Full Body Kettlebell Exercise You Need to Try


Think you don’t have time for a satisfying, full-body workout? Think again. There’s one exercise that combines strength, stability, coordination and works every muscle in your body : The Turkish Get Up. Sure, at first glance it may seem a bit daunting (it certainly was for me) but after you’ve mastered a few necessary basics such as lunges with a kettlebell overhead, you can aim tackle this super-efficient exercise and you’ll never go back. For my beginners, you have the option to do a ‘naked’ Turkish Get Up which is just a Turkish Get Up without a kettlebell. Try holding a shoe or anything rather light to get the hang of holding on to something while you go through the motions. Don’t worry, even sans kettlebell, this is  still a legitimately challenging exercise. Here’s how it works:


Get your kettlebell. Start with a lighter one until you know what you’re capable of and work your way up slowly. Grasp the kettlebell in both hands and lay on one side curled slightly in a fetal-like position. Bring the kettlebell to your chest.

Bethann Wagner doing a kettlebell exercise.


Position your legs. First, legs form a 90-degree angle with your body. Then, bend one leg (the leg on the same side as the kettlebell) and place that foot flat on the floor slightly above the spot where your knee was before you bent your leg.

Bethann Wagner doing a step in her kettlebell exercise.
Bethann Wagner doing a kettlebell exercise.

3. Position your arms. Place the free arm out to your side so that it forms a 45-degree angle with your body, palm down. Place the arm carrying the kettlebell above your shoulder keeping your wrist and elbow completely straight and eyes on the prize… or in this case, kettlebell.

Next, Use the free arm to push yourself up onto your forearm in one swift movement.

4. Move from your forearm to your hand. To avoid letting the kettlebell sway forward, try to imagine that you’re placing your shoulder blade in your back pocket.

Bethann Wagner doing step with a bridge in her kettlebell exercise.

5. Make your bridge by raising your butt off the floor.


 Sweep the straight leg back so the knee is where you were sitting.

Slowly rise up so your torso is perpendicular to the ground and your free hand it at your side. Your back foot will be pointed at an angle so adjust it so that it’s aligned behind you like it would be for a normal lunge.

Bethann Wagner doing a kettlebell exercise.


Keeping your elbow locked, stand up. It’s tricky, but you must try to avoid allowing your ribs to flare out or your lower back to overarch. At this point you can stop looking at the kettlebell and look in front of you.

Bethann Wagner doing a kettlebell exercise.
Bethann Wagner doing a kettlebell exercise.

8. Once your standing, you may feel incredible, but only halfway done with one repetition. Now you’ll run it all back in reverse. Two helpful tips:

  • When you get back to the kneeling position, don’t forget to pivot your back leg below the knee so that it forms a 45-degree angle with your front leg.
  •  As you sit back as you bring the fingertips of your free hand down your thigh until it reaches the floor, and place it a few inches from your knee. Continue to do everything in reverse your steps until you’re in the starting position.

9. When you are ready for the next side, grasp the kettlebell in both hands and move out of fetal position on to your back. Bring the kettlebell around your head – over the top of it and always still on the floor until you reach your other side. Get into fetal position on the other side and start your 2nd rep.

Conclusion: Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be doing this exercise on the reg and reaping all the feel-good and let’s face it, lookin’ good results you want!

Article and Images by Bethann Wagner. You can view more content by Bethann on her blog bethanimalprint.com and on her Instagram here.

Meet Bethann

Hi, I’m Bethann!  I’m wifed up and have two rambunctious kids. My family and I live in Los Angeles (in less than 1,000 square feet) and I love sharing bits of our life and writing about skincare, fitness and motherhood.

When I’m not chasing kids around or hustling through the influencer grind, I’m looking for ways to be more eco-friendly. I’ve recently challenged myself to give up shopping for a whole year.  It’s given me more more time for things I really love, like weightlifting, making protein smoothies, hanging out with my crazy family or sipping on a big ‘ole glass of local red wine.

You can find me online at bethanimalprint.com.

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