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MY DETAILS: Blue Oversized Sweatshirt // Sunglasses // Distressed Jeans // Cut Off Shorts // Black Swimsuit // Black Sweater (sold out; similar here) // Donut Raft

ATTICUS’ DETAILS: Shark Costume // Crab Beanie  (sold out but love THIS reindeer one for winter) // Henley (my FAVORITE! I got both colors and he is wearing size 12T) // Vest (size 12T) // Black Leggings (yes he is wearing girl ones haha) // Red Moccasins (in color cherry) // Seahorse Swimsuit

David and I were talking about Halloween and coming up with all of these ideas of what we could be and then we realized…….. we have a total of zero friends in Alabama and literally would have no where to go to dress up haha! Losers. So we decided to head to Destin for the weekend. We obviously couldn’t not dress Atticus up for his first halloween though so we last minute got this shark costume. David was actually last minute going to be a shark attack victim and I was going to be a lifeguard and we thought we would just dress up for fun but we got to Destin right at sunset so we didn’t have time! Maybe next year we will have friends and dress up… haha 🙂 but Atticus was loving his costume and we both kept saying that we swear he knew he was dressed up or something because he was getting such a kick out of it like he was showing off or something – it was kind of adorable.

Then of course we went and got 10 corn dogs at Sonic. No, like literally 10. They are the best corn dogs ever.. I swear the batter is just extra thick and delicious and they were only 50 cents on Halloween sooo we took full advantage. I swear Sonic is the best/worst.. I love their food (I am a sucker for fast food) but I swear they get something wrong every single time AND they take for-ev-er. Never have I gone through and had it take less than 12 min and they always forget my ketchup and always get our order wrong so we always say, “we are never going back!!” and then next week we are stuck in that gosh dang drive thru getting that corn dog and Sonic blast again. Anyways thennn we went to Taco Bell and got their new pink starburst slush which is literally spot on. I am not kidding, you all have got to do get one. We planned on watching a scary movie after but we fell asleep early.. fat and lazy and hilarious could describe our night haha.


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  1. Where were you in AL? I realize this is an old post, but I grew up going to Destin and Gulf Shores, and seeing one of my favorite bloggers enjoying the beautiful beaches there makes me so excited! Please tell me y’all got hush puppies from Krystal while y’all were down there! As a corn dog aficionado, I can vouch for how delicious they are!

  2. OMG my daughter (yes, a girl!) had the same costume when she was this little!!! My husband picked it out! It’s one of the best ones she’s ever had in my opinion. Atticus looks absolutely adorable!

  3. Hi! I just got married 3 weeks ago and me and my husband just moved to Alabama! Its a culture shock to say the least! I was wondering what city in Alabama you guys lived? Iv been looking at your old posts about it and it sounds similar to where we are! It would just be nice to hear from someone who was in our shoes!

    1. My husband was in school there and then we had opportunities in NYC and moved 🙂

  4. Gorgeous photos! Can I bug you and ask what kind of camera you & David use?


  5. Seriously the cutest pictures ever of Atticus! I know the feeling about having a total of zero friends here. Lol…just emailed you a little bit ago about that actually!
    Those beach pictures are just beautiful! We are going to Destin this weekend too while we wait to close on our house…can’t wait to see all that beautiful city has to offer!

  6. Baby A is the cutest shark! Too late this year, but for next year…..The public libraries usually do a Halloween event where you can dress up the kids and take them to the library and there are trick or treat stations. Also, most zoos do a trick or treat with the animals.
    The Doctor Diva

  7. It’s been years since I visited Hawaii and you are making me seriously consider booking tickets right here and now. You have a beautiful family, and your braids are on-point per usual 😉

    Disco Daydream

  8. Everything about this post, the pictures, you & your family is so adorable. You’re just precious. This one made me smile & laugh (and post a comment!).

  9. Beautiful photos!! What camera do you use?? I am looking to get myself one for Christmas..

    Thank you!

  10. Love his costume!!! The pictures are breathtaking 🙂 I swear that my little girl knew that she was dressed up as well 🙂 We were a lumberjack family, and she was all smiles with her plaid shirt, beanie, and eye liner drawn beard 😉

  11. I seriously love you. You’re the bomb dot com. I love your sense of humor and how you just share details about your life! Makes me feel like we should be best friends! Keep it up, Amber. Your blog is my fave!

  12. your photos are always beautiful, and what a sweet sharkey!! and oh my. sonic mozzarella sticks and sonic corn dogs are like… oh my gosh. too good.

  13. That is the cutest little shark in the world.

    Have an amazing day!
    instagram: stylishlyinlove

  14. Lol you always have the best stories and you talk to so real in your blog. I can appreciate that. Hopefully, you three will make friends in no time!


  15. That shark costume is the most adorable thing ever!
    Haha we had a similar dilemma about Halloween before realising we didn’t have any friends to dress up with yet, at least you have an adorbs baby to make up for it 😉

  16. attic’s outfits are so freaking cute! and I love your long sweaters and black cut-out suit! you’re entire family is just so fresh!

    xoxo hails.

    1. or explain to me how you got yourself to be so light even with direct sunlight in the back haha. I feel like when I do that the subject is always dark. tips!

  17. Well that is just the cutest shark I have ever seen! Sunshine, Sonic and that little shark—it sounds like it was a perfect Halloween!