As you have noticed my blog got a makeover! It was done by Smitten Blog Designs! I also have a new tab, Fitness, so that means I am going to do a lot more with health and fitness since it does mean a lot to me! I am excited.
I get married ONE month from today!!!
So I figured I would share what I am doing to get ready for my wedding day! Starting with…
I obviously want flawless skin for my wedding day.. so there are a few things I am doing:
NUMBER ONE: Retin A: I am using Retin A on my face every night for the next two weeks. Then I will wait 4 days (not using it) after which I am going to get an intense chemical peel.
I have used it off and on for over a year now and it really is amazing. It will clear up any acne and you will peel/flake for the first week or so but after the peeling ends you have the most flawless skin. Its such a joke how good your skin looks. Then I go a week or so without it and then go back. Sometimes I will go off it for a month or longer. Just depends what I have going on or how my skin is at the time. I do still use cream around my eyes while doing this and I always make sure to moisturize a lot in the morning before I do my make up!
I used to put it all over my face but stayed away from getting to close to my eyes, (a lot of people will say to never use it all over your face, I don’t listen because the results have been amazing) since I have used it so much I have learned where to NOT put it. Since you do peel/flake, do NOT  put it:
1. close to the bottom of your nose, you will flake and peel and it will look like flaky boogers. So yeah, just don’t.
2. close to your eyebrows. It will peel under your eyebrows if you get to close and it is SUPER annoying.
3. I DO put it on my chin but I leave an obvious space between my chin and bottom lip, I also don’t put it on the skin above my upper lip. If it gets to close to your lips they will get so chapped and you will want to die.
NUMBER TWO: Like I said, I will get a chemical peel probably 2.5 weeks before my wedding. My face will peel off for about 1.5 weeks and for the week before I will moisturize using Arcona Eye Dew around my eyes (its my absolute favorite anti aging/moisturizing product), on my forehead, and my smile lines, and I will use a basic moisturizer for everywhere else (I usually use Cetaphil or L’oreal Age Perfect)
NUMBER THREE: I try to go to the dermotologist about twice a year just to get feedback on my skin and what I can do better. I just went and I asked about my dark circles around my eyes.. They are not drastic but I notice them. He said I can buy an expensive product from him or double the amount of water I am drinking. I have been drinking about 8 water bottles a day and it has made SUCH a difference in my dark circles and just my skin everywhere. It also helps in muscle building. I hate drinking water, so I am just sucking it up and doing it because it makes such a difference.
NUMBER ONE: I am a religious Latisse user and have been for 2 years! It is amazing. The results are just incredible and I will never stop using it. I have seen NO side effects. They say your eye can darken, I have not noticed that. (my dark circles around my eyes are not due to using Latisse)
I have been going back and forth about getting lash extensions for my wedding and honeymoon, right now I am set on using individual falsies for my wedding day and dying my real lashes for the honeymoon.
NUMBER TWO: About 2 days before my wedding I am going to have my eyebrows trimmed, waxed, and dyed! I love dying my eyebrows. I was so scared to do it at first, but if you get someone good, it really is amazing the difference it makes.
NUMBER ONE: I am deep conditioning my hair at least once a week using Moroccan Oil Restorative Mask. I have used LOTS of deep conditioners but I love this one and the Biolage deep conditioner best. I wash my hair with shampoo and hot water, get most of the moisture out, put this stuff in from mid strand to ends, wait 15 minutes, and rinse with cold water. Sometimes I will get out of the shower to put it in and walk around and do whatever for about 30 minutes then rinse.
NUMBER TWO: In case you didn’t know, I DO use extensions. My hair is the same length as my extensions but I do it for thickness. I get the Euronext extensions from Sally’s and I always get the ‘Blonde Frost’ color in 18 inch length. I am going to get new ones probably 2 weeks before. (If you cant find your exact color, it is always good to get DARKER as opposed to LIGHTER when it comes to blonde extensions.)
NUMBER ONE: I am going to do the same diet I told you guys about, here. And I am upping my work out routines, I am going to the gym for about 1.5-2 hours a day, 5-6 days a week. I am mostly doing weights as I want to TONE, but I am also doing cardio for at least 15 min a day.
NUMBER TWO: I know supplements have such a negative connotation and many people are against them. Well guess what? I am not! (sometimes supplements can be bad, you have to look into them and make sure you know what you are taking!) Anyways I have been using this product called Thermo Success. It is a supplement you take and it helps you have energy and it boosts your metabolism! I have tried a few like this one before, but didn’t like them because they made me super shaky. This one is mild and does not do that as long as you eat before and obviously normal amounts throughout the whole day. I lost 4 pounds my first couple weeks on it. But I was taking it and ALSO doing my normal work outs! You do still have to work out for it to be that effective, but some days it is nice because if I know I won’t make it to the gym I will take it so that I am burning extra calories throughout my day.
If you want to buy the product you can buy it: here
Make sure you use the 15% off discount ‘BFBLONDE’
(that product was given to me for free, but this is the first supplement given to me of many I am actually telling you guys about. If I don’t like the product I always send it back and tell them what I didn’t like.)
Anyways, that is all for now! I will share more as the month goes on!!
Thanks for reading! xx

Photos from Getting Ready for my WEDDING!


