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So I am obsessed with Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid’s street style. Their stylist Monica Rose is unreal. I love this look that Kendall wore, here. So I thought I would create a similar look! I bought this belt that she has worn a few times (along with other favorite celebs of mine) and I am obsessed with it! It goes so well with so many things. My recent obsession is wearing it with jumpsuits. As a word of advice I think I would order up for the belt… at least I did. At first I ordered a small and medium.. neither of them fit (I have really wide hips)! So I have the large and it fits just perfect. I still need to lose 17 lbs after having Rosie though so maybe it will be too big in a little, who knows!

I am still wearing my maternity jeans (or a couple of my stretchiest jeans, but these maternity ones have saved my life) because all of my others freaking cut off my circulation like crazy and I am scared I am going to burst them at their seams haha. Its been so hard to shed those last pounds. I have been doing the Sweat With Kayla program which I will talk more about later because I am obsessed.. but its been making shopping really hard because I don’t know what sizes to buy ha! Does anyone else do the Kayla program? I think she is amazing! Also, wanted to disclaim that I am not expecting to lose those pounds right away and am happy with where I am at (I dont need sympathy/compliments just talking out loud 😉 ) – I remember being so anxious to lose the weight with Atticus and I think we give ourselves so much pressure after a baby. It starts to feel like okkkayyy when is this belly going away haha. But I am trying to be easy on myself this time around 🙂

Hope you all had a good weekend!!!!

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  1. Hi Amber! Do you think it’s really worth investing in Sweat It With Kayla’s program? Would really appreciate if you could reply for advice! Thanks!

    1. Hi Megan!! Yes! I have loved using her program 🙂 I love that you can do it at home and they are quick! But if you aren’t wanting to spend the money, you can find other programs online like Jamie Eason’s.

  2. Loved this post! I did Kayla’s BBG Guide after my first baby and I was seriously amazed at the results within 12 weeks! I never expected to see abs again but sure enough they came back. I am also ordering that J.CREW sweater immediately, red is such a great colour.


    1. Thanks so much!! And yay!! I love hearing others that have done it 🙂 I can’t wait to start seeing results! And oh yes! Isn’t it amazing?! Glad you like it! xo

  3. Thank you for saying you still have weight to loose and you aren’t stressing as much about it this time. You look great and it’s refreshing to hear people say they are still wearing maternity pants a few months after baby.

    1. Thanks so much Nicole!! I appreciate that 🙂 I try to be as honest as possible! xo

  4. Hey amber! Love you and your family to pieces! I was wondering if you thought the sweat with Kayla would be OK to do pregnant? I’ve been looking for a fitness routine to get into while being pregnant Bc I hear it helps with labor and quite frankly I’m scared to death. Due in June I’d like to do SOMETHING to keep the weight in the right places and the Kayla routine cost $5 week, I just want to make sure I could do it preggers. Any advice would be much appreciated. Much love from Houston!

    1. Hi love!! Thank you so much!! 🙂 And I don’t think it is recommended while pregnant.. I think it would be too much!! But I would check the Kayla Itsines’ website for an exact answer?! Sorry I can’t be more help!! xo

  5. Im also dong the BBG with the Sweat app! It’s awsome. I had a baby boy exactly the same time you had A. But havent been able to get my belly or booty in shape. I always exercise with my baby at home so it’s dificult but SO worth it. Seening progress after 4 weeks allready! Yey! Not much but still makes me happy! You go girl! You already have the sickest body but you’ll get really strong and healthy too! Looking forward to hear more about it! You are amazing, supermom, super blogger., super model! I dont’t get how you do it all! But we are greatful for all the inspo and joy you share with us!!

