Barefoot BlondeThis has been a total go to hairstyle for me this summer (I am sure you can tell if you follow my insta!), especially since it is SO quick and easy to do. Maybe it is just me but I think it kind of gives off a hippie vibe which I love. I first wore it in San Francisco in this instagram, and have since gotten lots of requests for a tutorial, but honestly it doesn’t need a video tutorial because of how easy it is so I decided to do a simple hair how to! Here are the steps..

1. Take a section from either side (your good side 🙂 ) and do a basic braid starting about two inches from the front of your hairline.

2. Take the section of hair in front of the braid and an equal section from the other side and pin it in back of your head.

3. Take the excess hair from the sections that you just pinned and braid that as well.

4. To hold this look all day, finish with TRESemmè TRES Two Extra Hold Hairspray and you are done!

*Thank you to TRESemmé for sponsoring this post

Barefoot Blonde

Photos from Hippie Braids


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  1. I saw this on Pinterest and do it in my hair all the time! My hair is long and blonde like yours, so all you hairstyles work in it! Thanks!

  2. I have long hair, and I just can’t seem to do great simple soft and sexy hairstyles ,now that I’ve seen her beauty hair styles! im going to try them!!thank you for this! Wish me luck!!????

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  4. I Love the hippy braids, I want mine done like that except I want both sides of bangs to be braided an pulled bac to meet, but I can’t seem to get it right doing it myself, but I Love the 60&70’s hippy look, an braids it was bac then, very popular then
    But U have great taste an I can dig ur style
    It’s groovy… ☺oh an did I mention it looks good on U…peace π

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  6. I am just wondering if you are wearing extensions in this tutorial? I am going to try this for camping this weekend!

  7. Genius! I will try this one out…I did one of your tutorials this weekend for the first time and LOVED it!