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Happy 4 years David!!!! I call him Wavey and he calls me Swimzy 🙂 in our four years together we have had 2 kids, moved 4 times, been to 18 countries, and I am so thankful for all of our fun and not so fun experiences together. These are some of my favorite memories.

  1. The dance at our wedding. David was crying and I was crying and it was perfect. Our friend Thayne was playing Love Me Tender by Elvis Presley.
  2. Eating Indian food on the floor of David’s room the night we got engaged.
  3. Moving to New York and having the most amazing first night in our apartment. Our boxes were everywhere and we put Atticus to bed and laid on our mattress with all of the city lights out our window and it felt so surreal. We watched all of the lights go on and off throughout the buildings and we were just SO excited. It was such a fun experience.
  4. Finding out I was pregnant with Atticus in a random mall bathroom in France right before we went to the airport to head home. We told the flight attendant we were pregnant and we couldn’t stop smiling the whole way home.
  5. Laying on the little cot in the hospital room with David and Atticus the afternoon after he was born. We took a long nap together with Atticus laying on David’s chest and it is one of my happiest moments.
  6. A night in Italy (I don’t remember where in Italy) where we were driving around trying to find a place to pitch our tent. We couldn’t find anywhere and finally found someones farm. We pitched it in his field and had the most restless nights sleep feeling like that man was going to come bust us!
  7. We were staying in Tuscany at a really cheap airbnb and David went to the store and got some noodles. We had brought Top Ramen with us (we were traveling on a dime ha) and David added the noodles to the Ramen and it was our gourmet meal for the night 😉 it was so fun.
  8. All of our nights in Morocco sleeping in a $10 a night hostel type place that we were almost certain had bed bugs. Every night we would lay in bed laughing at how we would look back on these nights one day. We also went to this spa in Morocco which was still one of our favorite memories ever – it is definitely a must for all couples. You basically are in there (naked, sorry TMI) and you lay in this clay cave looking room on opposite sides from each other. It has a bunch of candles in there and they come and wash your body and hair and then massage you. Maybe that sounds weird but it is super cool.
  9. The day we arrived in Ireland and found the most beautiful beach. We played in the sand with Atticus and Rosie and it was a special moment.
  10. Going to the Symphony on our first date and eating at The Dodo after. I remember our conversation like it was yesterday.
  11. The day we got Chauncey we had to make a road trip to Las Vegas for a friend’s baby’s blessing. I remember being at work and being SO excited to come home and see Chauncey (David was going to pick him up while I was at work!) he was soooo cute running around the living room and our road trip with him was so fun just snuggling him and watching him nuzzle between the seats.
  12. Being in the hospital with Rosie when David brought Atticus to meet her for the first time 🙂
  13. All of the times David would stay up with me in the middle of the night when I was crying because my legs hurt so bad (I don’t know I get bad leg pain while pregnant.) Specifically a time when we were living in David’s parents home while they were in Costa Rica and it was so bad that we went on a walk at 3am. He never complains about missed sleep and always takes care of me.

Okay I could literally go on forever!!!! LOVE YOU WAVEY!!!!!!!!

Photos from Happy Anniversary David! + Some Favorite Memories

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  1. Is it incredibly cheesy that I almost teared up reading this? haha these sound like some of the most fun and sweetest memories to share with someone and you twos love for each other (even though I don’t know you personally ahah) is just so obvious in your photos and posts like these <3

    ~Jessica Linn

  2. Listening to Love me tender now!! my kids adore fun music and I think this is a perfect addition! It give me all the feels. I love the memories you have shared!! Thanks love!!!

  3. Just read this post and it definitely pulled at my heart strings. I love seeing the relationship you guys have with each other through posts and seeing it in action on snap chat. I also like that you admit that it’s not always sunshine and rainbows because I know people can just get caught up in all the pretty pictures and think others have it way more together than they actually do so thanks for being cute, yet real at the same time!