    1. Love it!! So glad you are doing it too! And I know what you mean, I love seeing the progress but can’t wait to see more results 🙂 And oh my goodness stop it!! You are so so sweet! Thanks for making my day!! Love ya!! xoxo

  6. Hey Amber ~ Sorry, this isn’t related to your post, BUT I was wondering if you or your hubby have read any good social media/blogging books lately? You do such a fabulous job with everything and I only hope we could do half as good a job 🙂 xo Jo

  7. Wow this post was exaaaaactly what I needed! I’ve had a lot going on recently and my relationship is a little rocky right now is really stressing me out. (TMI?) I’ve been putting off the gym and delaying my workouts but I really look up to you and it gives me a chance to step back and say it’s okay! Thank You 🙂 #GirlPower

    1. Yay!! I am so glad to hear that you liked it 🙂 And ahh I am sorry! That can be so stressful!! Working out definitely helps me be in a better mood when I am stressed so I love making time for it! Thank you for being so sweet and know you are amazing!! xo

  8. Oh Amber i just Love you for beeing this honest! I also gave birth to a little Girl at the end of November and only one regular Jeans fit me right now, but it is Out of my chubby time. This is so annouying and everytime i looked at your pictures i asked myself “how the hell did she lost her pounds this fast?!” Now i’m really glad, that you have the same problem and still Look so georgous!! While i was pregnant I asked you on Instagram how you handle the “i’m huge feeling” and you really helped me to remind myself, that my Body is doing something Great and that i’m still beautiful. You’re so right, the media gave us Models, which are doing a Victorias Secret Show 3 weeks after having a baby. This give us so much pressure or we are set ourself under pressure. When i’m carring my Little Girl trough the House and catch ourself in the mirrow i stop for i while and think to myself how stupid it is to hate my after Baby Body right now. Before two months it grows and gave birth to the best thing that ever happend to me and i remind myself that i shouldn’t be so hard to myself! I Love Reading your journey through all that and when you make me think about myself it feels like i got a good friend or sister right over the Ocean! Thank you for beeing you amber!! <3

  9. Props for being easy on yourself this time around, for what it’s worth I think you are beautiful! Post partum body changes were one of the HARDEST things for me mentally with my baby boy, but I am finally feeling like myself again and happy with where I’m at. I’m doing the Kayla workouts too-it’s my third time haha. The first time I got to week 6, a couple months after having my boy, the second time I got to week 4 (then it was Christmas and despite my best efforts it all kind of went out the window haha) and this time I am feeling more motivated than ever and I am determined to finish! I am on week 4- it’s a killer week that’s for sure. Looking forward to your post about it because I am OBSESSED!

    Love your blog. I’ve always loved that you don’t just post links to your outfits but that I get to hear about your life. It’s so refreshing!


  10. Kendall Jenner’s style is absolutely gorgeous! Love this recreation! I do the workouts on Tone It Up’s YouTube channel and I have found them to be very helpful especially if you are busy! They even have meal plans on their website and lots of motivational before and afters using their workouts 🙂

    1. Thank you so much!! I am so glad you like the look 🙂 And that sounds so good! I will definitely check out that channel!! Thank you!!

  11. Love everything about this post! I’ve been doing the Sweat with Kayla program for 6mns, I love it!

    1. Thank you Mindee!! I appreciate that 🙂 And awesome!! I love hearing that yay! Keep it up!! xo

  12. You should totally join Fit4mom Striller strides. It’s awesome I do it here in SLC and I love getting together with other moms plus play dates for the kids everyday! What is better then that!

  13. I LOVE Kaylas workouts! Her app is amazing. I have been doing it since about August. I do get a little bored though sometimes, so I have to mix it up. I stick with her curcit training concept but mix in other exercises in the mix just to change it up! I do wish she had a version using more machines just to add variety but she’s so amazing and I see results with it! Thinking of trying Class Pass, have you heard of that? Here in NYC it’s like $120ish a month and you can go to SO many different workout classes around town. Thought it would be fun to mix in with Kayla! Let me know if you have tried Class Pass 🙂 I’m thinking of trying it this month!



