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TOP: Vivetta / JEANS: Frame / SHOES: Rebecca Minkoff / BAG: Kate Spade / SUNGLASSES: Gentle Monster / HAIR CLIP: Urban Outfitters (on sale for $4.99) / LIPSTICK: Stila ‘Fiery’

I have raved about Vivetta before but I mean REALLY!!! I love everything. The hearts on the collar?! So cute. I thought this was such a cute top for a Valentine look. Valentine’s is such a fun holiday because I love all of the pink and hearts and frills and flowers. It is so girly and I love it. I kept wanting to jump in this top to make the sleeves flare out. And the funny thing is with every set of “jumping” shots there are like 10 terribly awkward ones and then that one good one. One of these days I will do a compilation of all of the jumping shots to show you just how terrible they can be haha!

Lately I have been loving adding simple hair accessories to looks and sprucing them up. These pearl clips are on sale and I love adding them in with any hairstyle. Even a messy bun – it adds some fancy to the messy 😉 I was thinking that this would be a fun DIY but when a pack of 2 is $4.99, it is probably cheaper just to buy it.

And last thing – this red lip color is so great. It is for sure the most complemented red color I get in public. I really like Stila’s liquid matte!

Hope you all have a good day! My dad answers the phone and every time says “its a great day” or he will end the conversation like that. He says it every single day since I can remember. So, its a great day. xo

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  1. Amber you should really do a post with the “bad” pictures hahah! Your posts are always so perfect so I think it would be cool (and funny 😂) to show all the bad shots that didn’t make it! All love xx

  2. Hey gal! Just saw you took down your post from this morning sharing your WTF mom moment. I saw your tweet earlier and it hurt my heart that people were so mean to you about it. I thought it was such a funny, cute story! I’m not a mom yet, but it’s safe to say every mom has had moments like that! Yours wasn’t even bad! I think it all comes down to people being jealous and just wanting to disagree with you to bring you down. You’re an amazing mom and you’re giving your kids such an amazing life full of so many great memories! Just wanted to send some positivity your way, keep doing you and don’t think twice about the people who try to tear you down! Love all the Rosie and Atticus updates, your family is so adorable! 🙂

    Lauren Lindmark

  3. Your teeth are always PERFECTLY white! How do you keep them so bright? xo!

  4. This is too cute! I love all the little details with the hearts on the collars, on the bag, the red shoes, and the red lips you pulled everything together so effortlessly!

    ~Jessica Linn

  5. This is so adorable and pretty! Love the style, but your big smile complements the look in the best way possible! 🙂 Love the hearts throughout the outfit, it’s so playful and cute! A good amount of Valentine’s Day outfit inspiration right here! It’s a great day, indeed! 🙂 <3

  6. Hi Amber! When will you actually be moving to AZ? I met you at your last shoot her in Gilbert. Can’t wait to see you more often!

  7. Adorable!! Valentines is the best thing ever. Lol!!! The great day comment reminds me of Aubrey kash/Markle’s dad!!! Love it. The red lipstick really is awesome. 😀

  8. Amber,
    Love this post! You are such a fun spirited girl. I know you get these questions soooo much, I see them all the time, but we all want to know what makeup products you use. I don’t usually share things so personal but I am to the point where I act like I don’t feel good about myself because, well, I don’t. I want some tips to get my confidence back. I know it is more than how you look and what you wear but I really do need help in that department. Could you do a post about your makeup or tips? I am very interested in your eyebrow products, eye shadow routine especially, teeth whiting products and if you contour. Please help us girls out that just need a big pick me up when we are feeling down in the dumps. Ha ha! Also, there is a correct way to have your hair cut for extensions right? If my hair is unusually thin is there even a possibility to get them to work?

  9. This post is too cute! And I love your personal add-in about your dad. That makes my heart happy. It is a great day 🙂

  10. When I spotted this outfit on your instagram, my heart was jumping because I love how bright and cute it looks or maybe its you <3. You know Amber, I'm 29 and I'm Vietnamese which means people expect me to get married and have kids. I love to have a family but right now I dont have a boyfriend and this expectation is making me tired since everyone asking me and tell me to hurry up. Its so good to have some good vibes from your blog.

  11. You are so cute Amber!!! 😊 I hope I can meet you one day ☺️ Love this valentine outfit

  12. I love this look so much, it is so gorgeous ! I was looking at that exact bag today for valentines day haha, but am thinking I will get more use out of the card holder. Either way the entire collection is lovely, but so is the vivetta, ugh valentines day is the best ! Love this <3


  13. Hi Amber! Have loved following you and getting to meet you in NYC. I do have a question for you, I know in a Snapchat Q&A you talked about preventative Botox, who did you see in NYC for it because I am scared to go to just anyone!

  14. About your dad- I literally teared reading that. He sounds amazing- we need more positive people in the world like him! Now I see where you and your siblings get your great attitudes. What lucky girls you are! Hope you realize that 😉
    And you look so cute in these pictures!

  15. I love how you are just rocking those sleeves! Such a precious blouse!!
    xoxo, Hannah

  16. Cute. Post some workout videos! I follow rocamoon too and saw you did a workout with her and was so sad there were no videos to come from it. Especially seeing how much she said you kicked her butt!

    Do some workout videos!!

  17. This is the most adorable outfit! I love Kate Spade and I’ll definitely have to check out that top!!


  18. Love this blouse, such a cute collar! Also love the Kate Spade purse 🙂 It made me so happy seeing all your snapchats of Chauncey yesterday, can’t wait to see him back on the blog!

    Lauren Lindmark

  19. Amber this is such a cute and fashion forward look! I love that top and those shoes. Yay for all the cute Valentine’s inspired pieces.

  20. OMG I am not a fan of Kate Spade but I’m kind of in love with that heart bag! It’s so on trend and I kind of need it.

  21. You are so cute, Amber! At first glance at the beginning of your post, I thought you meant you were going to go live on Instagram on Wednesday, and I was like NOOOOO I missed it! ahaha. Will you be doing any Instagram lives?! This top is the cutest and so so so happy for you guys that you got Chauncy back! I’m loving all your carefree Hawaii posts!


  22. You are the cutest! This top is so perfect for Valentine’s Day, and I love the mini bag you paired with it. Give me all the pink, red, & heart print everything! 😍

    XO, Emily
    Epicurean Emily