I have said on my blog a few times before that I wash my hair about once, mayyybe twice a week which has resulted in lots and lots of emails asking how I wear my hair when it is so greasy and what I do to not make it look so greasy.
This below is the fastest way I do it. I sometimes do braids or a milk maid look but when I am in a hurry I do this because it takes two seconds. I creepily stalk all Victoria’s Secret models.. (I literally dreamed of being one since I was like 5 years old. Maybe that is weird or maybe we all secretly do) But I love them because they always look so effortlessly chic.
I always see Erin Heatherton wear her hair like this, in a messy slicked back pony with the two front chunks out (google ‘erin heatherton hair’ or ‘erin heatherton pony tail’ to see what I am talking about).. and since I creepily idol her, I copy her and do it all the time too, even though she pulls it off much better 🙂
Also to make my hair not look so greasy I use dry shampoo but sometimes that dries out my extensions so I use cornstarch on my roots or baby powder! I just put it on my finger tips, tip my head over and brush it all over my roots. But I try to veer away from baby powder because I have had one to many incidents of “what the? why does it smell like baby powder all the sudden?” as I walk by a group or something embarrassing. I am sure you blondes know what I am talking about!
Another funny story.. I was just in New York ya know? So I was going through security and every time I do it detects something on my head because of my extensions and they come over and just pat my head and tell me I am good to go. Well this time I am standing there waiting for her to pat my head because I see my scan and see the head region lit up but I look at the lady and she could tell I saw the scan and was waiting so she said, “oh its not a big deal sometimes it goes off when someones hair is wet.”
….my hair wasn’t wet.
Whoops! I am such a savage.
Anyways, in these pics I don’t have cornstarch or anything to combat the grease just my hair on day 4! Greasy hair makes for a good grungy pony.
tee: Urban Outfitters (old) / sweater: c/o Windsor / skinnies: J Brand / necklace: F21


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  1. Okay random question but I have to ask… I have very long blonde hair as well and I know I wash/style it waaaay too much! I go every other day if possible but even then I feel it’s a stretch. Do you do anything special to your hair after working out? I am a runner and I feel like that is a huge reason why I feel the need to wash my hair bc it gets all nasty from working out. Any advice?

  2. This is how your hair looks on the 4th day after washing ? mine looks so greasy on the second day ! 🙁 I wash my hair every two days, other wise, it’ll be dripping wet, baby powder dosen’t work either .. what should I do to stop it from getting oily this fast ?

  3. How do you get your extensions into a pony tail? Do you have a pony tail attachment that you use? I have clips ins but it always feels super weird in a pony!

  4. I which this hairstyle worked for brunettes because i can’t pull this off at all! This is very cute and you work it very well! I must ask where did you get that cardigan? I love it!

  5. You say you only wash your hair once or twice a week, do you wash it after excercise??
    I do sport everyday but i don’t want to wash my hair everyday 🙁 But apparently its bad for your scalp otherwise! ahhh toughy
    Love your blog! xxx

  6. Hello Amber,
    I sent you another email from our home account – and a message through paypal as well,


  7. Oops! Sorry for the two replies! Didn’t think the one posted:/

  8. Oh my gosh! That is fabulous!!!! Thank you! I will share it with my daughter – she is 10 and we just started being able to share these things! Fun! I will send you my address tomorrow and send payment from our Paypal account!

  9. Hi Amber,
    Just wondering if you have considered selling this sweater…still love it!


      1. Did you set up your site where you will be selling clothes? If so, can you provide the link? xx

  10. hooray!!! thank you for the reply Amber!

    and yes…it is actually snowing here today. grrr! Spring has lost her way!


  11. P.s.
    And just maybe…if you grow tired of it and you wouldn’t mind – would you consider saving this sweater for me to purchase? Just had to ask 😉

    Nite nite from up in Canada where yes…it’s still snowing and it’s April 20th!

