I bought a bunch of wire to make crafts with and I got way too much so I decided to experiment with the wire in my hair. Here are a couple ideas of wire incorporated hair styles 🙂
Number One:

Number Two:
For hair style Number One all you need is:
 1. wire.. any color! in the pic I used a charcoal wire but I also used gold the other day and liked that too, the charcoal just contrasts better with my blonde hair! (gold would contrast better with brown hair, obviously)
2. Extensions. I used two rows for my messy bun and one fishtailed extension to wrap around the messy bun My favorite extensions are from Sally’s. They have the clips already sewn on and they are roughly $90 but are good quality and mine last about a year or so.
3. You’ll also need elastics, bobby pins, and a teasing comb
and here is a tutorial on how to do it:
click here for tutorial
{and the red mark on the back of my neck is soo not a hickey! I burned myself with the curling iron.. apparently youre not supposed to rest a blazing hot curling iron on your neck! Who would have thought?}
For Number Two:
you’ll need:

1. Feather earring

2. any color of wire
3. also you’ll need a clear elastic

-First pull your hair half up and secure with clear elastic
-Take wire and begin to wrap around elastic and then down the half up pony
-Once you have gone as far down as you would like with the wire, leave 3 inches of wire hanging
-Wrap the end of the wire around a feather earring or an embellishment of some sorts (i used a feather earring)

and voila.

Have a good Tuesday!

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  1. I love, love, love the large gold circle necklace that you are wearing in this tutorial!! Where did you get it? Also, love the tutorial!!