IMG_9551IMG_9525-1IMG_9560IMG_9533IMG_9647IMG_9575IMG_9543IMG_9622IMG_9595IMG_9541 DRESS: Lovers + Friends c/o

TIGHTS: Hanes c/o

COAT: Topshop

HEELS: Urban Outfitters

LIPSTICK: Russian Red by MAC

**Photos by Jessica Janae Photography

To say I am obsessed with these heels would be an understatement. I lovvve the jeweled heel. It is such a feminine detail and so perfect for the holidays I may just have to get them in black as well.

So about these photos, they are for a little collab with Hane’s I did.. I always need lots of tights for the winter and Hane’s is always my go to, mainly because they have such a variety and the price point is just fab. The ones I am wearing are the classic black pair that every girl needs for winter dresses and skirts 🙂 and do you see the photos of me laying on that vanity thing? Well just imagine you walk into a hotel bathroom and there is a blonde girl laying on a vanity having her photos taken… that is the look I got from countless elderly women walking in and out haha some even said, “okayyyy….” – we were laughing so hard. We are used to it haha


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  1. These shoes are AMAZING! And these pictures are so gorgeous. I’m always so impressed with how unique your photos are 🙂

  2. I am OBSESSING over those heels!!! You look fabulous as always!! Thanks for the laugh!!! Oh women…no matter the age some never change 😉


    1. Thanks so much girl!! And right? haha they are not used to the ‘fashion blogger’ era 🙂

  3. Great photographs! I love the interior design especially. Where were these taken?
    ( I am an interior designer in Chicago and blog about high end interiors and fashion!)

    1. Thanks girl!! I actually do not know the name of it, it was a hotel in SLC that my photographer just drove us to!

  4. What a beautiful location, I think I have to get these shoes! Love that story, another blogger friend and I were taking pictures one day and noticed people watching us through their window probably thinking we were insane haha! xx

    1. Yes get the shoes, you will thank me 🙂 haha and that is funny about you and your friend, I will never understand why people think it is weird to see people take photos, but some find it quite amusing

  5. I have a MAJOR girl crush on you! I love those heels, the Russian Red and the fact that you laid on the vanity in front of countless people. Work it!

    xoxo, BA

  6. These photos are so cute!! I love the vintage-y vibe and low-lighting. Jessica always takes amazing photos! Those heels are phenomenal. And yes, always need a good supply of tights! Too funny about the comments from the women—oh well, right?!

  7. Ahhh. The photo of you straight on against the wall (the wallpaper!) with the hard flash…so good! Really. One of my favorite photos I’ve seen of you.

  8. Just stumbled upon your blog a few days ago; you are stunning, girl!

    Especially love the coat and heels in this post!


  9. Haha, this must have been so fun to shoot!
    I can see why you love those heels, get them in black as well if you love them so much!
    You look very good with a pink coat, I think it is because it is a special kind of pink because normally I am not into pink coats!
    Have a nice weekend xx

  10. That peach color is gorgeous on you! The photos turned out amazing and totally worth the awkwardness from the older ladies. I just love the grand! xo

  11. I say screw the awkward stares/comments and keep doing what you’re doing!…which I’m sure you did haha. Great photos and you look amazing 🙂