TEE ($7.99) | SKIRT ($11.99) | SNEAKERS | SUNGLASSES | BAG | LIPSTICK (color: tesoro)

I know I posted this shirt in yesterday’s post but I wanted to share the whole look because I loved it and obviously that price point can’t be beat! A lot of you asked about shopping at Romwe — it is a Chinese company (from what I gather) and that explains why it takes so long to ship. The quality is comparable to Forever 21 or ASOS in my opinion. I ordered about 20 things (they also have a 60% off coupon code so check the site to see if its still there!) and I loved all of mine. What I would say about this site is don’t expect to return anything .. I am pretty sure you have to pay for shipping if you want to return and obviously it isn’t cheap getting stuff to China. So just keep that in mind I guess. And again this is not sponsored but just wanted to answer those questions you guys had! I got this tee in all three colors because I love love love it. Also – these sneakers!! I have gotten SO many complements on them and they are so comfy and fun.

I mentioned this on my insta story but I have been wanting to set some new goals for myself and my most recent goal is to be STRONG. I have always loved staying in shape but my body just tends to be lean when I am in shape. I am happy with how I look but just want to challenge myself and try really hard to really build a lot of MUSCLE!! You can say I was inspired by Wonder Woman 😉 haha! So that is why I was asking you guys about a nutritionist. I feel like if I am going to do this I need to be eating a LOT of calories but good calories. Right now I eat a lot but not necessarily all the good stuff. So I really want someone who can make a plan for me and text me with reminders and let me know what I can eat at restaurants I am going to etc. You guys had soooo many good recommendations so thank you!!!! I have been looking online for some good weight lifting circuits and whatnot. I kinda got inspired by our new gym too because we have always been to good gyms but in NYC it was divided into 4 levels which in my opinion made it hard to utilize or know what all was there – if that makes sense. In Hawaii while our gym had thee most killer view ever it was really small and only had a few machines. We signed at Lifetime Fitness here in AZ and geeez so many fun machines I had NO idea about. Once I started trying new ones I got super into it and want to try more heavy lifting. I have always done high rep low weight and I want to try and reverse it and just see what happens. Just for fun! I want to maybe work with a trainer for a bit first to make sure my form is good because I am almost certain its not, eek.

Anyways, let me know if you guys have any tips for me!!! xo


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  1. Amber – could you please tell me the brand of preworkout packets that you had on your Instagram story the other day? I am going crazy trying to search for them, they sounded so good and unlike anything I’ve found! Thanks!

  2. Please keep us posted on your fitness plan. I have the same body type as you and have always wanted to come up with a fitness plan to get toned and accumulate muscle mass without having to sacrifice too much weight.

  3. Please keep us posted on your fitness plan. I have the same body type as you and have always wanted to come up with a fitness plan to get toned and accumulate muscle mass without having to sacrifice weight that I actually need. Also, always so beautiful!

  4. Hi Amber, and readers below – ROMWE is having free shipping for 24 hours today (7/19, code WFS). Thought I’d share with everyone. I ordered the Girl Power shirt in pink 😉 This outfit looks awesome! I have a very similar skirt from ZARA I bought this spring that I absolutely love! It’s just a tiny bit longer but a very similar style. Your outfit is GORGEOUS! xoxoxo

  5. Loved this post! Please do more low cost/college budget friendly outfits 🙂 Love your style!

  6. You should get in touch with my friend Natalie Eynon, she’s got two kids around the same ages as yours and she’s totally amazing. Eats super clean and lifts heavy! She is literally the healthiest person I know! Her Instagram handle is @SHAPEBYNAT. Totally buying this tee btw!

  7. Have you watched Glow yet on Netflix? So inspiring for being strong! Alison Brie is a beast! A sexy beast!

  8. That is so exciting! Hope you get some good results. I was definitely inspired by Wonder Woman too. haha. I mean how can you not. Adore this outfit and that girl power tee!


  9. My form at the gym is never quite right so I always end up hurting my self. Definitely get a trainer if you can afford it!! Love your outfit btw. I haven’t tried Romwe yet because I’m worried about not being able to return things… glad you can confirm!

