Frankie's First Trip to the Beach

We made our first road trip with Frankie girl and it was sooo fun! We went out to San Diego to my sister in laws house to see family and also to see the super bloom! Also just because it was A’s spring break and we wanted to go do something fun as a family. As soon as we got there we went to the beach. It feels like forever since we had been in the sand – even though I know it wasn’t THAT long ago.. it felt so good to have our feet in the sand. We went to Moonlight Beach and David and I sat with Frankie and watched Rosie and Atticus play in the sand. Then the next day we went to our favorite beach in that area, Seaside! We played in the sand and relaxed for a few hours or basically until Rosie and I got too cold. It is hard to tell what the weather was with how we are dressed haha but basically it was fairly warm but had a breeze that made Rosie and I cold so we threw on our sweaters and bundled under a blanket. I have more pics I am posting on here from our California trip but thought I would start with these 🙂 such a good weekend.

My outfit details: striped pants, hat, linen top, sunglasses, orange bikini

Rosie’s swimsuit / Frankie’s set / A’s swimsuit

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  1. Yesss! Moonlight is the most fantastic beach! So many memories there for me – that is where my husband proposed to me almost 6 years ago and was also the location of my son’s first beach trip (and many many after!)! So happy to see you all had such a wonderful time! <3 Amanda (San Diego, CA)

  2. Love seeing your family photos! They’re so beautiful! Looks like a great beach day!
    xoxo Carolyn @

  3. Amber you are stunning! Can you plz share where you got the white fluffy quilted blanket Frankie has??? It looks so cozy!

  4. Love these photos! You have the cutest family! Would you mind sharing where your sunglasses are from? I love seeing your sunnies and all the different shapes. Have a great day 🙂

  5. I love your family Amber! I think it’s great you’re out and about after having baby #3. It can be hard to feel good about yourself once the newborn baby glow starts to fade and tired weary eyes start to set in, but you look amazing! You certainly inspire me to get out more & make an effort with my appearance. Much love to you xxx

  6. Looks like such a beautiful day! We took our little Caroline to the beach when she was 13 days old! It’s never too soon for the beach <3

  7. I love all of your photos! Makes me feel excited for when I have my own family and can do these fun beach trips!

  8. I’m SO SAD that i didn’t catch you and your amazing family at the beach, because I was at moonlight on the same day!

  9. I was at the same beach on the same day! I was so sad that I didn’t run into you and your amazing family. Also you look amazing!

  10. There’s no doubt that Frankie is a beach baby! Your family is beach goals for sure. I love all the layering going on here – how is it that one minute it’s so warm on the beach and the next it’s freezing?! I’m with you and Rosie LOL


  11. Amber, you guys are such a cute family and I follow your blog regularly! I’m always excited to see your next post! But I’m wondering if you can do more posts that show the not so perfect and glamorous parts of your life? Can you let us followers see a planned outing that went horribly wrong? I’d like to see more of the everyday real struggles (especially as a mom) so that I can connect and relate! Lol 🙂

    1. Yes that is a great idea! I normally try to keep it positive but I should share more stories of the not so glam things too 🙂 I will try to do that more! Luckily this trip we didn’t really have anything go too wrong thankfully!

  12. Love that you posted pics in a swim suit’s so hard to love our bodies after giving birth. You look beautiful!

  13. Mom goals!!! You are an awesome Momma. Thank you for sharing your pics. I have four little boys and the youngest two are twins.

  14. Love that great belted sweater!! Where did you get it??

  15. Incredible photos. I wish there were a beach near to us. 🙈 Looks like so much fun!