I have been wanting to do a post on this because 1. melasma sucks and 2. because I really thought mine would never go away and mine is pretty much all gone now and I could cry I am so happy. So I wanted to share how I got rid of mine! If you don’t know what melasma is, it is also sometimes called “pregnancy mask” they are dark spots or patches that show up on your face. Usually during pregnancy. For me I got mine when I was pregnant with Atticus .. everyones is different and some people get it on their forehead, under their eyes, above their top lip. I got big dark patches under my eyes! I was so self-conscience about it. I felt so ugly with them and didn’t ever want to go out without make up on. The sucky thing about it is that anything that can help with the dark spots, you can’t do while nursing or pregnant. I nursed A for 15 months and got pregnant when he was 6 months and then I nursed Ro for 7 months. So I had to just live with it for a while. There were a few things I tried – mostly serums and they did help to lighten it. These three were SkinCeuticals Pigment Corrector, Estée Lauder Dark Spot Serum, and Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum. The last two my doctor said were safe during nursing actually but ask your own doctor if you want to be safe. When I moved back to Arizona this summer I started seeing an aesthetician (Rachel at Desert Sky Dermatology)… she was the first one to really give me “new advice”.. it felt like everyone else would just say, “hmm yeah dark spots are tricky, they often don’t ever leave..” they would recommend a few products and I never saw a change and I was like okay well there is that. Rachel started me on a good plan. We didn’t do any brighteners – below is what Rachel (my aesthetician has me doing….

  1. Hydrafacials! This was the first thing we started doing and right away I noticed differences not just in my dark spots but in my whole face. A hydrafacial is like a really deep clean for your face .. it extracts impurities and removes dead skin cells. My face always feels SO dewy and bright after. I have been getting these about every month and a half/two months. They can be pricey depending on where you go.. in bigger cities it is going to cost more (I really don’t want to know what it costs in LA and NYC eek) but ask your local aesthetician and make sure you go to someone legit who knows what they are doing! But I promise you will be loving on your skin with these. *I also have her extract blackheads when she does this!
  2. Using a retinol cream every night! Rachel recommended I use this one because it doesn’t make your skin dry and flaky (I have never been dry or flaky and I use it every night. But I started off using it every other.) It has high concentration of glycolic acid in it and I am convinced this is one of the products that helped the most! I have talked about retinol creams a few times on here and they are super important for skincare but you can’t use them pregnant or nursing. (Here is a link to buy it.)
  3. Vitamin C Serum – this is the other product Rachel recommended and I use this before my retinol cream every night. I have been using this one, by the same brand Skin Better and I love that it is a thin layer that absorbs really nicely. I also use this in the mornings!! (Here is a link to buy it.)
  4. A good exfoliator! Okay she had me get this scrub and holy cowwww it is the best face scrub you will ever use ever ever ever! I can’t even explain it but I will try – the texture of it is so even and your skin is sooo smooth after. Using this 2-3 times a week really helped with the dark spots and also making my pores smaller!
  5. Dermaplaning – I have done this twice in the last 5 months but doing this a few times a year can also really help! It is a form of exfoliation using a scalpel.. I showed this on insta stories when I have gotten it done! It takes off any peach fuzz as well as any dead skin. The day right after my skin has some bumps because it is such fresh skin but after a couple days you will be in heaven with your skin!

Okay so these are things I have been doing for my skin! I do random face masks and try different creams and serums for fun but these are the things I have been doing insanely regularly and what I think has made my melasma go away. Being happy with your skin feels so good and I know it sounds cheesy but now I will go to the store or out and about without make up and I feel so freeee! I know I could have before and that was on me for feeling self conscience and I always thought it was worse in my head but I just didn’t feel good make up free so I never did.

I hope this helps!!!! Leave any other questions you have in the comments and I will respond throughout the week and I will also ask Rachel about any other questions you guys have (since she is the expert here haha)

Photos from How I Got Rid of Melasma

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  1. I have tried everything for my melasma. Chemical peels, lasers, hydroquinone, retina, everything! The active ingredients in Dermalmd Lightening Serum combined with the natural acids have made such on my dark spots and overall skin tone better and my melasma now completely removed.

  2. Hi, I LOVE sun and I don’t want to wear sunscreen. Do you think if if I use all of the products you mentioned consistently, it would work for my melasma? Thanks!

  3. With Dermalmd lightening serum you got rid of melasma naturally I have only been using this lightening serum for almost 3 weeks and I can see a huge difference. I suffer from terrible Malasma which is something I was cursed with after the birth of my son. Any amount of time in the sun makes it worse. This serum has lightened my skin dramatically. I use it twice a day.