    Simply Lovebirds

  10. Hey amber! Do you follow katyhearnfit on instagram? I did one of her challenges and it taught me so much when it came to nutrition for gaining muscle. She wants the girls in the challenge to do macro counting “iifym”. When I did the 8 week challenge I defiantly gained muscle! I noticed that I did not eat enough protein and I learned what food is made of (what food had apt of carbs or protein or fat) and then I used the MyFitnessPal and I would try to look up ahead of time what I could eat at the resteraunt. If it wasn’t online or on MyFitnessPal I would kings guesstimate or make it my weekly cheat meal!
    Check her out and look at the final photos that people submit- it’s insane how much muscle is made in 8 weeks!

    Also we’re a lot alike because I LOVE SWEETS! With iifym (if it fits your macros) there’s always room to fit a sweet in daily 😘

    Let me know if you have any questions! I’m about to start doing one of her challenges I bought last year to get rid of the weight I gained with having my little peri Kate ♥️ She’s 3 weeks old!

    Love ya girl!

  11. That is so awesome you want to become strong! I recently wrote an article on Elite Daily on why it’s best to become strong, not just skinny (found here: http://elitedaily.com/wellness/life-changed-strong-not-skinny/1837802/ ) Anyways, good luck! I have a book coming out called The Smart Girl’s Guide to Surviving Her Twenties, and in it as a chapter dedicated to fitness, and it includes an easy 3-day lifting plan! I use the plan in addition to cardio and have had great results. I will let you know when the book comes out in case you want to check it out!
    Courtney // https://courtneylivin.com/

  12. I absolutely love your content, blog, and website! I would be honored if you could check out my website as I am a lifestyle blogger as well. My website is http://www.harshiagrawal.com. I love you so much and I hope you subscribe/ enjoy my content!

  13. Crossfit!!! If you are looking to gain muscle and overall functional fitness there is nothing better than Crossfit. (And you won’t get “huge” like the pros, working out is their job!). With regards to diet and nutrution- it’s as simple as eating healthy and balance! But your Crossfit coaches will be able to assist with that too. Normal gym machines, at home DVDs or weekly yoga classes aren’t going to give you the muscle you are looking for unless you have a strict program. Give Crossfit a try!

  14. Love the outfits but how was the sizing from romwe? Are they true to size?

    1. Thanks Jenn!! And yes! So far I have noticed it to be pretty true to size 🙂

  15. I love the color combo of this look and I think I need this shirt in my life! The high low skirt is super cool and looks adorable on you!
    I got really into working out and lifting for a while a few years ago (had no idea what I was doing). I got really ripped but not in a shape that I liked since I didn’t know what kind of workouts to do, what foods to eat, and what muscles to work to stay slender and slim my waist. I ended up getting a little square shaped, didn’t like it and stopped working out lol my shape went back to normal but I lost all muscle tone, SO that’s really smart of you to get a trainer and learn all of those things!

    ~Jessica Linn


  16. This post makes me happy for some reasons.. the colors, your smile, the flowers.. love it!
    You look gorgeous as always and love that you want to be stronger than ever! Go get it girl! <3


  17. Hi Amber! I’m a Registered Dietitian who works with clients via video chat, call & text. My background is working as a nutritionist in corporate wellness for a human performance company. I meet with my clients remotely & hold them accountable all while traveling the world. I work with goal-oriented, everyday people & find long-term, realistic solutions tailored to fit their busy lifestyles.

    It would be my pleasure to talk with you about pre-workout & post-workout nutrition. I’m sure you & David have many questions, so I would be more than happy to discuss my nutrition services & answer your nutrition questions!

  18. Love all the yellow!!!!!! this is a gem of a location 😍💖 and not to mention your calf muscle!!! Go girl

  19. Totally obsessed with that top! So cute! Everyone’s body is so different, but I found that high weight low reps is the best for getting more muscle. Ive been doing sprints twice a week to make sure I don’t gain fat, and weights about two of three times a week!

