My dad always said when you are feeling sad, start serving other people until you have no time to think about how sad you are. By then, you usually feel so good and forget about being sad anyways.
But the other day… I wasn’t sad.. more-so just feeling kinda down/blah and was kinda having a bad day so I decided to go on a walk and pick some flowers. They were supposed to be for me but then I remembered what my dad said and decided to give them to other people.
I got brown paper bags for a buck and painted a little heart on them and then trimmed the edges and voila. A super cheap, cute surprise for someone.
That day also happened to be the year mark from when my sister Emily had her baby Crew. He was a still born baby and that day would have been his one year birthday! He is the sweetest little spirit and when I think about that day it still gives me chills because you could feel his spirit so strong that day. (read about it: here) So I made a little bag in honor of him. (I was supposed to take it to my sis but they all wilted before I even saw her, whoops! I guess a bag isn’t the best place for flowers to thrive)

Photos from Flowers and Memories

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  1. Seriously, that is so sweet. My son was stillborn as well, and its a loss you feel forever, even when you know you’ll be together again. ((hugs)) to your family and your dad is right!! Keep bloggin’

  2. I tried reading their blog, but her formatting is messed up. When I tried to comment to ask about it, it said I don’t have permission. It looks cute! Hope she can get her layout fixed 🙂