  4. O have dermal melasma from birth control and sadly nothing will ever get rid of it. It’s like a map on my forehead…..I actually hate my face at this point…..and I miss the sun so much….even just walking to my car makes it darker.

  5. I love Dermalmd lightening serum it powerful!! I got rid of my melasma pretty good. I have some stubborn spots that are fading. I had a really bad spot that was gone in two days. If you have acne and bad aging skin with melasma it’ll take care of it in a few days.

  6. Thank you for all the great information. Is your product routine different for daytime? Would love any info on that. Thanks. Kathleen

  7. I too have dealt with melasma. Spectra laser treatments and daily use of Lytera by Skinmedica have made a huge difference

  8. I see you wrote this post a while ago so I’m not sure if you’ll see my comment, but I wondered if you could share with us what your skin tone is! I have olive skin so I try really hard to find makeup (foundations especially) that match my skin, and I know you sometimes have makeup posts, and I wanted to see if you were similar in coloring to myself! Thanks!

  9. Oh I had the worst Malayan after my son and NOTHING seemed to help. In a last ditch effort I spent $20 on an Amazon product that I used every morning and night for 4 weeks. It did make my fave peel but that was kinda the point. The Strange thing w strange thing as that I swear I had used all the ingredients in is bottle but maybe never all together- who knows! I don’t know if this would be super safe close to your eyes though . The bottle is called admire my skin and it has over 1000 positive reviews. I need to write mine! Details:Admire My Skin
    4.2 out of 5 stars 1,070 Reviews
    Admire My Skin 2% Hydroquinone Dark Spot Corrector Remover For Face & Melasma Treatment Fade Cream – Contains Vitamin C, Salicylic Acid, Kojic Acid, Azelaic Acid, Lactic Acid 1 fl oz

  10. Hi amber!! I have been on the search for a good aesthetician in my area and unfortunately my hunt has not been easy. Have you and your aesthetician talked about supplements?? I am seeing very mixed reviews on marine collagen and hair, skin and nails multivitamins and would love your input!

  11. Thanks for sharing! After multiple dermatologist treatments and products, I’ve accepted my melasma isn’t going anywhere. So I’m just wondering if you recommend any makeup you found worked well for covering? Melasma pigment is so difficult to cover, mine is esp gray-brown in color.

  12. Hi Amber,

    Longtime fan and I LOVE a good skin post! Thank you so much for sharing!! I struggle with acne (even after having done accutane twice) and I know how much of a difference finding solutions to skin problems can make. I am on a more holistic supplement this time around and have high hopes. Also I agree that retinol is the bomb for so many things!

    I wanted to let you know it’s actually “self-conscious” not “conscience”. I’m a (very small) blogger and I always appreciate when people point out mistakes and typos.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!



  13. Hi Amber! I have melasma also and have my first baby girl who just turned 5 months. The sun definitely makes it worse! I looked into the products you mentioned but the ingredients are awful chemicals! Your skin is the largest organ. There’s got to be some safer products to use like exfoliants and serums or oils. If you find any helpful tips for a more natural approach keep us posted!

  14. Thanks to you, i learned about hydrafacials- had my first one today and i feel like a new person. My skin has never looked better in my life. Keep posting your skin regime since i know nothing about skincare and makeup!!

  15. I am one of the people who has gotten melasma without being pregnant. I have it on my jawline and slightly up my cheeks. I’ve been to dermatologists who tried to get me to bleach it myself..but if I got any bleach on my good skin I would permantly damage the good skin. I was to scared to risk that so I’ve been living in makeup for years now. I also find that the sun makes it darker. Thank you for posting this info because I thought I would just have to live with it. Maybe what you did will help me as well

  16. Love this! I have Melasma as well (even though I’ve never been pregnant). I get regular peels called the VIPeel, but this is great info to keep it at bay in between peels. Thank you for sharing!

  17. Thank you, thank you for posting this! I could cry! I’ve had a patch on my forehead since I had my third baby and I feel like it’s just spreading as I age (I’m 40). I felt hopeless that I could ever get rid of it and heard the same things- that melasma is stubborn. I’m so happy you’ve resolved yours! I went ahead and ordered the retinol and vit C. Can’t wait to start using! Your skin looks incredible💛

  18. Great info and I think rarely people talk about it and spread word on what helps. Have u ever tried Rodan + Fields? Their Reverse system for sun spots and dark marks has all of the items u list above (which makes sense since it’s created by dermatologists). It’s gotten rid of my pregnancy mask too!

    1. This product made my skin worse. I would not recommend using it.

  19. Thank you for sharing! I am pretty blonde and I notice that I have light peach fuzz all over my face. I have seen a few different bloggers do the dermaplaning and I’m really intriguied but nervous! Does it effect the way the hair ends up growing back on your face – did you notice a difference? Do you have to really keep up with it? And if so how often? thank you!!