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  1. I love this post, was it this one that I start following you and I was really far from getting married, but now Im 2 months away from my wedding 😀 Hope you would make a repost comenting thinks that you did back on those days prior to your wedding that you would still do the same, or things that are better not to bother about… would be so cool….

  2. Hey! So my doctor recommended using retin-a but I’ve been scared to try cause I’ve heard it’s super intense, but I’ve had acne problems forever and need it fixed! Do you still use it?

  3. Hey Amber,
    I’m getting married in May. I was reading this and the diet isn’t popping up anymore! Also, are there any supplements you recommend other than that one? That one isn’t available anymore. Thanks!

  4. Hey Amber!
    I’m really interested in using retinA and latisse but I need to find a great dermatologist first. I’m from the Salt Lake area and wondering what dermatologist you went to while you lived in Utah? Would love to hear from you, THANKS!

  5. I also use Retin-A but my skin peels like crazy. I have a hard time even wearing makeup while it’s peeling like it does. Do you exfoliate while your skin is peeling and how do you cover up the peeling so you can still go out and about after using it?
    Thanks 🙂

  6. Hi Amber,

    I’ve been looking for Thermo Success and I can’t find very much information on it. How long did you take it? Are there other supplements you recommend?

  7. Hey Amber, I’m getting married this summer and I’m thinking of trying the tips you gave that worked for you. Before I start looking into where I can get everything (like the retinA & lactisse), I wanted to check back with you to see if you’re still a believer in these products? It is my big day after all so just want to be sure 🙂 Btw, I’m a huge fan of your blog – you’re so amazing at what you do!!

    1. YES! I absolutely LOVE Retin-a and Latisse still! You can’t use either of them while pregnant or trying to get pregnant so I havent used them in a while but I am so so excited to be able to use them again! So I definitely recommend!

      1. Hi, Amber –

        Could you do another post about Retinoid skin creams? I’ve been wanting to try one, but am fearful of the intense peeling and other side effects I’ve heard about. Also, any drugstore brands you recommend? I know there aren’t a lot, but I’ve heard good things about ROC.

  8. Hey Amber! Priscilla again (sorry, obsessed with your blog!)
    I was curious to know how much Retin-A costs? Dr. Oz said it has the ability to replace collagen in the skin, improving/preventing wrinkles. It’s amazing stuff!

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  10. Just curious as to how expensive the Latisse is? I have short, thin lashes and a college student budget.

  11. Love your blog!! I use Retin-A as well, however, I have a question for you! Do you moisturize after you apply your Retin-A at night? Or do you just put that on and that’s it? Thanks!

  12. Hey Amber, I dont know if you remember me. I’m Sarah’s friend you met at the parade a while ago. I am excited for you and David. I just love his family. I saw you mentioned Latisse. My sister and did a trial of Latisse and Li lash and we like Li lash better. I’m sure they are very similar chemically, but Li lash is a bit cheaper and easier to get. We thought it worked at least as well if not better:) I’m not recommending you switch before the wedding, but just a thought. Good luck on the wedding!! I’m sure I will see you around.

  13. Hey Amber, I dont know if you remember me. I’m Sarah’s friend you met at the parade a while ago. I am excited for you and David. I just love his family. I saw you mentioned Latisse. My sister and did a trial of Latisse and Li lash and we like Li lash better. I’m sure they are very similar chemically, but Li lash is a bit cheaper and easier to get. We thought it worked at least as well if not better:) I’m not recommending you switch before the wedding, but just a thought. Good luck on the wedding!! I’m sure I will see you around.

  14. Hi Amber! My derm just prescribed Retin A! Im super excited to try this out. How do you work your sunless tanning on your face when using this? Do you sunless tan after the Retin A is applied?

  15. Amber you silly goose, you are already perfect in every way and are going to look absolutely stunning on your wedding. Congrats and ALL the best wishes!!!!

  16. Thanks for all the great tips and product references! I’m loving your blog! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!! xoxo

  17. Good luck with all the wedding prep! I don’t know how light your eyebrows/eyelashes are but I use men’s beard dye about every two weeks on my eyebrows and eyelashes and it seriously has changed my world! I just use a mascara wand from the mall makeup counters to apply it. Anyways it is worth a try cause it’s super cheap and from the comfort of your home. Haha just one of my new tips! Sometimes it’s kinda dark for the first day or two but fades.

  18. Just stumbled on your blog and you are so cute and fun! Hmm you are giving me some beauty ideas here! I LOVE morroccan oil too. Excited for your fitness section! Blog looks great!

    1. Hi Amber – I was looking for your pre-wedding diet, but it looks like the link doesn’t work anymore. Is the post still up? Many thanks!