    1. Yay!! So glad to hear that 🙂 And totally try it! I am loving it so far! Thanks for reading! xo

  14. You should try Amanda Bisk workout program Fresh Body Fit Mind this may suit your busy lifestyle so much better (it does for me) I tried Kayla and hate it (stopped even following on Instagram because her posts are all about her abs and just so self evolving, which is sad), doesn’t suit my life at all. But absolutely love Amanda’s, she is from Perth too where I am living. She is amazing and so inspirational, she has videos on the website to guide you through the exercises and help you out, much cheaper as well. She will be releasing her second guide very soon. There is a massive Facebook group community as well, everyone support each other. I have friends too who have tried both and Amanda’s is amazing. 🙂 Definitely have a look, she is so humble and adorable. Enjoy 🙂

  15. I do Kayla too! Oh my gosh isn’t it the BEST workout! I love it! I do the workouts at home while my baby girl sleeps. Do you workout while Atticus naps or are you able to do it while he’s up?

  16. I’m doing Anna Victoria’s Fit Body Guide which I am really loving! You look /gorgeous/ by the way and it doesn’t look like you have any weight to lose at all!

    1. I will look into that!! I have heard good things about it 🙂 And aww thank you!! You are too kind!

  17. I’ve been trying to shed a couple of lbs too, I didn’t have a baby or anything, just trying to look better 🙂 And I didn’t even know about the Sweat with Kayla program. Thanks for mentioning it, now I must try it!

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

  18. I agree, Kendall and Gigi are two of my very favorites!! I love their style! So chic/classy! Those jeans look great! I know you said no compliments, but you look AMAZING!!!!! So glad you feel as beautiful as you look! That is so important!

    xo Angela

  19. Love the look…kendall is such a style icon at the moment for me as well. I started the Kayla program 4 weeks ago and so far I have been feeling great! But i do continue to eat sweats which she says you shouldn’t do while on the program…oops. the workouts do give me more energy but no visual results yet.

  20. Thank you for your honesty, it is very refreshing in this world where everyone strives for perfection. It looks like you’re back to your pre baby weight and I secretly despised you for it!! Just kidding. I have 5 more lbs to go that is hanging on for dear life. You look beautiful and I love your blog. You’re love and appreciation for your family always reminds me to appreciate how lucky I am with my own family.

  21. Amber, I love the way you write and think out loud and share real feelings. I think you are amazing in every way!! xoxo

    1. You are the nicest!! Thanks so much! I definitely ramble but hopefully it is in a good one 😉

  22. I can so relate to the baby weight topic. We had our babies around the same time (only a couple of weeks between Rosie and my girl Zuri) and at first a lot of weight came off super quickly! So being the clueless first time mom that I am, I thought this was going to be a breeze. I have plateau’d and am struggling big time to loose the rest of the weight now. I am going to look into the Kayla program, hoping to find a program that works for me! Thanks for sharing!

    Brooke | The New Mrs. Hamilton

  23. Huge fan of Kayla’s Biking Body Guides! She really knows how to kick our butts! Also thanks a bunch for posting the link to that gorgeous belt – love that we’re getting an Amber x Kendall/Gigi fashion collab!

  24. I’m obsessed with those shoes! So classy and sleek, Kendall and Gigi know the ways of fashion ????

    Giveaway post on my blog:

  25. That’s such a cute outfit! I hope you had a great weekend and have a great week 🙂

  26. Hi Amber,
    I am so happy you mentioned Kayla. I am following her on instagram and planning to take her courses after giving birth. I am on my 32nd week. But there is no way I can go to the gym, so I need to find a way to exersise at home. I hope to hear more from you, if you like it or not, as I am planning to be beautiful, healthy, happy mom just like you! With only difference the gap between my little balerina and my son is 9 years 😉

  27. I’m thinking about starting BBG too … And funny fact, i’m following Kelsey (@mysweatlife) on instagram and i was sooooo chocked when she posted a pic of you two! I thought you two were from two different parts of instagram (beauty blog / sporty and healthy life) and i had no idea that you know each other! It’s really kind of funny 🙂

    I wish you a lot of happiness from Belgium !

