Ahh I had the best weekend unplugged with David’s side of the family for Thanksgiving! The kids ran wild with cousins and slept like a rock at night. It was so fun. David, the kids, and Chauncey drove home and I took an uber to LA for some fun meetings I get to go to tomorrow with my manager! Meetings for the blog and for Barefoot Blonde Hair!! Sometimes I am reminded how much I love my job and I kinda love meetings like this. Especially when I get to meet with brands that I have loved for a long time. PS speaking of BFB Hair’s sale ends today!!! So go to our site to order extensions 15% off!

These pics were from Thailand if you couldn’t tell! Tessa and I were both wearing Spell by Byron Bay which we didn’t plan actually… we both just love that brand! I have learned from traveling with people that you always want to pick people who are super laid back and go with the flow.. that is why Tessa is so nice to have on trips because she is legit down for anything and doesn’t fuss about a thing! I love low maintenance people because you really can’t be high maintenance when doing big adventures. There are going to be 20 hour layovers and 17 hour flights or really sweaty cab rides with no AC or whatever it is. I have actually really noticed that traveling has made our kids really patient. I think so much good comes from traveling and I am so happy our family has been so lucky to do so many adventures together. I really can’t describe it but I think big adventurous trips bond you (which I am sure a lot of you have experienced too!) – whether you are going with a friend or a family member or like us with my husband and kids. After a trip don’t you talk about those memories for years and years and always feel closer to that person? That is how it is with the family and I always feel that much closer to them. So grateful for these last few years getting to see the world with them.

Now that Atticus is in school we are slowing down traveling a lot! He has the sweetest teacher and speech therapist who are so good with him. He has grown leaps and bounds this year and I love getting to see his growth. I am feeling extra gushy about the kids right now because of Thanksgiving and the amazing weekend we just had together so I won’t get started but just really love them. I am excited for a change of pace for us and to have a year that is a bit slower. I need to learn to accept a slower pace. Anytime I see a free day on my calendar and I am instantly planning some sort of outing for the family. I want to make it my goal to go s-l-o-w. While still doing lots of fun stuff along the way 😉

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  1. While you’re slowing down- how fun would a book club be via the blog?! I am always so curious to know what your reading and what podcasts your digging. Always so inspiring!! xoxox

  2. I love everything about you, your fam, and your blog. Sweetest people everrrrr.

  3. So happy to hear that you had such a wonderful holiday weekend with the kids!

    And I totally know the feeling you’re talking about. My husband works for an airline so we fly standby for free so almost every week we are like “where should we go?” and it’s gotten to the point where when we do stay home for the weekend we are tempted by this sort of FOMO of where else we could have been and have just gotten so used to being on the go all the time that we don’t know how to just have a proper lazy weekend at home. Even when we stay here we are coming up with a full list of things we can do and explore in our own city. I guess it’s just the chapter of life we are in but I am going to make the same goal to be a little more slow, or at least more intentional with down time!

    xo Mary-Katherine

  4. Hi,

    First of all, looove your kids and I looove your blog and insta. I see that you write that Atticua is seeing a speach therapist? I had lunch with my friend the other day. She was kind of heart broken because her son is 3 1/2 years and don’t speak all that much. I don’t know if this is the case for Atticus, but I was just curious if you could tell something more avout this. We live in Norway and I’m sure that things are done differently in the states and it wouldbe interesting to here. I ferl that in Norway it is a big barrier to seak out a speach theraøist, so just curious. Like I told her every kid is do different. My boy started talking early, but he did’nt walk ungil 15 months and is later behind on other things. But of course it is sore, when the kinder garten tskes it up as an issue and like I said, I feel that it is a bigger barrier to seek help if needed here in Norway:-/

  5. Awesome pictures! Thailand looks stunning, on my list of places to check out! I hope that there are lots of travels in our future because I feel the same way as you do about traveling. Especially once we have kids I would love nothing more then for them to be able to experience new cultures!
    Happy belated Thanksgiving!

  6. I love all of your adventures! And yes, with school it is like you have to slow down the adventures and plan them around breaks. I am a teacher, and I am itching for Christmas break to go on a road trip with my husband! You are the sweetest, Amber! http://thehuntbundle.com/

  7. Such gorgeous photos!! Thailand is for sure on my bucket list. There’s so many great things that come out of traveling. It’s definitely made me a more patient person and so much more open minded. So important! Glad you had a great thanksgiving.

    Mackenzie | https://www.brunchonsunday.com

  8. Travel is so fun (and these pics are gorgeous) but glad to hear you’re slowing things down and getting into more of a routine…that can be an adventure in and of itself!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  9. Traveling totally bonds you for life! I’ve been lucky enough to experience many trips throughout my life that my family still talks about to this day! Travelling creates special, unforgettable moments and, while not funny at the time, the mishaps and adventure only add to the experience!


  10. So glad to hear Atticus is loving school and learning so much! These photos are gorgeous, I was just in Bali and Thailand is next on my list- Southeast Asia is incredible!!!
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

  11. I love traveling for the same reasons with my fiancé! Sometimes it’s hard to coordinate both our work schedules but we still aim for at least 1-2 trips a year. Thailand looks amazing! Love all your photos! Hope you had a wonderful time!


  12. oh how gorgeous are these photos! As much as I’ll miss seeing your travel stuff, I am so excited to continue following your stories and journey and SO proud of Atticus! x

    chevrons & éclairs – http://bit.ly/2jpa99i

  13. Beautiful photos and you girls look like beach goddesses!! To slow down the travelling isn’t anything bad, esp. when it’s of a big benefit to your family too.
    The little ones have already seen and experienced much more than some people do by the adult age.
    You have so many memories to keep from your travels and so many more to make in some future travels too! 🙂