okay guys…
im living my dream day.
woke up at 9am
layed in bed with my lolli for an hour
picked up my things at the salon
(im ready for a change… no i didnt get fired haha i just think its time for a new, more upbeat salon)
visited ash at sweet tooth fairy
had my breakfast: apple cobbler cupcake
now im blogging with my heater blanket on and candles lit.
i have nothing to do today and i am 100% happy about it.
my favorite way to spend free time alone is looking at fashion blogs for hours on end. or going to the gym and having an amazing work out while blasting my music.
im attempting ZUMBA tonight
HAHA its going to be outrageous..
the only reason im considering this is:
*i see girls with zero coordination in there all the time aka.. ill fit right in.
*there are always so many people that i wont be able to see myself in the mirror. which is good. who wants to watch themselves awkwardly zumba?
*i kind of feel like just not caring what i look like for a night and just having fun with my girl jess.
so zumba.. its nice to meet you. see you tonight!
reasons why i love Haven Andelin:
1. she has an inhaler
2. she birthed thee cutest babe. hayes 🙂
3. she steals corn dogs from neighbor’s freezers in the middle of the night with me
4. she hucks water balloons at cars and breaks head lights and then hides from the cops with me
5. she investigates our roommates retainers with me… (we tried to figure out how the thing fit in her mouth.. idk it was weird)
6. smells like……… minnesota
(and im about to get real cheesy)
7. when i moved up to utah after high school i felt like i was trying to figure out who i was and i didnt really have my life figured out yet. haven was like my little angel and she was the best example to me and the best roommate. we instantly became best friends and did everything together and she really helped my life go in the direction i wanted it to. i know she was put in my life for a reason and im so so thankful she is one of my bestest friends forever.
XOXO love you HAVEY!!!

okay i want all of these.

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