Gisele. Lets see… I first saw Gisele in an Elle magazine spread when I was in seventh grade. I ripped out the page because she was too perfect for words and it has been hanging on my “inspiration” bulletin board ever since.
Since I am 100% head over heels for Gisele, when she married Tom Brady I was so excited because I already LOVED the patriots but this meant I got to love them even more.


So naturally during the Broncos Vs. Patriots game I had my Brady jersey on.. (the game was so embarrassing I stopped watching during the 3rd quarter…)

Photos from Gisele

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  1. Anonymous- First of all I will start by saying that I have the upmost respect for gays. Being LDS, I believe that being gay is the hardest trial that one could have to deal with on this life on earth. I know people who are gay, I love them and do not think any less of them. I have no business judging a gay individual because I have no idea what that trial would be like. That being said, when I was growing up (aka elementary, junior high, high school) the word “faggot” was used to describe a “jerk” or an “idiot”. Never was it used as a derogatory term to describe a gay person. Maybe I am sheltered, or maybe that is just how it was used where I grew up, but either way I, personally, do not use the word to demote gays. I use the word freely as I always have to describe an “idiot”. Since when did gays get to have the word faggot? Who decided that it always has to be used as that derogatory term? Can it not mean “bundle of sticks” anymore? I think it is silly, personally. I realize that I should work on not saying the word because I can see why it would offend some people. I’m sorry if it offended you and I will try harder to not use that word so freely. But I also think that you should try not to be so offended by a word that has multiple meanings.

  2. yes this is your blog and you can say what you want, but using the word “faggot” like that is really hurtful and uncalled for. It shows a very sheltered, selfish, unaware point of view, that you so often preach against. You had a huge post about getting mad at people for using adderall inappropriately, but breaking a rule is breaking a rule and i know for a fact that the LDS church doesn’t stand for bullying other people’s struggles. just a thought you might want to consider. you say some very hurtful things in your blog and you don’t seem to be very aware of how you are coming across.