  20. I love that you’re including more affordable options!! Do you mind telling what size you are wearing? I don’t know how the sizes run with Romwe and since the returns are not easy I don’t know what to do, it seems like the company’s from China tend to run small and I’m also 5’10 like you.

  21. Not nutrition related but I have been wondering about Romwe because their stuff always looks so cute so thanks for sharing now I’ll have to order some pieces from them including that shirt!! 💛🌹

  22. Barre3 !! It’s an amazing workout for your entire body. They have an online subscription which is fabulous as well as amazing locations in all major areas!

  23. Love this outfit girl! I saw your snap about wanting to build muscle and honestly I had never even heard of a nutritionist/trainer you could text until your brought it up! Now I want one haha! Especially for choosing foods at restaurants, that would be super helpful. Let us know if you find a good one!!

    Lauren Lindmark | dailydoseofcharm.com

  24. hey amber, check if there are any classes at your new gym… form is SO important..no point in doing something if your doing it wrong and hurting yourself! i did an 8 week learn to life class at my gym (i got to the ymca) it was free, small class size and SO educational!! Also, check out FitnessBlender on Youtube… they are awesome and normal and talk you through the exercises… xx

  25. Hi Amber,

    I really enjoy your blog. I had a great trainer that truly transformed my body. She keeps track of your body fat and inches and weight. She’s in Gilbert- not sure if that is close to you. In addition, she also teaches bootcamp-style classes during the week for her clients. Let me know if you’re interested. We moved to Cave Creek (north of Scottsdale) and so I couldn’t continue going, but I absolutely love her.

  26. Hi Amber! I love your blog and have been following it for some time now. I wanted to comment about finding a nutrition expert! It’s crucial that you find a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, not a nutritionist. Anyone can set up a business and call themselves a nutritionist – your banker, pet groomer, school teacher, literally anyone can legally call themselves a nutritionist with zero nutrition education. A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist is someone who has a 4 year college degree in Dietetics, completes an intensive year long internship, then passes a national exam. A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist is truly the only nutrition expert and if they give any advice that is harmful or not based on strong research, then their license is taken away! I want to make sure you and your family are protected, especially in the world of fitness .. I have seen some really bad situations with bad fitness nutrition advice from non-experts. As you can probably tell, I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (haha) living in AZ, but I don’t personally know any dietitians with expertise in fitness. Check out this link to find a sports nutrition expert in your area of the valley http://www.eatright.org/find-an-expert. Feel free to email me with any follow up questions! I know the Dietitians in the Phoenix area would loooove to help you out! I hope that helps 🙂 <3 Sending you love from Scottsdale!

  27. I think this outfit is super fun and love how you have been pairing your outfits with sneakers! Its the best…and oh so practical with little ones running around. Love it!

    Good luck with the weight training and finding a on-call nutritionist! Brilliant idea and business plan. 😉

    xoxo Andrea

  28. I have really loved the Les Mills DVDs – it’s like having a bunch of trainers over to your house for a class! And it’s really helped me sculpt some muscle – not at all bulky though. They are available at Beach Body. Also like the Brazilian Butt Lift DVD!

  29. My best advice if you truly want to get strong is to 1) eat enough and 2) crossfit. I just started crossfit 2 months ago and I’ve gotten noticeably stronger.

    -Rachel @ Backcountry Petite

  30. Hey Amber!
    I am also revamping my workout/ eating routine! I would LOVE to see more fitness/ healthy eating posts on the blog!
    Have a great day,

  31. Yes, please post your workout/lifting/healthy eating routine once you get it figured out! And I love this tee shirt, so cute! Love how you paired it with the gingham.


  32. Lifetime provides nutritionists and I think they’re very very helpful and may be what you’re looking for! They’ll tell you about the difference between good and bad sugars, fats and more stuff like that! I highly recommend (:

  33. Just a quick question about Romwe, did you order your normal sizes or did you size way up? I would love to hear back because I would totally order if I knew what sizes to get! I love your skirt in these pics- it’s so fun!!

