend play. This year Santa’s bringing a little potty for and the new baby mouse in carrycot. It came in mail last night and I am in love! I decided to get another Big Sister (mommy) mouse to go with the baby.. These do cost arm and a leg but I know she will cherish them forever. Suggestion – we have a little house cubby for the Maileg animals and 1:12 size doll furniture accessories work really great with the Micro size. Your children will be so happy on Christmas Day!!!! XOXO