so supposedly we are supposed to find the “good” in “goodbye”..
or at least thats what beyonce says.
i think i found it?
i dont know how youre supposed to tell. maybe its when youre finally content without that person in your life. (check) maybe its when that person never comes into your mind/thoughts/anything.. (half check.. do dreams count? i mean, i cant control that.. and if i had a dream that i went to a movie with this person and left mid movie, leaving him to fend for himself.. i dont think it counts) or maybe its when you have found someone to replace that person. (no check.. but im going for optimism here soo there will be a future check people. ill inform you when there is dont you fret)
“the worst thing you can do is let someone stay in your life longer than they deserve to.”
(hate that im quoting her..)
-Kimora Lee Simmons-
p.s. me and my sister were talking about who we think hottest actors are.. i naturally said Ashton Kutcher and Adam Brody (hot, goofy, nerds) but then my sister said “no no sis its all about james franco.) now ive always seen him in movies and pics and never been completely obsessed. but THEN she showed me a pic of him.. and WOW-ZUHS. suddenly i found myself googling his height, favorite color, favorite food etc. (jk) but im in love. like really im love. we even had a meditation session with his picture as our centerpiece. too far? ah crap. well it was a joke anyways. 

thank you j crew for being so dang perfect. always.

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  1. Just wanted to let you know I just love, love, love your blog! I have seriously spent the last hour going back and reading your old posts, I feel like such a little creep! But I have to say I’m totally in love with Adam Brody too, I’m so sad when nobody has no idea who he is 🙁