How To Make A Hanging Clothing Rack

Hanging Clothing Rack DIY


Space can be hard to come by in bedrooms and closets, especially in apartments. A great way to save space is to hang a clothing rack. It also makes super cute decor that you can hang your hats, belts, and favorite pieces of clothing from. Or if you’re a blogger, you can hang all the outfits you need to photograph that week.

A hanging clothing rack doesn’t take up floor space so it will make your room feel less cluttered. It’s also super easy to make! You can use a tree branch like I did or a curtain rod, wooden dowel, or anything else that isn’t too heavy or easily breakable.

How To Make A Hanging Clothing Rack
How To Make A Hanging Clothing Rack

Clothing Rack Supplies 

A Tree Branch

Clear Fishing Line

2 Wall Hooks

How To Make A Hanging Clothing Rack
How To Make A Hanging Clothing Rack


1. Measure out the fishing line by holding it from the ceiling and cut it to the length you want the rod to hang. Cut two of these.

2. Tie one piece of fishing line to the left side of the rod and tie the other piece to the right side of the rod. Make loops on the other ends of the line.

3. Screw your hooks into either the ceiling or wall next to the ceiling and hook the loops you made on the fishing line onto the hooks in the wall. Then you’re ready to start hanging things!

How To Make A Hanging Clothing Rack
How To Make A Hanging Clothing Rack

Hanging a clothing rack or rod is a great space saver, decor piece, and organization tool. I like to hang my hats, belts, purses, and different outfits for the week. Of course, color coordinating makes the rack look even better. If you use a branch, you can get wooden hangers to match, it looks so much better than regular plastic hangers. Just remember, don’t put too much weight on the rod or else it might fall down on you. Try to keep it light. If you love home decor, check out the rest of my bedroom here!

Article and images by Jenny Bess. You can view more content by Jenny on her blog and on her Instagram here

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Hello, I’m Jenny! I’m a DIY fashion blogger, beach bum, and dog mom of 2. I was born and raised in Florida and find myself loving anything tropical. I’m a self-taught sewist and love designing and making my own clothes, accessories and home decor. When I’m not creating, you can find me on photoshoots with my boyfriend Will, swimming in the ocean or taking a nap (because let’s be real, life can be exhausting).

My motto has always been if you can’t find it or afford it, make it yourself. In addition to making things, I’ve taken an interest in sustainability and being more eco-friendly. I hate going to the beach and finding trash left behind, I also hate being wasteful. That’s why I love thrifting and making use of old things while also being mindful of the products I use and the items I buy. You can find me at, P.S. I love anything teal!

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