SHOES: Adidas Outdoor / SHORTS: One Teaspoon / TANK: Spiritual Gangster c/o / SUNGLASSES: Givenchy / MY CARRIER: Ergo 360 / DAVIDS CARRIER: Osprey (in blue)

The other day our last laptop charger finally broke — mine broke a long time ago and we have just been using David’s. Since we always forget to charge our laptops overnight often we both sit there next to each other working and our computers are both at 5% and we are swapping who gets the charger. When one person gets drops to 2% we switch lol. Its so bad. Anyways so David’s finally broke and we had a bunch of work to wrap up that night so we had to go to town and get one! Since it is an hour away we generally like to do something while out there and we randomly decided to do the Lulumahu Falls hike! I hadn’t ever done this hike and it is for sure my favorite so far!!! It was honestly SOO beautiful. The lighting was so pretty, the hike was SO fun, the falls were gorgeous, and to make things even better when we were walking back the sun was setting and it was pure MAGIC. The trailhead is right off Pali Hwy and can be easy to miss so keep your glimmers peeled! I highly recommend doing this hike and timing it so you end at sunset. I recommend wearing waterproof hiking shoes since you have to cross through the stream multiple times! I am kinda obsessed with mine, I got these Adidas when we first moved here and I just like that they don’t look like bulky, ugly hiking shoes. I linked to a few of my fav hiking shoes above (shoes make ALL the difference in my opinion)! #notsponsored << I don’t know why I feel like I have to say that sometimes but I feel like anytime I talk about a product or brand at all now I get accused of not disclosing a sponsored post, when it wasn’t.. so I don’t know there ya go.

The kids had so much fun on the hike and Chauncey was in heaven! David and I kept saying how in his mind each time we leave the house and can’t/don’t bring him he is probably thinking we are doing fun stuff like this and is like WTF why are you not taking me with?! And also he probably wonders why we don’t hike EVERY day! And I agree Chauncey!!! Hiking is so fun and it reminds me of doing solo hikes in AZ all the time – I loved to run down the mountain as a good work out.

I absolutely love summers with the family and find that there is just not enough time to plan everything I want to do. I wish summers were so much longer!! My friend Brianne the other day was pointing out the fact that we only get 18 summers with each child (until they are on their own. And I know even then we get summers with them obviously but 18 while they are our babies at home ;)). Which thinking of it that way just really hit me and blew my mind. 18 years sounds so long but only 18 summers?!?! Gotta make each one so epic and fun!!!! Our summer plans so far are pretty low key. We do have some family stuff going on that I have decided not to share on here but as a result we will be spending lots of time with family. Which I am so not mad about because WHAT IS BETTER? Really though. Can’t wait to get tons of cousin time for the kids and lots of time with David’s cute parents. I am sure a spontaneous trip or two will pop up but for now we don’t have much planned.

Hope you all have an amazing week!!!!

PS David is eating poke right now and it is making me want to hurl!!! I HATE the smell so much ha!

PSS A lot of you asked about the carriers we are using and I linked to them above.

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  1. Oh my goodness these pictures are so gorgeous!! This hike looks so fun and the views on this hike look stunning! I guess i’ll just have to put this on my bucket list.

  2. The pictures are awsome! Carrying your kids on the hike must have been a good workout!
    My daughter is now 4 months and about 8.5 kg, and I don’t think I would have been able to do that hike.

  3. A note to myself again: time really fly!
    Have amazing time this summer Amberrrr :-*

  4. goodness i am loving your hawaiian summer life these days!!! i want to jump right into all your gorgeous photos! what a sweet fam you guys are. i always love what you share! xoxo!! brittany |

  5. Absolutely stunning! What a hike. Also, loving those hiking shoes – totally need to get me a pair! Nothing like soaking your hikers and them not supposed to be wet!

