So.. In case you didn’t hear via instagram.. IM ENGAGED!
I cannot wait to spend the rest of forever with my dream man!!
My sister was snapping a few shots for us for a “save the date” picture… here is one of them and I will share the rest and my ring in another post 🙂
I love that he makes me feel little 🙂 which doesn’t happen often since I am 5’10”! Luckily he is 6’4″ and the strongest guy ever.
Anyways… here is another item I got to pick out from Sugar Lips. I love flowy skirts with different cuts so I picked this one out:
skirt: sugar lips / heels: asos / top: f21 / necklace: zara

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  1. Oh Amber, You 2 are amazing together! Congrats! I love love LOVE your posts! I’m still following! 🙂 Proud of YOU!!!

  2. I just have to say you seem like such a sweet and genuine girl..I couldn’t help looking through your old posts.

    Wish you guys lots of happiness and love, congrats!

    Gigi xoxx

  3. Congrats!! I’m 5’10” too but my husband is just 6ft haha So I’m not usually in heels higher than 3″. 😛