IMG_1318IMG_1309IMG_1300IMG_1314IMG_1321IMG_1334SWEATER: Shopbop


RINGS: Gorjana c/o


NECKLACE: ILY Couture c/o

PANTS: Anine Bing

**Photos by Jessica Janae Photography

Okay these pants….. will literally be the best purchase of your life. I am not joking. (And no, this is not a sponsored post… heck I wish this was sponsored and these were free, haha.) They are just.. I just can’t explain. They don’t stretch out, (I have worn them 5 times this week, I would know) and they have the oh so coveted side zipper (my obvious selling point along with the 32 inch inseam). I started following Anine on IG and fell in love with all of her pieces. Plus, she is gorgeous and has the most adorable family which then furthers my obsession. Her pieces are the basics that every girl needs. I could go on, but I won’t.

Oh and this (‘slightly obnoxious’) sweater is just in good fun- I thought it was pretty comical and had to get it.. considering not everyone ‘loves’ fashion bloggers 😉

David and I just spent the evening watching the sunset and the lightening bolts in the sky (meanwhile Chauncey was jumping as high as he could trying to reach the pears growing in the trees) .. and now it is pouring rain 🙂 I love nights like these. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and enjoy time with your loved ones!!! xox

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  1. Hey Amber,

    You always look great so I don’t need to say that your outfit is amazing / funny! Love that sweater! Haha
    I follow you on Instagram and your great! I was just wondering what lip color you are wearing here in this photo ? Also is the ‘Russian Red ‘ lip stick blue based ? I am in need for a great red for my cool skin tone.
    I also watched a couple of your videos from the past and you said you wore extensions ? What brand ? Clip ins ?

    1. Yes Russian Red is blue based I believe.. it is a darker red and not so orangey.. I have to say it is my favorite red I have ever had! And yes I wear extensions every day! I wear clip ins form Bombshell Extensions! xx

  2. LOVE the sweater Amber, so many people I am sharing this post with…I am sure this sweater will sell out in no time lol! And you look fabulous as usual 🙂
    Those pants are incredible for all year round -xo

    1. Roxanne!! You are so sweet thanks so much girl!! Glad you like the sweater 🙂 xo

  3. Love, love, love your style and love that top! Tooo fun!! I’m off to purchase one of my own and am not sure on which size. Do you mind telling us what size you’re rocking? The size chart says I’d be a S but I prefer tops like that to be a little oversized. Does it run big at all? THANKS so much!! xo

    1. Thanks girl!! Thats so sweet of you! It does run a little baggy!! I got a small and it was fine! 🙂

      1. Thank you SO much!!! Appreciate you taking the time to answer questions and write back! xo

  4. You are sexxxay girl!!! I have noticed that the girl “jodybeth” copies you a fricken ton!!!! I just want to thank you for being original and amazing!!! And you don’t have to copy anything from anyone!!!!!! You are fantastic!!!! LOVE!!!!!!

    1. Aw thank you Nikki!! That is so sweet of you!! Sometimes us bloggers accidentally do the same sorts of posts.. sometimes we will text each other and be like crap! I totally just got those pants! Or something like that 🙂 But thanks so much for your sweet words means so much!

  5. That top is too cute, love it and the silver shoes too. And your hair as usual fabulous. Have a wonderful weekend with your family.

    1. Thank you so much Brenda!! You are so sweet! I hope you had an awesome weekend! xx

    1. Thanks girl!! Glad you liked it 🙂 I knew some people would roll their eyes but glad you have a sense of humor! xx

      1. Haha you’re fine!! But yes they are really amazing!! Hope you had a fab weekend girl!

  6. That’s an awesome sweater! Have a great weekend. Your hair looks amazing in this pic! So pretty,

    Mel from I pink I love you

    1. Glad you know your Miley lyrics!! 🙂 haha I still love that song!! xox

  7. Seriously, I just want Zara to make those shoes again!!!!!!! :'( Those are what I like to refer to as “lifer shoes”. So fabulous, I would make them last a lifetime if I could!

    1. I know huh?! They sold out so fast!! 🙁 I will definitely let you know if they come back in stock!!! xx

  8. These pants are indeed amazing! I will have to check out her IG. I have a sweater like that, minus the hater—just hi on the front and bye on the back. This is just too cute—I love when shirts are a little comical. So fun to wear! Have a great weekend!

    xo honestly, b.

    1. I agree love a good shirt with some wit!! 🙂 Thanks for all your sweet comments! xx

  9. oh MY …. LOVE the sweatshirt! I definitely have to get one! And I know what you mean re: not everyone loves a fashion blogger!! I’ve started admiring Anine as well! Love these jeans on you!! looking fab as always! X

    1. Thanks Mia!!! You totally should get it 🙂 and glad you started following Anine!! I love her!