  4. Wonderful memories, it almost made me cry ?. Thank you for sharing them! Wishing you all the best ❤️

  5. Thank you for sharing these precious memories! Your love for each other makes my heart happy. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! Here’s to many many more!!

  6. I’m obsessed. There, I said it…hahah! But it is TRUE! Y’all are just the sweetest, cutest, most down to earth couple in the blogosphere. I love seeing y’all interact and reading about how much y’all love each other (yes, I’m from Texas so I say “y’all” a lot haha!). I just read your post from like…2012 about how you guys met and your story. I LOVE that honesty and truth. Sometimes relationships online look perfectly put together and always glamorous, so I love how you were so real and honest! Thank you for that.

    I love love love what you are doing with your blog. Your family is just so adorable and it is an absolute joy to watch you and your business thrive! Many blessings!!!


  7. I just love you guys sooooo much! What a love story ….I wish you would write a book. Thanks for sharing. You always make me smile

  8. Happy Anniversary! You guys have a beautiful love – you are very, very lucky!

  9. Happy Anniversary! You guys are such a great couple it makes me really happy reading all of these great memories you have together.
    xxxxxxx Isobel

  10. I can’t wait to find a love like yours one day ❤️ It’s truly inspiring

  11. Absolutely adorable memories !!! Your very blessed to have each other and experience all that you do!! I love following along!! Happy anniversary ✨?

  12. Sounds like really cute and beautiful moments you had together:) I’m hoping that this will continue for you and your family foreeever and congratulations to your anniversary?

  13. So cute. I love all of the adventures you’ve been on together!
    Sidenote–I went to The Dodo for the first time a couple months ago. It was SO GOOD! 🙂
    Happy Anniversary!

  14. Amber,

    I’m going to Morocco this upcoming spring; would you share the name of the Spa if you can remember? or maybe location? I’d love to go.


  15. I love that your best moments have nothing to do with the amount of money you spent, they are about the experiences you have created together (bed bugs and all) when you didn’t have much and I truely admire that. I think that part of a happy life and relationship is gratitude for everything that you already have and you no doubt both have that in spades. I’m so happy for you and your little family.

  16. You too have the cutest relationship. I could read your memories for hours!

  17. Umm could you guys be any cuter?! Reading this list almost made me cry (and I’m not a crier!) Happy Anniversary, wishing you many more years of happiness and fun adventures together!


  18. Why did this make me tear up? I freaking love you guys! Happy Anniversary, and thanks for sharing your beautiful life with us!!

  19. You guys are so cute! I can tell you two are not only husband and wife but best friends!! #goals 🙂 you’re wedding dress is beautiful! I am planning a wedding for November of 2017 and your dress is just what I want! I currently live in Phoenix, AZ, do you know of any bridal shops that might have a similar dresses?

    Happy Anniversary!


  20. YOU TWO ARE THE BEST. I loved reading this it made me so happy to hear that you two are still so happy! Happy Anniversary!! I am getting married in less than a year and I am so excited! People tend to be very cynical, so I’m ecstatic to hear about a happy couple with a beautiful family xx

  21. Soo sweet! Wishing you an amazing annaversery! I hope your love last forever! Xoxo

  22. so sweet ❤️ I love the dodo and all of your other adorable memories. happy anniversary! I hope I will have a relationship full of adventure like yours!

  23. This has me so sentimental. I can tell you two are so in love and passionate in evry act you carry out togther. So happy for you. Love you! ✨

  24. I cried whilst reading this post it is so beautiful! I’m 22 and can not wait to experience some of these things (come have already happened :)) Thanks for sharing Amber xx Jasmine

  25. Awwwww! You guys are literally the cutest, closest couple! And gorgoeus/handsome! 🙂 I hope to have a marriage like you someday….

