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I have always had pretty good teeth – I think I have only had about 4 or 5 cavities in my entire life! And once in high school my dentist told me I had the best and healthiest gums of any of his patients and said I was doing a good job flossing — mayyybe he just told me that to boost my confidence and to make me want to keep flossing or maybe he was telling the truth, but either way it worked because it made me want to hear that every time I went to the dentist so I have always been really on top of flossing (and obviously brushing).


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But I am always up to being more informed on the proper way of brushing, to make sure I keep my teeth as healthy as possible. Thankfully, quip has helped me learn the proper way to brush with their electric toothbrush, including the correct amount of time to brush my teeth-thanks to their awesome 2-minute timer. When you are brushing your teeth, the toothbrush has a pulse every 30 seconds, to let you know you need to switch and start brushing another part of your mouth. When I am in a rush, I know that I am not brushing thoroughly or for long enough, so this feature has definitely kept me accountable. I especially love this feature, because it has helped teach my kids at an early age to brush their teeth properly and for the correct amount of time. So hopefully they will get a bunch of compliments from their dentist too, ha ha!

After having kids, I thought I was going to have to beg them to brush their teeth, but they surprisingly love it! When we received our quip brushes in the mail, they were SO excited to get new toothbrushes and were even more excited that they are “MATCHING”!

Quip makes the prettiest toothbrushes ever, but on top of that, I love that they don’t have cords or any bulky charging. They just need one AAA battery. I especially love this because it makes traveling and packing so much easier. You don’t have to worry about packing chargers and the toothbrush holder also serves as a brush head cover. We are going to be traveling so much this summer, so I am excited that it is one less thing I have to worry about when packing for myself and the kids.

quip starts at $25 and their subscription service delivers a new brush head and battery, every three months for just $5! Which is perfect with my busy schedule! Want to get a quip for yourself? Visit my link here and you’ll will get your first $10 refill for free!

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  1. I have to say that not only it sounds like it works phenomenal, but also looks like the coolest gadget too! It really does have this nice, slick design

  2. Can you link to any double blind studies done on this particular brush? As a dental hygienist I would love to know how it compares to others brushes on the market! The price point makes me wonder about how much research was done or not done by this company.

    1. I wonder about this too, since my dentist recommended (a few years ago) that I switch to a Sonicare toothbrush instead of my trusty manual one. While quip does sound proud of the fact that they’re ‘ADA endorsed’…so are brushes by Phillips Sonicare and OralB ( – Powered)

      The ‘Studies’ section of the following link is either dead or simply a heading for the following text:

      Until my dentist recommends the same brush a blogger does, I’ll stick with trusting the professionals 😀

  3. These are so sleek and stylish!! I use an electric one from Target and it’s not near as cute lol

  4. That’s amazing, who thought brushing your teeth could look so exciting! 😂 They look so sleek and they’re a surprisingly good price, I’m definitely going to look into purchasing one!!

  5. Copy – past from love taza blog… I love you both but sometimes it is funny to see some blog posts twice.