  20. I have this issue too after having my son and never had skin issues before that so I know how it feels to be embarrassed of this skin flaw. However the options here are quite pricey. Are there any less expensive alternatives out there to combat this issue? Please help.

  21. Do you think the vampire facials helped? Or is that more for lines and wrinkles? Thanks!

  22. Okay I didn’t know this was an actual thing but I got so many dark spots during both pregnancies. I got large ones on my forehead and upper lip but just thought it was from the sun. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Did you do Dermamelan treatment with rachel and what Vit C serum cheaper does Rachel recommend? Skinceuticals?

  24. Your skin looks beautiful! This post is giving me hope 🙂 For #4 the exfoliator: you said you use 2-3 times a day – did you mean 2-3 times per week? Just making sure 🙂

    1. Oh my! Yes thanks for catching that! Definitely meant 2-3 times per WEEK! Just changed it!! Xoxoxo

  25. Thanks for the tips! Any chance you had stretch marks after pregnancy? I didn’t have any with my first daughter but the second time around they showed up the VERY LAST WEEK before giving birth! I am so incredibly self conscience about them. Goodbye bikinis 🙁 I have tried a thousand different creams so far no luck. Looking for help elsewhere!

  26. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I’ve been struggling with Melasma for years and was told it wouldn’t go away, would only get worse, and tried every serum, etc. so this was so helpful!!! Already have my first hydrafacial appointment set up now! xx

  27. I’m glad that you got it figured out and are loving your skin! It’s so funny how much of a difference it makes! Do you or Rachel have any recommendations for a little bit more inexpensive retinol cream? I know that it’s important to invest in good quality products, but this one just isn’t in the budget unfortunately!

  28. Please do more insta stories with your Rachel! I love skincare so much and I’m obsessed with learning about new products and techniques! It’s always good to get someone else’s opinion and I feel like Rachel knows her stuff. Would love to hear more about your skincare routine! Xoxo-JS

  29. Thanks for sharing! I was wondering if Rachel had any suggestions for dealing with milia?

    1. Girl you totally need to do microneedling! I’m an aesthetician and microneedling, along with extractions, is extremely beneficial. Don’t try to pop them on your own as they are under the epidermis and don’t have an opening.

  30. I wish you could recommend products which I can just buy here in Germany 🙁

  31. I’m assuming you meant to say that you do the exfoliating polish 2-3x a WEEK and not 2-3x a day???

    1. Oh my! Yes thanks for catching that! Definitely meant 2-3 times per WEEK! Just changed it!! Xoxoxo

    1. Oh my! Yes thanks for catching that! Definitely meant 2-3 times per WEEK! Just changed it!! Xoxoxo

  32. Thanks for the post. I just recently finished nursing my last baby and I’m ready to start doing some melasma fighting treatment. Would you say the hydro facial works better than peels? I follow another blogger who swears the cosmelan peel is what got rid of her melasma. Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi! I have had great success with the Cosmelan treatment! That is often my go-to for melasma if the patient can have some downtime (about a week of peeling).

  33. I am in Oklahoma and looking up places to get a hydrafacial. There are priced by time at most places. Is that normal?

  34. Love this post! Did you mean to say to use the exfoliator 3 times a week instead of day? I can’t wait to order this scrub!

    1. Oh my! Yes thanks for catching that! Definitely meant 2-3 times per WEEK! Just changed it!! Xoxoxo

  35. Thank you for sharing your experience. I have been battling melasma since May 2015, and have been on a serious skin regimen for quite awhile now with minimum results. How long were you using these products before noticing any results? BC your skin is glowing!!

  36. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!!! I have had melasma on my forehead since I was pregnant with my son and just lived with it while I was nursing for 17months. I am now seeing a dermatologist and am looking forward to trying some of your advice and products!!

  37. Hey!!
    Is there an aesthetian you can recommend in the West valley? I would love to go to Rachel but Gilbert is a long drive for me and I’ve been on the hunt for a good aesthestian!! Thank you!!

  38. Such a lovely post that I am sure will hep so many people & even just raise awareness of melasma! I have never experienced this, but I know if I ever do I will now know how to combat it and if any of my friends ever struggle with it then I will know where to send them.

    Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo

  39. Thanks for posting this Amber! I’ve had my own battle with melasma for years as a side effect of birth control and it sucked! Despite getting off birth control immediately after sustaining a handful of side effects, I still had to live with the outcome of melasma for years. And with my Asian complexion, I could never find makeup to cover it up well! With the help of my esthitician,Trisha Tortolani (for anyone in the Northern California region) and the Face Reality products that she recommended just for me, I’ve been able to beat melasma AND acne. I think that coupled with getting older and less self-conscious haha, I am able to go out without makeup feeling good.

