so apparently im oddly obsessed with shooting guns.
i find it so gratifying for some odd reason..
i went yesterday and we shot zombie targets
the boys didnt bring ear plugs.
its been 24 hours and my ears are still ringing and echoing and numb and i cant hear all the way.
pretty much… call me hellen keller.
i feel so claustrophobic not being able to hear all the way its so outrageously annoying.
what if i have to get hearing aids?
i cant think about that.
i cant i cant.
the annoying thing is when i heard tom shoot it was so loud and i was even far away.. he said they never use ear plugs…. i guess their ears have super power shields? i dont know.
but before i know it, its my turn.
in 3 seconds all of this went through my head:
“my dad would honestly kill me if he knew i was going to shoot without ear plugs… amber you broke your wrist like 900 times already… that means you are FRAGILE/FRAIL/EASILY BROKEN which means your ears are too probably. it just only makes sense. but there are zombies. zombies have been haunting my dreams for a while now (because im addicted to the walking dead now) and it would feel nice to kill one.. but my ears!!!!!!!!!!! ill have to wear ear plugs or learn sign language. i dont even know all the words in the english language how could i learn to sign? ill have to draw freaking pictures in order to communicate. my life will be one endless  game of pictionary.”
and before i know it im shooting zombies in the head.
and now my ears are crying and yelling at me for it.
im sorry. (is what i try to tell them)
i googled….. and this is what i found.
may we all learn to sign?
please and thanks.

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  1. What if you wake up from one of these bad dreams in a panic and accidentally shoot me! It could happen!

  2. Yeah…maybe I take my offer as travel partner back. I didn’t know you had such an adoration for shooting guns. Who says you wouldn’t shoot me?! And AMC’s The Walking Dead = AMAZING.