  34. Hello Amber, i ve bought the tees yesterday when i see you on instagram story. I love it and it looks so perfect on you 😘

  35. Amber, those photos are soon cute! Love how you guys always find good locations for your photos and I love how the yellow flowers kinda match the colour of your tee! (By the way one of the link for your tee took me to the Anthropologie site in your first paragraph). I love the tee shirt and I think I might order it in pink. I have a feminist streak in me so I think it would suite me well;-) I hope you are settling well in AZ. Have a great weekend and please, don’t get any leaner Amber – just strong – you look so skinny at the mo!
    Julie xx


  36. I absolutely love this shirt and this entire outfit!! I’m also so excited to see what you learn when you start working towards gaining muscle! I’ve been wanting to do the same thing, so I’d love to see the routine you end up sticking to.

    Hope you have the best day!!


  37. I am so shocked you loved all of your items! I’ve heard terrible reviews from sites like these, so now I’m tempted to try it out!

  38. Hi Amber! You might want to check out Jim Stoppani’s Shortcut to Size https://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/shortcut-to-size-training.html It’s a 12 week program broken up into 3 different phases. First week you start with higher reps and then every week you decrease the reps and increase the weight. Then after 4 weeks you basically start over but the goal is to increase the weights you used during the first phase. It’s super easy to follow and since you are supposed to log how much weight you use, you can really see how much stronger you get after the 12 weeks! I just got done with it and I loved it! The best part was when my husband was lifting with me the other day I caught him staring, I asked him what he was looking at and his response was “you are just looking really strong!” BEST compliment in my opinion 🙂

  39. So exciting! I prefer doing low reps high weights because it increases your strength and muscle size way more than doing high reps low weights. It’s a fun journey. Very intimidating at first, but it’s so exciting once you start seeing results. I know there are a million workout youtubers out there, but I’d really recommend Whitney Simmons. She has great lifting videos that are all super doable and give you results!


  40. Love this entire outfit! The cut of that skirt is perfect for summer and I absolutely love the red gingham!

    If you’re trying to build a lot of muscle, a nutritionist will probably suggest utilizing a protein powder. I use plant-based ones and my favorite is from a brand called Aloha. I throw a scoop or two in smoothies, non-dairy yogurt, home-made protein bars, etc. Good luck on your fitness journey!

    Xo, Emily
    Epicurean Emily

  41. Bodybuilding.com is THE BEST resource, it has literally everything you’d ever need. A good place to start imo is the Jamie Eason 12-Week Trainer 🙂

  42. Hmm..personally I’d just go straight to the professionals. Speak to a dietitian and see a trainer at the gym to learn how to use the new equipment correctly (you seem like you know what you’re doing though). Best of luck!

  43. I’m a former swimmer and tend to lose weight easily, even when I don’t want to. I had a doctor recommend that I eat at least one avocado a day and plenty of fish like salmon to make sure I am getting enough of the good fats to maintain my weight and muscle mass.

  44. If you find a good weight lifting routine, can you post it? I haven’t found one that I feel like I can stick to and I’d be super interested to see what you discover! 🙂

    xo, Sofia

  45. Thank you for sharing 🙂 I will have to check the website out, it makes me a little nervous just because of how far away it is to order/return but I will have a delve. I love this top, the colour, the font, the rose – EVERYTHING. I also am trying to get in shape at the moment but I really need to sort my eating habits out, that’s step one. I would love to read updates on your muscle building journey haha, it’d be very motivating!

    Have a great day 🙂

    Chloe @ https://girllgonerogue.blogspot.co.uk/

  46. Check out this app called Rise. It’s a great service to get personalized advice from a Registered Dietitian. https://www.rise.us/. I am an RD with this company 🙂 the app allows you to post your meals and your coach will provide feedback. Good luck!

  47. Wow. You are amazing!!! You’re literally glowing in these photos and I love that you can take such a casual top and make a killer outfit with it. Props to you, amber!!!
    I recently got over mono which I had for two years, and it left my body super super weak. It’s hard for me to get motivation to work out, because I end up always just getting frustrated with how weak my body is. Do you have any tips for this? Or any workouts for beginners to slowly build up muscle and stamina?
    Thanks in advance, Amber, always love your posts and advice…..xoxoxo
    Fondly, Emily