  28. I don’t know where you are hiding those extra pounds you are talking about but you look amazing.
    I’ve been doing Kayla’s program for a long time – way before the app came out and it has changed my life. It’s the absolute best. When i first started I could only do like 2 push ups:) Can’t believe how much stronger and fitter I am today.
    I met her in person when she was here in Brisbane and she is just absolutely amazing. She has changed so many lives. I am so happy to see how she is becoming hugely popular since she does not promote fad diets, but a healthy way of living.

  29. Hi Amber! I just wanted to drop in and say I love seeing your little family grow. I have been a follower/fan for a couple years now and never comment, but thought I would say, “You go girl!” You always impress me! 🙂 I started Kayla’s program today and when I read your post that you do her program too, that totally made me even more enthused for this program!!! I love the support in her community!! Everybody is so nice and encouraging and helpful!!! Can’t wait to be the fittest in my life!!! (I’ve never been into fitness so this is a journey for me :).

  30. Amber,

    You look amazing! I would have had no idea you still needed to lose more baby weight. I just had a little girl a month ago and my pre baby jeans don’t fit right either. Thank you for sharing, I feel so much better now. <3

  31. Love Kayla as well, I’m doing the BBG program since october and it’s soooooo good to feel back on the track after my pregnancy !!!! Didn’t do it either to lose some weigh but just to feel good, because nothing can beat a good sweat ah ah.
    I know you’re quite good at fitness but in case: beware of all those jumps and sit ups wich are really bad for women who has gave birth. As far as Im concern I’m doing less jumps exercise and do other ones instead, and I do a plank for a minute or more instead of sit ups.
    I haven’t download Sweat With Kayla app, can’t wait to read your article about it !

    Cheers from France,



  32. I use Kayla’s BBG 1 and 2…and I have to tell you that the results are amazing! I am not doing any diet, just eating healthy with some wine and pizza (or fast food) during the weekend, and for the rest of the week 3 days workouts and 2 30 minutes walks. Although you are skinny, I understand you want to feel strong and healthy!!!! Go for it! Big kisses from Spain

  33. Sweat with Kayla is the best app ever. Every workout makes you sore somewhere. The meal plan is hard to stick to though, I can’t find half of those ingredients in the grocery store ????

  34. LOVE that outfit!

    I’ve heard great things about Kayla’s program. You’re looking fabulous, good to hear you’re not putting so much pressure on yourself to lose the weight. I am so excited to start working out after my son is born, and hope to lose weight relatively fast but I also know that it will take time. Xo

  35. I am obsessed with the Kayla workouts! Completed BBG 1.0 prior to Christmas and managed to still get leaner and more toned with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Chrsitmas bad eating! Doing 2.0 now, don’t think I will ever do another type of workout plan! I definitely plan on doing this to get my body back after having a baby! Plus, if you have a few basic pieces of exercise equipment you can do your workouts at home! 🙂 Good luck!!

  36. Amber, thank you for sharing so personal details!
    Two weeks after i got my baby i was so excited to buy all the new clothes i was looking forward to, so i ordered online a lot in my normal pre-pregnancy size and had to send almost everything back (surprise!! haha). but after 3-4 weeks i got back to normal, except for 2-3 pounds which do not bother me. I was sooo happy to be able to wear all my favorite dresses!
    That’s awesome that you are easy on yourself! because honestly, i couldn’t and that didn’t feel good 🙁
    Stay amazing as you are!

  37. Agreed – I totally love Kendal + Gigi’s street style! It’s simple + casual, while still being chic. My friend has recommended the Sweat with Kayla program! I’m looking for something new to mix it up before summer, so maybe I should look into it. You look great, Amber! Such a great attitude to have to just take it slow!


