thats my last name.
ages 0-10: no jokes.. no one your age understands why its a weird last name
junior high: “HAHA im gonna fill her up!!! dude you wanna feel her up??”
highschool: “what are you gonna do when you graduate? make your own gas station? get it? FILL ER’ UP!!! hahahaha”
college: most people are more mature by now.. but occasionally a “shut up? no.. youre lying.. dude did you hear that? her last name is FILL ER UP”
so yes, most of my life my last name has been a hastle. which is why all through junior high and highschool i had a fake last name for times like this:
stranger: “hey im joe whats your name?”
me: thinking: “i never want to see this human ever again.” so i say, “Amber Bennett.”
simple. no one has to ask if im serious or how to spell it.
when people do ask how to spell my last name it goes like this:
person on the phone: “whats your last name?”
me: “fillerup”
person on the phone: “annnd…… how do you spell that?”
me: “f..i”
person on the phone: “s..i??”
me: “no f as in…..” (shiz i cant think of a word… uhhh quick what starts with f besides the f word uhhh fiddle? no thats lame dont say that.. fuzzy? even lamer. fibula.. i dont even remember what that is but i think thats a word) “f as in frankenstein” (WHAT???? did i just say frankenstein???? WHO AM I???”
why is it when you have to spell your name you forget any word that starts with the given letter you are trying to explain? seriously. right now i can think of 5,000,000 NORMAL words that start with F. but no, never on the spot. i think of words like frankenstein.
my go to word is now: “frank” (because thats what my mom says)
positive note to end on: i like my last name now because no one ever forgets the last name fillerup. makes me more memorable? ill go with it.

this week has been a very, very emotional one. i will write about it soon.

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  1. carl and em- haha so true right?! i knew it was true love when you two got married because it takes a lot to take on this last name!! sooo happy you did and we are sissies forevvver 🙂

  2. oh my gosh this is so true!!! we are all dying laughing here! one of the great things about marrying brother haha! love you sis