oh my gosh. im straight up mortified you guys.
this is one of my biggest weaknesses. a person will tell me their name and i forget it a millisecond later.
so i went to yoga tonight which was quite amazing i must say. i mean i hardly looked lerpy and im finally getting the hang of it! im actually kind of obsessed with it. im going to practice my handstands everyday til ive mastered them all.
so we have this adorable instructor named Yarra (yar-ruh). she is so gorgeous and has a ROCKIN bod. our class is basically a private class its just me and my cousin lauren and the instructor which makes it soo so nice. our instructor is kind of intense about the breathing.. she goes all darth vador on us and it kind of scares me but other than that im just in love with her and how she teaches!
this is how the convo went down today:
“HEY! how are you?! k im so sorry its Jarra right?!”
“no its Yarra!! just remember yoga and youll remember the y!”
“ahh okay!”
(blah blah usual convo)
yoga class takes place.
yoga class ends.
“hey thanks so much Yanna have a good night! ill practice my handstands dont you worry”
she acted totally normal about this and just said bye like normal!
then we leave and lauren says, “you know you just called her yanna right?”
i suck at this.
i seriously need to work on remembering peoples names and making them feel important. i know i always feel so good when someone remembers my name.
working on it!

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  1. Hey The next time you see me at the gym dont be shy and come and say hi I will teach you a very easy way to remeber peoples names right from the start and it works well. Have an Great night Cory