  26. This literally melted my heart. You two are such a beautiful couple, and just as amazing parents. You both inspire me so much. You make me believe in true love and living your dream with your best friend by your side. Happy anniversary to one of my favorite couples 🙂 may your years to come be filled with love and happiness. I couldn’t be more happy for you two!!

  27. Happy Anniversary!!! It’s smart that you wrote down your memories. So sweet!! <3

  28. This is so sweet! I love all the little moments that don’t cost a dime! My husband and I are coming up on 11 years(wow! It can’t be that long ago we were 19 and 20!) and we still talk about when we didn’t have much and all the memories we have made! It really is something so special! Congrats on four years!


  29. Oh wow, Happy Anniversary! Your wedding date is the same as my son’s birthday too cute! Many more years of happiness for you and David! xoxo

  30. Aw these memories are so fun to read!! I love the one of you guys finding out you were pregnant with Atticus in France! ?

  31. This is so so sweet and gives me hope about dating! It’s nice to know there can be good guys out there! Haha happy anniversary to you both you are truly a great hard working sweet couple and it’s definitely something to look up to!

  32. Happy Anniversary!!!! Sending you lots of love and many blessings for you two. I hope one day I can have a list of things like with my significant other. 4 years, 2 babies and your dream hair extension line later…! Congrats on everything, love following your blog and how real everything is!

    Xoxo, Isa

  33. Congratulations David & Amber?!!! Your memories are just the sweetest! Wishing you more & more of them with each passing day❤️️

  34. Soooo sweet! You two are incredible <3 Love how much you love each other! If you ever come to San Francisco, let me know!! I would LOVE to photograph you two!

  35. There is nothing like sharing life with your partner and finding out so much about him/her and building all those memories. Once you become parents those memories become an even more special bond and so precious because only your partner and you share such unconditional love for the little ones together. David strikes me as a super positive, hands on and down to earth person, I reckon you guys balance each other brilliantly. Happy 4th wedding anniversary. My hubby and I will soon reach the 10 year mark next May…hurray! Lots of love to you both, Julie

  36. Happy Anniversary Amber and David… best wishes from Tuscany!! such a beautiful and inspiring couple ❤️

  37. Congrats on the anniversary! The two of you are so cute together! Wishing you a lifetime of wedded bliss!!!

  38. Congratulations David & Amber! You’re memories are truly the sweetest! Wishing you more & more of them with each passing day❤️


  39. ???? happy anniversary wavey and swimzy ❤️❤️ you are too sweet for words, so happy you have each other!

  40. Sooooo cute!! ?? you are just perfect!! Happy birthday David!! ?? I wish you lots of years along with your beatiful family!
    Congratulations from Brazil ??

  41. Aww you guys are amazing! What a beautiful familly I wish everyone experienced the kind of love you share for eah other.. I’m a sucker for love stories what can I say ahah p.s how did you guys meet? xx

  42. Such a beautiful tribute to someone you obviously love so well! Thank you for sharing your memories.

  43. Soo cute Amber? U guys are literally goals and I wish u the best of luck in the future ? Happy anniversary and here’s to many more of them ?

  44. Congrats!
    You are amazing and such a role model for us young families.
    I have learn from you that having a very fun life is possible with children. And that they make it even better!

  45. Love this – the memories are adorable. You guys make me so so happy. Hope to be like you whenever I get married

  46. So sweet, Amber! Your love for each other is so apparent and just makes me so happy! ☺️

  47. True Love, The best kind of Love…..that’s what you two have. Making a life together that is full of, well. LIFE, the travel, the babies, the food, music, kisses, looks at each other that will last forever. Happy Anniversary to my all time favorite couple! xoxo (Thanks for letting us share it with you)

  48. These memories are so freaking adorable and remind me that it’s the small things in life that bring the biggest happiness. My fiancé and I are creating so many memories over the past few years and when I look back, I too love all of the simple ones the most. Sometimes there is nothing better than getting lost in coversation walking in the rain! Happy anniversary!