  6. This is definitely going on my bucket list! It looks amazing…nature, nature, nature! And you guys fit in perfectly 🙂

  7. Two kids- one boy and one sweet as sugar girl, happily married, travelling the world, always dressing up, moments captured with such stunning photography…. this is an absolutely perfect life! You’re such an inspiration, I love you!

    1. *and a Dog! That’s the cherry on top for this perfect life!

  8. This hike looks so magical 😍
    And Chauncey is the cutest 😍 My ex boyfriend has a golden retriever and I miss her all the time 😭❤ yup, I miss her more than him haha
    And for the people who judge you or accuse you of doing sponsorships… I mean, your blog is your job, some people can’t accept it, and I don’t understand that… there is a friend of mine who judged me a few months ago because I went on a trip, and I mean it’s none of her business how I can afford to travel! People are so judgmental it’s funny sometimes!
    You do you, I love your blog so much ❤❤
    And you are such a good role model 🙌🏻🤘🏻

  9. Thanks for sharing this fun adventures. It’s always nice to be inpirsed and reminded to make “mini adventures” and enjoy the moments. Also I’m wishing your family the best in whatever you are dealing with. Sending positive vibes and thoughts your way.

  10. Love this! Looks like so much fun. Absolutely beautiful views! xoxo

  11. These photos are beautiful! That hike looks so fun, I love all the colors! Can’t wait to see summer posts 🙂

    Lauren Lindmark |

  12. Can you do a photo editing tutorial or share if you use any filters? I LOVE the look of your photos so much!

  13. Literally family goals! I always look forward to seeing a new Instagram or blogpost from you, they never fail to make me smile and admire your wonderful family❤️

  14. Love these pictures they are so cute! And your legs are amazing I can’t deal! Love you and Rosie’s matching shirts, they are so cute and so are your shorts, and Chauncey looks so happy to be hiking with you guys!
    xxxxxx Isobel

  15. Your shorts are adorable! and man, I couldn’t imagine carrying my kid on my back to hike, but I’m also insanely out of shape, unlike you guys lol

    1. Thanks Jessica!! And oh yeah right! You totally could 😉 the carrier evens out the weight nicely!

    1. I wish I had that kind of thinking haha 😉 Thanks for reading!! xo

  16. I love Lulumahu Falls, it is definitely my favorite as well! I also did a blog post recently on it and my favorite 10 things to do in Oahu, and Lulumahu and Matsumotos shaved Ice were on it! (I saw it on your insta story!!) but anyways, I just find it so fascinating to see other people experience the same joys I do!


    1. Amazing huh?! I totally see why you put it on your list!! 🙂

  17. I was sooo exited for this post after seeing pictures of your hike on Insta storys! YAY and finally its up!
    These pictures look amazing as always and the sky is so pretty with all its shades 🙂 And its so fun that a broken charger made you go for a hike (I am pretty sure that this was not an english sentence 😀 sorry! )
    I’m also always so impressed by your body! You are so trained and fit (and you have 2 kids! 😀 ) Wow! I really would like to see more of your workout routine 🙂
    Rosie looks so cute in her carrier and her hair got so long! I am so exited for her hair getting even longer so that you can braid it and do the sweetest hairstyles 😀

    Love from Germany
    Xx Paulie <3

  18. I love the idea of stopping on your way places to make mini trips of otherwise boring errands! I just got a puppy and am hoping that in the future I’ll be able to take her on hikes like you do with Chauncey.
    OMG I am with you on the poke- ugh its nasty!


  19. That family selfie is perfect holiday card material! This looks like a fantastic hike and it’s making me want to get outdoors!