  40. I’ve struggled with melasma for a few years (made worse by my birth control) and I’ve always been sooo self conscious of it!!! I did some microneedling and a glycolic peel and those helped immensely! Would you recommend the hydro facial over microneedling or the peel? I want mine gone completely forever haha. Thanks so much!

  41. Oh my goodness THANK you for sharing your success story!!! I have it above my top lip (which in the summer looks like a total mustache 👀) and above my eyebrows and coverup just isn’t working! I also feel like it’s getting progressively darker and want it gone before my next attempt at a baby child!

  42. Thanks for posting this Amber!! I don’t have malasma but I am always interested to hear about what products you’re using and what treatments you’re doing. These all seem like super high quality medical grade products and the hydra facial sounds amaazing! In your most recent insta story in the leopard dress, your skin looks so glowy and flawless. I would love to see an updated skincare and/or beauty post with all the products you’ve been using lately (cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen, etc). This is kind of a random question lol but do you know if malasma comes back with each pregnancy or does it just depend?


  43. I have dark spots above my lip and eye brows and I’ve never been pregnant :/ I’m so self conscious and i never leave the house without loading on concealer and foundation and i hate that. I’ve tried everything and just recently tried skin bleacher and retinol. I’m tempted to try getting them lasered off. What does Rachel say about that?

  44. Oh, this makes me so happy!! I have been living with dark spots on my cheeks since my son was born! I nursed him until 13 months and got pregnant when he was 15 months so I haven’t had much of a break to try anything to rid the spots. I have tried so many over the counter products with no luck! I can’t wait to give this stuff a try. Thank you for this post!!

  45. Hi Amber! This is so helpful! Do you plan to continue using all of these products long-term, or do you have a “maintenance” routine once the melasma has cleared? Thanks!!

  46. Hi Amber, I know you’ve given Rachel’s info before but I’ve missed places placed it and I’d loved to go see her. I’m only here until April so I’d like to get the magic started Lol.

    Your skin looks fabulous by the way!!

    Thanks for the info in advance 💗

    1. Hi Billi! You can call my office to schedule with me! I’m at Desert Sky Dermatology in Gilbert. 480-855-0085

  47. Thanks, Amber!! This is super helpful. Does this also work for acne scars? What’s the best way to handle these relics from my teenage past?? (who am I kidding… adult acne scars too!)

    1. Hey! There are other treatments that are more beneficial for acne scars, like microneedling

  48. Really really reeeeaallly appreciate all of your skin care advice! My wedding is February 3rd and because of your inspiration, I have gotten in contact with an aesthetician and I already LOVE the results! You get what you pay for for sure but for me, it was a priority for my skin to look good. I’ll bake my own cake! Haha Thank you for all of your tips and advice!

    Manda May |https://www.mandamaytoday.com/

  49. Oh my gosh I am so happy you posted this, I could cry! It is seriously the worst having melasma 🙁 I am almost 5 months pp and mine hasn’t completely gone away…what are your thoughts on hydroquinone? Did your aesthetician say it is a good lightener or no?

    1. Hi! I love ZO Skin Health’s hydroquinone products and they can really help with lightening and controlling melasma when used correctly.

      1. Thanks for the info..can I ask a couple more questions? I have been using hydroquinone actually and it has worked..but I don’t want to use it longer than 2 months so what would you recommend be my maintenance routine? Is Vitamin C and retinol enough? Also what sunscreen would you recommend?

  50. Thank you for posting this! I just had a baby four months ago and my melasma is so awful. I probably can only buy one product for right now, so if you had to choose one would you recommend the retinol cream or vitamin c serum? Thank you:)

    1. I would start with the Alto Defense (vitamin c), just make sure you check with your doctor first if you’re still nursing! 🙂

    1. There are other treatments that are better for acne scars, depending on what type of scars you have! Microneedling is often a great option.

  51. Hi Amber,

    I’m so happy you posted this! I just had a baby four months ago and have malasma everywhere. I don’t have a whole lot to spend right now, but if I were to invest in either the retinol you linked, or the vitamin c serum, which one would you suggest? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi! I would do the Alto Serm (vitamin c) first! Just make sure to check with your doctor first if you are still nursing!

  52. I really wish you would repost your botox post! I am so interested! I’m 28 and for some reason nobody I know talks about botox even thought I know lots of girls do it so I don’t know who to ask about it. Would love to hear your experience!

    1. I actually am reposting it! It was only up for like 5 min when I realized I had a post scheduled to go up that day so I took it down but def planning to still talk about it since I think Botox is amazing for aging!!!

        1. haha yay! Looking forward to it! I really appreciate your transparency with your skincare!