    1. I am selling a bunch of my clothes soon and I will let you know if I end up selling this!! 🙂

  12. Such an inspiring blog when one has the winter blahs!
    I tried emailing before – and i do have paypal – would you consider selling any of the clothing? Particularly the cardigan you are wearing in this photo???

    Thanks for considering!


    1. Hey Grace!! I am working on setting up an online shop where I am going to sell clothes! When I have that up and running I will announce it on my blog and you can purchase anything listed!! 🙂

  13. Amber! I’d also like to know how you go without washing your hair after sweating from your daily work out? I find I can only go 2 days. Also do you get dandruff or kind of grayish color roots after using baby powder so often? Because I’ve experienced that.

  14. Generally I don’t learn post on blogs, but I wish to say that this write-up very pressured me to take a look at and do so! Your writing taste has been amazed me. Thanks, very great post.

  15. I’m curious too. I workout out every day and get really really sweaty, especially my hairline. I was curious what you do about that as well?

    1. ME. TOO. I work out hard six days a week so I can enjoy stuffing my face for the rest of the day. I get totally sweaty and there’s no way I can’t wash my hair. Surely you work out–how do you manage it?

  16. Did you buy this sweater a long time ago? It’s not on the Windsor site!

    Love your blog so much!
    And seriously you could easily be mistaken for a VS model on the streets, you’re gorgeous!

  17. LOVE the messy ponytail. And you totally pull it off! I was wondering what kind of extensions you have? I’ve tried just about every kind, but I like to see what kind people have and how they like them.

  18. Hey lovely ladies!!! Thanks for the comments, I love reading them! Glad most of you agree with me about the Victorias Secret models.. they are such good inspiration!!

    And I loved those who shared your funny greasy hair stories! Haha isn’t it the best? gotta love it!

    The lipstick I am wearing is MAC ‘Cut a Caper’ with MAC nude gloss over (the name of it has worn off!)

    Thanks for reading, love you guys!

  19. I know you workout as much as I do, so what do you do with your hair when you workout? I feel like I am damaging it because I have to pull it back so often! Also, do you just use dry shampoo/cornstarch after workouts when your hair is sweaty? Any tips would be appreciated 🙂

  20. I usually go the weekend without washing my hair but during the week I work out and feel after a good sweat i need to wash my hair. I know you are someone who works out so what do you do during the days you work out? Do you not wet it? Do you wet it and restyle it? I tried wearing a shower cap but with the humidity of my HOT shower (I can’t shower in anything but hot even in the summer) it gets humid and my straightened hair curls and frizzes. I am open to any help on this because my hair is very fine and styling daily damages.

  21. I’m your newest follower, and I am loving your blog! You are so gorgeous! And don’t worry, I only wash my hair like twice a week, I can never do anything with clean hair.

    “fashion, love & lauren”

  22. haha I totally loved reading this, as I am also blonde and try to wash my hair only when I have to. The airport story cracked me up. I even read it to my husband, who really didn’t understand. lol Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  23. Hahah, I can relate with the wet hair comment. My best friend and I went to the temple a while back and she did baptisms and I did a session, I met her after we were both done and in the car she says, “I thought you did a session, not baptisms?” I told her I did, and she said “then why is your hair wet?”

    Yeah… thats my hair that hasn’t been washed in nine days–its not wet! :/ I was blessed with good hair but apparently by day 7-9 it needs to be washed whether I think so or not!

    You are adorable and have such good hair!

  24. Iv always dreamed of being a VS model as well so your definitely not weird lol! Erin and Candice are my favs and when I want to change my hair color or style I google them too and bring pictures of them into the salon with me lol!
    I also have oily hair and wash it every other day, dry shampoos don’t work for me unless its because I haven’t found the right one! It’s frustrating!!! Xox

  25. Thanks for sharing! By the way, what lipstick/lipgloss are you wearing on these pictures? It looks amaaaazing!