I love looking on Pinterest for cute hair ideas and then attempting to try them. A couple weeks ago I tried this one out:
 Her braid is a million times cuter BUT here is my attempt:
-Start by making 5 sections and begin doing a 5 strand braid leaving your front pieces or bangs out. 
{if you dont know how to 5 strand braid click here}
-Half way down the braid, turn the 5 strand braid into a regular 3 strand braid then secure with an elastic at the end. 
-Then pull on random sections of the braid to make it look looser and more messy. 
-VERY, very loosely braid your front pieces and bobby pin them back. 
Now if we all only had her adorable freckles and lush red hair. Sigh. 
Have a good weekend! 

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