IMG_7615IMG_7669^^me and my girl Cara – yes she is so stinking cute! And did I not tell you that our outfits somehow always coordinated on accident?! haha so funny

IMG_7433IMG_7677IMG_7457IMG_7666IMG_7445IMG_7455IMG_7617IMG_7426IMG_7621IMG_7407 TOP: Shopbop


BAG: Chanel via Fashionphile

SHOES: Kate Spade


LIPSTICK: MAC ‘Russian Red’

Photos by Jessica Janae

My posts are going to be a bit irregular since its so hard to find wifi strong enough to upload pics! We are here in France and I am not going to lie the first 12 hours were miserable for various reasons.. things just kept going wrong but finally we got into the groove of things and now just loving our trip. Minus the jet lag.. haha we woke up at 2:30 am wide awake and watched Inglorious Basterds and ate a whole box of pop tarts and then finally fell back asleep! But we spent the day in Cassis, France which is the most beautiful city ever… castles along the shore line and so many breathtaking views! It is also so so clean unlike Marseille. I find it so sad that Marseille is so unbelievably dirty with senseless, non artistic graffiti on EVERYTHING! I cannot for the life of me understand why people would do that to such a beautiful city.

Anyways, this outfit I wore backstage to the Lela Rose show and my outfit ended up going right along with Lela’s them! I also tried out this hairstyle later that night for the Socialyte Gala which I will show you guys later! 🙂 Hope you guys like!!

xx Amber


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  1. You and Cara remind me of a big sis and little sis duo. I love your fashion choices.
    It’s sad to hear that Marseille isn’t as beautiful as it could potentially be. But I guess there are nice places and some not so nice places in each country.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip – I hope it gets better!


  2. I love your blog. This outfit is gorge….the gold leather skirt has a great vintage feel, and your blouse is to-die-for.
    I just found you, and just wanted to say keep up the great style. It doesn’t hurt that you look like a flawless supermodel. Did I already say GORG??


  3. OMG there you are finally!!!!! Europe! (& France…)
    You ‘re so right about Marseille, such a mess… but Cassis & the small villages around Worth the best…
    hope you will take looooooooot of pics and post them!!
    BTW, Ike the puppy makes me laugh every single day, his new thing is to steal something in the house and then run so fast to hide it in the garden or to the beach with his head high and proud… haha
    anyway, enjoy you stay! must be so quiet after the NYFW… 🙂

    1. Johannah!! Yes we are finally here!! 🙂 France is amazing I can’t believe it is home for you! So lucky! We are now in Italy but I am already missing France! Glad to hear the puppy is making you laugh 🙂 haha so funny that he does that, sounds like something Chauncey would do! I keep seeing goldens everywhere here and it makes me miss mine so so much! xo

  4. Oh my stars, you and Cara look so darn cute and super chic!! I’m sure you had an awesome time, I am also a huge @caraloren fan. What an awesome experience!
    Have an awesome Europe trip…I will hug my Golden pup for you since I know you are missing yours 🙂

    1. Aw thanks girl!! And yes give your golden hugs for me 🙁 there are so many goldens here in Europe and its killin me! You are so sweet! xo

  5. That skirt is great! I can’t believe it’s Zara (even though I love Zara!). You look stunning.
    Adela x

  6. la jupe est magnifique ! j’espère que tu t’amuse bien en france, je te souhaite une bonne fin de séjour.

    1. Aw thank you so much!! I had to use google translate to read that, I wish I knew French so badly!!! xo

  7. I love how you and Cara have been keeping the fashions so classy! Just beautiful 🙂

  8. I ALMOST bought that skirt at Zara (and saw it on at least five different people over NYFW)! It sat realllly low on the hips for me, though, and it didn’t look right :/ it doesn’t look like it sits as low on you, though, because it looks great!! I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the fit 🙂

    Blonde in this City

    1. The fit at first I thought was so weird but then I loved it haha. It doesn’t sit low on the hips for me, but I have wider hips!! I can see how it would sit low though if you have more slender hips! The style is definitely different, not a typical skirt fit but I love it!