    1. Totally!! I need to remember this one when we make cards this year 🙂 Thanks for reading!! xo

  20. Wow, beautiful hike. Hope all gets better with family, but nothing’s truly better than family so your summer sounds almost perfect xxxxx

  21. This looks so fun! I am headed to Hawaii (Oahu) in exactly one month for my birthday and I am so excited to explore the Island!! It will be my first time on a plane which is kinda crazy since I’m in my 20’s ha!
    Amber, I would absolutely love a post on how you are able to work so much and still give your children the one on one time they need, as well as quality time with your husband. I have been trying to work at home but I constantly feel like I’m failing my children or hubby when I’m on my phone or laptop a lot, and and they want me to get them a snack or just hang out ha. So any tips on how you do it or a daily routine would be SO helpful! Love your posts! Thanks for always being so happy and authentic. You’ll always be my favorite blogger! ♥️♥️♥️

  22. Hi Amber,
    You make me smile when I read your blog because you are so honest and sweet! We live in Maui in the winter (we are empty nesters and my daughter got me into your blog because we love to travel). My husband also loves poke and I hate the smell! Even cleaning out the container is not nice. The Hawaiian islands are so beautiful we love it! We also bring our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with us Teddy and he is wild about hiking and exploring. We feel so lucky and happy to spend part of our time there. xxx

  23. Wow 18 summers does not seem long at all when you think about it! Got to make each one count. What better place to spend the summer than in Hawaii?! Must be so nice to be within an hour’s drive of such amazing views! I am not too far from the mountains and beaches of my state and I try to head to one of them at least once a month! xx

  24. That family photo in the middle makes me smile! Y’all create such wonderful memories for your little ones 🙂

  25. I’m not a hiker (I’ve always lived in flat mid-west) but these pictures make me wish I were more outdoorsy. LOVE the family selfie as well.

  26. This hike looks INCREDIBLE! It really is crazy how fast little ones grow up! I have a question about blogging. While this post is non-sponsored, you’ll still get money if we buy a product you’ve linked, right? What is that called? Thanks a ton!

  27. Amber, how beautiful these pictures are!!!! We have the same carrier (Rosie’s 360) and I’m planning on using it this weekend for our long beach walks in Sunny Isles, FL (hope my 2.25 year old is not too heavy for it – I didn’t use it in the winter much so it’s been a few months :-D). Love your matching t-shirts with Rosie :-* Have a good week also!

  28. When you say it like that, it seems like 18 summers is not very many, but just look at all the amazing activities and travels they’ve gotten to experience already. And I have a feeling there will be many more Summer memories to come! 🙂
    Even though we usually didn’t do anything special, my summertime memories are some of the best from my childhood!


  29. What a fun family outing!

    I’m curious to know how you and David edit your photos? I’ve watched David’s photo tutorial where he explains all of the gear you guys use, but I would love to know how you get the soft glow to your photos. Maybe you could do a blogging series about this? Thanks Amber!

  30. It’s awesome that you took made a positive out of an inconvenient situation. The hike looks like a great escape from work anyway! Plus what beats a sunset hike in Hawaii with your husband and babies?


    Keri Elaine

  31. Looooove this. Now I’m just missing my husband and wishing we could go for a spontaneous hike! haha! And for the record (I swear I’ve said this a hundred times but still) your kids are so stinking cute!!! <3

  32. Yes!! My mom says that all the time!! I have 3 summers left one going to college!! But what is better than moving and seeing this beautiful country?! Loved this post been waiting for it since your insta!! Your the best! And loved how cute you and Rosie looked!! Happy Monday

  33. What a fun and spontaneous time with your family! The time with the kiddos goes by so fast! I can’t believe my oldest is about to turn 10! Enjoy the summer with your babies. I’m putting together a “summer bucket list” to make sure we do all the fun things I want to do this summer. Enjoy every moment!

  34. What a cute swimsuit!! Where is it from? You really have the most beautiful family!

  35. Ahh looks awesome!! Re the carriers – did David find the Osprey carrier comfortable? We used the Phil&teds hiking carrier and it was like lugging a tonne of bricks with our 12kg toddler.

  36. It makes me happy to see you all happy, especially Chauncey! What a nice life he must be living with you guys! ❤

    1. Totally! I meant to add just while they are your “babies” at home! But of course summers with them after they are off in college and married are still going to be a blast!!!