Hey guys! Thank you so much for all of you who voted!!! Honestly, it means a lot to have all your support! You guys can vote here every day (if ya want) 🙂
David and I have been eating so bad since we got married.. we go to the gym every single day but we keep eating sweets and tons of carbs! Which we usually only do sparingly. So we just got back from the market and we are going to do a juice cleanse this week. We usually include one meal with our cleanses so its not entirely a cleanse but we just eat super clean for a week and then we can get back on our normal healthy diet with occasional splurges.
I told you guys a while ago how I wanted to start doing a lot more with fitness because you guys ask me a lot about what I do to work out and what not and I want to help you guys out any way possible! So, I thought this would be so easy, I would just go to the gym and take pictures of my daily work outs- well not so easy. Most gyms don’t let you take pictures and not only that but do you know how embarrassing it is having someone take your pictures as people are walking by or working out next to you? Yeah not fun. We have even tried going super late at night but people are always there. So then I thought maybe I could demonstrate my work outs with the weights and work out tools I have here at home- but they don’t look as professional, but as long as you guys don’t care, I think that is the route I am going to go but I want your guys advice! What do you want to see in the fitness posts? What work outs I do? How I do them? What kind of protein I take after work outs? etc.
Just tell me what you guys want to see!!
And don’t forget I started adding what lipstick I wear in the posts at the bottom along with all the other links!
gold pants: Alice & Olivia (similar: here) / fur jacket: c/o Beauxx.com / star wars tee: F21 / gold flats: F21 / lion necklace: c/o ASOS / beanie: F21 / lipstick: MAC ‘Snob’

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  1. I read a nasty comment you left on someone else’s blog.. Such a turn off. Something along the lines of “double denim is disgusting.. and you look like a fat ass..” Sad you have to put other girls down to feel better about yourself. Like really? Seems like you have some insecurities if you feel the need to say things like that. Super classy… It’s one thing if you don’t like double denim, but to call her out on her size? Grow up.

  2. Thanks for your comments girls!! I know I don’t have time to respond to each one individually but I appreciate everything that is said and I read every comment!!

    AND thanks for your advice on the fitness!! I have some good posts in mind now, you guys helped a lot, thank you!!!!

    Love all you girls!

  3. Amber you are seriously the prettiest girl ever! I love all your fashion posts. But I was just wondering what you did to work out. I’ve been trying to shed a few pounds and for the love of-I can’t lose them. So please, enlighten me on how you got so fit and stay so fit.
    Also, my hubs and I have done the fruit and veggie juicing cleanse-love it. I felt so happy and healthy the whole time, plus it just makes your skin glow. Best cleanse ever.

  4. Can I just tell you how much a love your blonde hair and dark brows! Amazing! I would love to know what your workouts are each day, and what protein you take. I never seem to know what protein to take, or if I should even take it?!

  5. My husband and I have been TERRIBLE since we got married in September. But I’ve had enough. I’m on no carbs m-f and low carb on the weekends. I’ve gotta amp up my workout routine, too.

    More Modern Modesty

  6. Hi! I have only been reading your blog for a couple weeks, but I LOVE it! I love how you’re just a regular person and you make fashion and beauty accessible. I would love to know more about the types of workouts you do (cardio vs. strength training, etc.). It could also be fun if you did like a fitness fashion post haha. Just like some cute workout apparel. I am getting weirdly into buying cuter workout clothes these days.

  7. Hi! I found your blog couple of days ago and to be honest – first I was thinking that you are some beautiful but shallow person like so many of fashion bloggers. Then I read more and more your posts – especially old ones – and I understood that you are one smart and kind-hearted girl! Dunno if it’s about religion that makes me feel like we have something common (I have different religion but many same manners than you) but I’m gonna keep following this blog. Also I’m getting married with my BF and I found your wedding posts so inspiring! Thanks. I just had to say this to you haha! 🙂 greetings from Finland xx