  38. I just finished my 6th week of Sweat with Kayla. I love it for a lot of reasons 1. Only 28 ish minutes long 2. I can do a lot of the work outs at home during my daughters nap or after she goes to bed 3. I lost so much muscle during pregnancy and especially a year of breastfeeding. I was under my pre pregnancy weight by about 8 months postpartum but everything was so sad and droopy haha! It took me another year to finally decide to do something about it, but I’m glad I am. Excited to hear about your progress!

  39. Love your blog! You’re such a beautiful inspiration!!!! We are having baby #3
    TODAY!!!! Our first boy! You look amazing and are a great mom XoXo

  40. ???????????? Sweat with Kayla!!! Definitely kicking my butt!!!! Ahaaaaa!!! So obsessed!!!! Can’t wait to read your post on it!! Love the look and belt!!! You are amazing!!! Snapchats to darn cute!!!! xoxoxo

  41. I love this! I am always so inspired by your style & ideas! Sweat With Kayla has been such a boot for me; the uplifting support from everyone is amazing. I hope it helps you too! I feel like my top blogs/accounts I always follow are yours and Kayla Itsines so its so cool that you do the guides too! best wishes xxx

  42. I’ve actually never heard of the Sweat With Kayla program until I read this post! It looks super cool- glad you’re loving it!

  43. It will come off! It took me 13 (????) months to lose my baby weight. Some people keep a little when they are nursing a bunch too.

  44. It took 8 months, but I found I lost all my baby weight plus sum just by breastfeeding. Although I also had to give up dairy so that might be why my butt disappeared.

  45. I love Kayla! I haven’t followed week by week, but every now and again, I’ll do one of the workouts and I think the only way to describe them is that they hurt so good! I’ve currently been doing another fitness challenge, but I’m hoping to do all of BBG Round 1 in the summer.

  46. Such a cute casual look, and I love the belt! I haven’t downloaded the Sweat with Kayla yet, but I have been doing her BBG guides for several months and love them! I’ve never had so much muscle in my life, and I’ve never loved my body more, even after having twins! Yes I still have ways to go to get those abs, but loving the process. I think you look great!

  47. Hi, I love your posts and your kids are adorable. I have to say you need to try fitnessblender!!! They have over 500 amazing FREE workouts! I do not work for them I just feel like their workouts have gotten me in the best shape of my life with the least amount of time and money. Anyway thanks for all you do!

  48. Ugh I love Sweat With Kayla. I’m not getting insane abs like most the people she posts but I’m definitely getting a little (?) more toned which is a-okay with me. Also, just wanted to randomly say I’ve been following you for forever now (literally) and one thing I really appreciate about you is that you dont photoshop your body. Some other bloggers I follow blatantly photoshop their legs, butt, freckles, abs, you-name-it-body-part and I can see it blatantly blurred/edited… so I really love that you don’t do that, so thank you. You have a beautiful family, you’re original and I love to follow ya!

  49. Loved this outfit! That belt is to die for, super cute but classic enough to stay in style for years. I’ve been seeing the adds for the Kayla program and have been meaning to try it. Great to hear that you like it!


  50. I absolutely LOVE the Kayla program! Definitely is a process but it also feels good to be getting stronger and be shedding some of the few extra pounds!

    Theres are lady on instagram I think you should follow: squatting_for_donuts She is absolutely hilarious, keeps the struggle real, and has the most ROCKING bod after recently having kids. And its just fun seeing others in the BBG community!
    Anyways, Happy Sweating!


    1. Yay!! SO glad to hear that 🙂 I am loving it so far!! And okay great! I will definitely check out her Instagram!! xo

  51. OBSESSED with Kayla!! I am currently doing the program as well, and its definitely a process but feels good to be getting stronger all while shedding the last few pounds!

    Theres one lady on instagram that you should definitely follow: squatting_for_donuts She is hilarious and has ROCKINg bod after being super preggo! Always fun to follow others in the BBG community.

    Happy sweating!