Barefoot Blonde
This is my first video tutorial in our apartment in NYC! Its not quite decorated yet but you can get a glimpse into our undecorated room:) Anyways I am sharing the how to for this hairstyle I wear ALL the time and you guys have seen a lot on my blog and instagram (see below). Everyone always asks me how I get the braids to be in front but still look thick and there is a trick to it (no not pulling it apart although you do that as well) so watch the video to learn my little trick for this braid!Barefoot Blonde

Barefoot Blonde

Photos from Front Row Braid Tutorial

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  1. These video tutorials that I have watched that show how to do cute French braids on yourself look so easy to do, until I actually go try it and epically fail every time. My finger placement just doesn’t work out lol. I can braid my daughters hair and anyone else’s hair all day long, just not my own. Cute video tutorial. I will definitely be using this hair style during the school year on my daughter. Thank you!

  2. Hi Amber! If it is okay to ask but how did you start your blog? I have been wanting to start on one forever but I just do not have a clue! Thank you! And also I try to do one of your hairstyles every day because they are AMAZING! Thank you again!

  3. How do you pull the braids out to make your hair look fuller? Every time I try it goes back to normal right after.

  4. Te felicito y gracias por compartir tan bella labor. Dios te bendiga

  5. Love this! How do you keep your Dutch braid so clean after you pull it larger? I always find mine gets messy after I pull it. Do you start at the top? I saw you pull one loop at a time. Do you pull the front and back loops or just the back? Can’t wait to do this to my hair tomorrow. Thank you!!!

  6. I love this! Thank you very much! As my hair is really thin I never though I could pull off this look, so thank you for this. Your hair alsways looks amazing!!!

  7. I have this same trouve top! 😀 But how do you get yours to look so good & not see through I mean. haha I have that problem and end up wearing a full on 2nd shirt underneath…then it just looks lumpy. lol I know I’m a little hopeless.

  8. This is a brilliant tutorial! Can’t wait to try this braid.
    And, your makeup is beautiful.
    Will you please do a post soon on which products you are using for skin care and makeup?
    a million thanks!!

  9. This tutorial rocks! I SO appreciate you showing us how to make the braid thicker! I’d mastered the technique of your braids, but they always looked so thin even though I have thick hair. I thought it was probably just your extensions, but I’m thrilled to learn it’s something I can do for no extra cost! Thank you very much!

  10. Love it! Please do a tutorial on your eye makeup. Your eyeliner looks great, I can never get the winged liner right. 🙂

  11. Love this – very helpful and well done video, not to mention beautiful braids! Will be trying on my daughter’s hair today. 🙂 Thank you!

  12. love your blog, such nice and colourful pictures:) im reviewing beauty products on my blog, please check us out if you have time: and have a great week:)/Mary B

  13. Great tip Amber! Love the smoke and mirrors tip to grabbing more hair into the front! I can see a stellar shoe collection going on in the background, love it!!! X