I don’t like to think I have any “regrets” in life because we aren’t supposed to regret things right? Well yeah I actually do regret things but I love where all those regrets have lead me so I can’t say I would change anything. BUT… if I could go back to junior high and high school and still end up where I am now, even though I had so much fun, I would hands down change some things.  I get emails from moms who tell me their younger daughters read my blog or from teenage girls.. so this one is for you. So maybe just maybe you can not make the same mistakes I did.
If I could go back to junior high and high school I would tell myself…
1. You really just need to do your homework and work harder at school. Its not “cool” to not be smart. It is cool to BE smart. So learn everything you can because you will wish you had. (my biggest regret)
2. Stop wearing so much bronzer. Good gosh, you look like a train wreck! Oh, and the eyeliner. Too much eye liner. And please learn that Fake Bake is the only brand of self tanner you should ever use… poor thing had to go to school with orange hands many a times to find that one out.
3. Save your money and don’t spend it on clothes that you will get to impress people who you will never see or speak to after graduation. And enough with all that designer crap. Like Juicy Couture, such a waste of money. But if you already bought Juicy crap, sell it on ebay, they love that stuff.
4. Learn how to blend your extensions annnnnd don’t wear so much. Oh and stop dying your hair brown. I know you wish you looked good with brown hair, but you dont and you will fry it each time you go back blonde. You are a blonde, just embrace it.
5. Realize who your true friends are and what friends will bring you UP and not down. Friends make ALL the difference in the decisions you will make… so say its been real to all the ones you know I am talking about. Being the only “good example” in a group of people generally won’t work out.
6.  Seriously??? Break up with your boyfriend. Date and have fun. And just dont ever get a boyfriend. Like ever. I guess, until youre in college. (and you’re going to end up dating and loving a guy who was a nerd in highschool. and your best friend will marry one. so give them a chance too.) Oh and hang on to those virgin lips for as long as you possibly can.
7. Stop being so shy and just say hi to everyone. And be nice to everyone.
8. Turns out you look better without a push up bra. Something is beautiful about looking natural, kate hudson style.
9. Just because everyone at school thinks someone is cool, that doesn’t mean they are cool. So stop caring what anyone thinks about you and just dance to the beat of your own drum.
10. And last but not least, don’t argue with your mom. Just love her and let her be your best friend because turns out she will be right about everything and you’ll wish you would have listened.
Anyways, thats all for that. That kind of sounds like I did everything wrong haha I promise I have things I would tell myself, good job too :). xo
This is my greasy hair go to… milk maid braids. See how greasy my hair is? Yeah its great. When my hair is greasy I just throw some braids and lipstick on and call it good.
lipstick shade in this pic: Revlon ‘Black Cherry’ {its good because if you put a little on and rub it in with your finger you get this, if you put more on you get the color I am wearing in the half up braid pic: here. And its also really pretty with a salmon gloss on top}
Have a good Sunday!

Photos from High School Re-do

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  1. I love this. I’m a teacher and it’s so hard to make girls realise all these things. Xo

  2. How often do you reapply fake bake? Do you use it on your face too?

  3. love this!!
    such a cute idea, i have some good stuff that needs to be said to my highschool self!

  4. I love you Amber!! So proud of you and the beautiful, intelligent woman you are. xoxo Mom

  5. Love it and love you! I am so impressed with your
    Writting you have some serious talent missy! Hope you’re enjoying France love & miss you!!

  6. I am in love with you blog! I read it all the time. Too bad I can’t get my hair that way, so cute. How did you come across that nanny job for those adorable boys?! I would love to be a nanny!

  7. This is awesome Amber! Funny when we look back and see what we were like in high school! Happy Sunday!


  8. Amber-

    That is THE perfect lipstick shade for you! Compliments your hair color & eye color perfectly. I might have to try it.. & see if I get the same results. (I’m hoping) What color & brand is it?

    Loved this post– I kid you not, every single one is something I would tell myself too!


    xo. Morgan